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July 9, 2020 at 6:30 PM - Regular Board of Education Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Reception of Guests and Public Communications
“A board meeting is a business meeting that is conducted in front of the public, but not a meeting of the public” (Illinois Association of School Boards, 2013). Those who wish to address the Board during the business meeting may do so during this portion of the meeting."
5. Approval of bills for payment             $143,740.29
6. Consent Agenda
6.1. Approval of Payroll                            
Education Fund                                 $  255,175.05
Building Fund                                    $    17,777.42
Transportation Fund                          $     8,320.78
Total                                                   $ 281,273.25
6.2. Approval of June 11, 2020, regular meeting minutes, June 11, 2020, closed session minutes
6.3. Approve Contract with Opaa! for 2020-2021
6.4. Approval of Interagency Agreement with ERBA
6.5. Approval of Serious Hazard Resolution 2021-R-1
6.6. Approve Staff Handbook
Description:  Nichele Vaughn reviewed the staff handbook for 2020-2021 as part of her work toward her MS degree.  We added a policy on sexual harassment/Title IX and deleted the following, "Audio/Visual Equipment - Movie screens, projectors, tape recorders, VCRs, phonographs and opaque projectors are available for instruction.  It is REQUIRED that staff members sign for this equipment with library personnel and return it when finished.  Several items may be checked out by term.  Please work with your librarian or library assistant."


6.7. Approve NES Handbook
Description:  Denise will have this available by the meeting on Thursday.
6.8. Approve Donations from Neal Foundation Grant
Description:  Each library received a $2000 grant from the Neal Foundation to upgrade the furniture in each library. Additionally, Amy Kepp received a $2000 grant and Reeni Letizia received a $500 grant.
7. Consider Cooperative Agreement for NHS Cross Country with Cumberland High School
Description:  Tim Mueller and Jim Miller, cross country coaches for Neoga and Cumberland High Schools will be present to discuss the idea of a cooperative agreement between the two schools for cross country beginning this year.
8. Discussion and Approval of Plans for the 2020-2021 School Year
Description:  See attached plans.
I will also have the results of the parent survey sent out last week at the meeting.
9. Information and Administrative Reports
9.1. Superintendent's Report
9.2. Elementary Principal's Report
9.3. Junior-Senior High Principal's Report
9.4. AD/Dean of Students' Report
Description:  This is a note sent to coaches:
"With the move into phase 4, we can now move to sport-specific training with a maximum of 20 contact days with some restrictions. Please read over all the guidelines that are attached. Below are some highlights that Bill, Kevin and I discussed earlier today that we must follow closely. These are for your own safety. Failure to follow these could open the door for a personal lawsuit. Nobody wants that!

Any questions that you have need to be directed to me. Bill and Kevin have a lot on their plate right now and need to focus on things other than sports. Please understand that answers to any questions may take some research and time to answer. In the world we are living in right now it is best to take time and gather information to make a sound decision.

-Temperature checks must be made upon entering the gym/field. We have contactless thermometers you can use.

-There is also a checklist included in the documents that must be filled out each day.

-When you huddle kids up to talk to them, Keep them distanced and when possible have them wear their masks.

-We can schedule contests against other schools. However, we will not allow fans/parents to indoor events at home due to the 50 person limit. This would be too difficult for coaches to keep track of who is in the building. Fans/parents will be allowed to outdoor events but must maintain social distancing recommendations

-When traveling to games, you may use the Indian van if it is available. Everyone on the van must wear a mask.

-Strongly encourage students to bring their own hand sanitizer.   

-At this point, we will not have any kids camps. We hope to let you have them in the future, but right now there is too much on all of our plates to try to coordinate camps with all the extra precautions.

For fall sports, plan as if we are having a season. Please let me know when you plan to practice and we will get that information on social media. Do not worry about parent meetings at this time. We will get as much information out as possible. Most likely, we will hold off on parent meetings until practice starts due to the ever-changing nature of today's world. 

Again, I am your contact for any questions you may have. Bill and Kevin have enough to deal with right now." 
10. Review Monthly Cash Flow Report
11. Closed Session for Exception 1, the employment compensation, discipline, performance, or dismissal of specific employees of the public body; Exception 2, Collective bargaining matters between the school board and its employees or their representatives, or deliberations concerning salary schedules for one or more classes of employees; 
Description:  Exception 1:
1. Kristi Fritts is resigning from Jr. High Cheer Sponsor due to moving out of town; Cassie Shaffer is resigning from NHS Science and Asst. High School Track.
2.  Recommendations for hire:  Tyler Szatowski for Fall and Spring Assistant NHS Baseball Coach; Taylor Sears for Assistant Junior High Baseball Coach; ??? for assistant volleyball coach at NHS; ??? for Junior High Cheer Sponsor
Exception 2:
1.  Contract with NTA - I have included copies of the TA's.  We can make a copy of the contract if you want one.  THE NTA DID RATIFY THE CONTRACT ON THEIR END.
2.  We need to set pay for those employees not in the teachers' union.

12. Accept Resignations
13. Hire Personnel
Description:  I recommend this motion:  I move to employ the following: Tyler Szatowski for NHS Fall and Spring Assistant Baseball Coach; Taylor Sears for Junior High Assistant Baseball Coach; ??? for NHS Assistant Volleyball Coach; ??? for Junior High Cheer Sponsor. All these hires are dependent on the IHSA and IESA allowing the commencement of practices for each sport or activity.

I plan to have a recommendation for the custodian position to be paid from the CARES Act grant for 176 days and 6.5 hours per day.
14. Approve Volunteers
15. Consider a Motion to Approve a Contract with the Neoga Teachers Association
16. Consider a Motion to Adjust Pay for non-Union Employees
17. Agenda Items for Future Meetings
18. Adjourn
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