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March 15, 2022 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Mission Statement
The mission of Bannockburn School is to meet the cognitive, social and emotional needs of students living in a global society
4. Hearing of Citizens
Description:  Note: All public bodies, during the course of a business meeting, must provide an opportunity for public comment.  Board members may limit the public comments to items listed on the agenda (not usually necessary) and a certain amount of time for each individual comment (generally only important when there is a highly controversial issue and high public demand to make a comment before the Board).  The public comment portion of the agenda is generally NOT a time for the Board to interact with the public or to respond to the comments made by any member of the public.  It is a time to allow comments to be heard by the Board.  If a member of the public wishes to make inflammatory comments regarding an employee of the District, the Board should request that such communication take place in Closed Session to protect the privacy rights of staff.
5. Presentation - Middle School Leadership Team
6. Board Discussion regarding the 2022-2023 school calendar as discussed in 3/11 Friday Note.
Description:  Adjust 2022-2023 calendar to move the beginning of Winter Break from the 23rd to the 22nd. (same as high school)
Return on January 9 by; Eliminating Pulaski Day as a day off or add a day to the end of the school year, Otherwise, we return on a Friday.

7. Administrative Report and Board Discussion - Strategic Planning / April Risk and Compliance
Description:  Discussion on interior cameras
8. Freedom of Information Act Report
Description:  We had  4 FOIA requests all were answered in a timely manner.

1) Regarding information on Surety Bonds and Risk Management Policies
2) Requesting information about bids for concrete work and the Wilmot lot.
3) Another requesting information about bids for concrete work and the Wilmot lot.
4) Request from ABC7 regarding any books from our library that have been challenged as inappropriate. 
9. Consent Agenda
Description:  Recommended Motion:  "I move that the Board of Education approve the consent agenda items, as presented"  (Roll call vote)
9.a. Board and Closed Session (Open) Meeting Minutes
9.b. Bills for Payment
9.c. Budget Report
9.d. Treasurer's Report
9.e. Destruction of August 2020 Closed Session Audio Tape
9.f. Fixed Rate
9.g. Approval of Bid Recommendation for Site Improvements
Description:  Approve the Bid Recommendation for the site improvements. (Wilmot lot and concrete work)
9.h. Resignation of certified staff member
Description:  Resignation of McKenzie Jordan, Spanish Teacher
9.i. Resignation of certified staff member
Description:  Lauren Beversdorf, Spanish Teacher (on leave of absence)
9.j. Medical Leave for certified staff member for the remainder of 2021-2022 school year.
Description:  Jill Crim, Math resource teacher
9.k. Resignation of part-time TA position
Description:  Cami Burks is currently .5 social studies, .5 TA. Cami will be appointed .5 permanent substitute in the next agenda item to become a full-time teacher split between social studies and permanent sub.
9.l. Appointment of 1/2 time permanent sub position. 
Description:  Cami Burks.

Currently 1/2 time TA and 1/2 time social studies teacher to full time teaher (1/2 time social studies and 1/2 time permenant sub)
10. Closed Session
Description:  Motion: I move the Board adjourn to closed session to discuss matters regarding specific personnel.
11. Open Session
12. Adjourn

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