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February 16, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Regular Business
I.A. Call to Order
I.B. Roll Call
I.C. Approval of Agenda
I.D. ECOL Attendance Reports
I.E. Expressions/Comments from the Audience
Description:  Public opportunity to comment on agenda items (BP 1348.00) or the ECOL plan. 
II. Presentation
II.A. CTE Month - Business and Risk Management Student Certification
Presenter:  Jamie Engel
Description:  Presenting - Monique Colizzi, Instructor of Business & Risk Management, Mike Maurer, Business Development Director at Accident Fund Insurance Company of America, and Becca Burch, senior from Mason in the Business & Risk Management class.
III. Action Items
III.A. Consent Agenda (enclosures for each item listed):
Description:  Items listed below may be approved with one motion unless a board member requests that an item or items be removed for separate action. Any of the items may be questioned at any time. 
III.A.1. Regular Meeting Minutes - January 19, 2021
III.A.2. Special Meeting Minutes - February 2, 2021
III.A.3. Human Resources Reports
III.A.4. Calendar of Events
III.A.5. Extended Continuity of Learning Plan (ECOL)
III.A.6. Gifts
III.A.7. Payment Summary Report
III.A.8. Investment Report
III.B. 2021 MASB Board of Directors Election
Presenter:  Jason Mellema
Description:  A board vote for one individual to represent Region 7 on the MASB Board of Directors. The candidates include: Mara Greatorex - Dexter Community Schools, Matt Maciag - Pickney Community Schools, Kenneth Stahl - Brighton Area Schools, Jack Temsey - Potterville Public Schools, Dale Wingerd - Clinton Community Schools. 
III.C. Business Services Agreement - Williamston
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Business services agreement with Williamston Community Schools for payroll and benefit services. 
III.D. Payroll and Benefits Specialist - Increase in FTE
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Recommendation to increase FTE for a Payroll and Benefits Specialist.
III.E. Participation in the ORS 3% Closing Agreement
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Recommendation to participate in the Office of Retirement Services (ORS) 3% Closing Agreement related to the MPSERS Health Care Trust. 
III.F. Increase in FTE - Teacher Consultant /Teacher Specialist 
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Request for an increase in services for the Teacher Consultant and Teacher Specialist for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 
III.G. Culture Assessment Services
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  A three-year agreement with HumanEx Ventures LLC for on-going culture assessment services. 
III.H. PowerSchool Annual Support and Maintenance
Presenter:  Daryl Tilley
Description:  Review of annual purchase of PowerSchool support and maintenance. 
III.I. Ingham StarNet Unified Threat Management
Presenter:  Daryl Tilley
Description:  Extension for annual subscription renewal, maintenance and support of a unified threat management (UTM) solution. 
III.J. Architectural and Engineering Services
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Professional architectural services for a Phase I project of the district's long-term capital plan. 
III.K. Printing Services
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Purchased services from Great Lakes Graphics, Inc. from February 2021 through June 30, 2023. 
IV. Discussion
IV.A. 2020-21 Appropriations Act Amendment
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Review of the 2020-21 budget revisions for all funds. 
IV.B. Board Policies - First Reading
Description:  The new Neola policies are presented for a first reading. 
IV.B.1. 5000 - Students
IV.B.2. 6000 - Finances
IV.B.3. 7000 - Property
IV.B.4. 8000 - Operations
IV.B.5. 9000 - Relations
V. Superintendent's Report
VI. Board Reports
VI.A. Building and Grounds Committee - Construction Update
VII. Correspondence
VIII. Adjournment
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