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January 19, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Regular Business
I.A. Call to Order
I.B. Roll Call
I.C. Approval of Agenda
I.D. ECOL Attendance Reports
I.E. Expressions/Comments from the Audience
Description:  Public opportunity to comment on agenda items (BP 1348.00) and the ECOL plan.
II. Presentations
II.A. Board Recognition
Presenter:  Jason Mellema
II.B. Student Growth Data and Training
Presenter:  Jason Mellema
III. Action Items
III.A. Consent Agenda (enclosures for each item listed):
Description:  The items listed below may be approved with one motion unless a board member requests that an item or items be removed for separate action. Any of the items may be questioned at any time. 
III.A.1. Regular Meeting Minutes - December 15, 2020
III.A.2. Human Resources Report
III.A.3. Calendar of Events
III.A.4. Gifts
III.A.5. Payment Summary Report
III.A.6. Investment Report
III.A.7. Extended Continuity of Learning Plan (ECOL)
III.B. Resolution of Tribute
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Resolution of Tribute for Becky Kindel - Heartwood Paraprofessional. 
III.C. Increase in FTE 
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Request for an increase in services for the Teacher Consultants and Teacher Specialist for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 
III.D. Construction Management Services
Presenter:  Becky Hills
Description:  Professional services with a construction management firm for construction oversight responsibilites for a Phase I project of the district's long-term capital plan. 
IV. Discussion
IV.A. Board Policies - First Reading
Presenter:  Jason Mellema
Description:  The new Neola board policies are presented for a first reading. 
IV.A.1. 0000 Bylaws
IV.A.2. 1000 Administration
IV.A.3. 2000 Program 
IV.A.4. 3000 Professional Staff 
IV.A.5. 4000 Support Staff 
IV.A.6. 5000 Students 
IV.A.7. 6000 Finances
IV.A.8. 7000 Property
IV.A.9. 8000 Operations
IV.A.10. 9000 Relations
V. Information
V.A. Tenure Recommendation
Presenter:  Susan Tinney
Description:  Tatiana Pushman has successfully implemented her job responsibilities and is granted tenure. 
VI. Superintendent's Report
VI.A. MSBO Certification - Anna Lowe
VII. Board Reports
VIII. Correspondence
IX. Closed Session 
IX.A. Closed Session 
Description:  The Board will move into closed session for discussion on contract negotiations. 
X. Adjournment
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