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October 25, 2021 at 6:30 PM - Regular Board of Education Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Electronic Participation of a Board Member (Roll Call Vote)
4. Closed Session (Roll Call Vote)
          DISCUSSION OF MINUTES OF MEETINGS LAWFULLY CLOSED - for purposes of approval by the body of semi-annual review of the minutes as mandated by Section 2.06 [5 ILCS 120/2(c)(21)] and
           NEGOTIATIONS - collective negotiating matters between the District and their employees or their representatives, or deliberations concerning salary schedules for one or more classes of employees [5 ILCS 120/2(c)(2)]
5. Resume Open Session at 7:00 p.m. (Voice Vote)
6. Approval of Agenda (Roll Call Vote)
7. Pledge of Allegiance
8. Public Hearing - e-Learning Plan
Attachments: (1)
9. Communications
10. Public Comments - Persons interested in making a statement during the Public Comments portions of the meeting may do so in person or by sending an email to to be read aloud during the designated point of the meeting.
11. Consent Agenda A  (Roll Call Vote)
11.1. Regular Board Meeting Minutes - October 11, 2021
11.2. Resignation of Staff Plus Others as Needed - Shannan Bargle, Maureen Weber
11.3. Employment of Staff Plus Others as Needed - Melanie Young, PT Temporary Hallway Monitor/Lunch Room Supervisor; Marvin Knuth and Jerry Novick, position change from Custodian to General Maintenance Technician; Tom Lynk, position change from Maintenance Supervisor to Mechanical Maintenance Technician; Allison Netzel, PT Temporary District Contact Tracer
11.4. Notification of Retirement - Deborah Nadelhoffer
11.5. Leave of Absence - Aubrey Chavez
11.6. Freedom of Information Act Requests - None to date
11.7. Treasurer's Report - September 2021
Attachments: (1)
11.8. Electronic Communication Received by the Board
Attachments: (1)
11.9. Student Enrollment Report
Attachments: (1)
11.10. Semi-annual Review of Closed Session Minutes Recommended for Release
11.11. Intent to Bid Food Service Contract
Attachments: (1)
12. Consent Agenda B (Roll Call Vote)
12.1. Accounts Payable Bill Listing
12.2. Accounts Payable / Payroll Totals
Attachments: (1)
13. Reports
13.1. Facility Committee Report - Summer 2022 Facility Improvements
13.2. Financial Report - September 2021
Attachments: (1)
13.3. Report on IASB Lake Division Fall Dinner Meeting
13.4. Superintendent's Report
13.5. Update on 2021-2022 School Year
14. Old Business
14.1. Resolution to Adopt eLearning Program in Lieu of the District's Scheduled Emergency Days (Roll Call Vote)
Attachments: (3)
14.2. IASB Resolutions Committee Report Discussion
Attachments: (1)
15. New Business
15.1. District and Aligning School Improvement Plans for Approval (Voice Vote)
Attachments: (2)
15.2. Bulletin Board Article for Newsletter Discussion
15.3. Intent to Bid Summer 2022 Projects 
15.4. Technology Purchase (Discussion/Roll Call Vote)
Attachments: (3)
16. Calendar Review
Attachments: (1)
17. Public Comments
18. Adjourn 

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