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August 19, 2021 at 7:00 PM - Regular School Board Meeting

1. Call to Order and Roll Call
2. The Pledge of Allegiance

3. Brenda Koelba - 

  • Hoping this Board will vote to return to normal

  • CDC and MDHHS are only recommendations

  • Parents should be able to decide if kids should wear masks and get vaccinations

Gabrielle Iafolla -  

  • Last year, damaged kids

Lindsey Grote - 

  • Wearing masks impairs linguistic skills and social skills

  • Take into consideration if staff have been vaccinated

  • Children should be able to exercise their own free will by wearing masks

Lisa McGrew - 

  • Concerned about mandated masks, mandated testing, and mandated quarantine.  Deprives kids of opportunities

Michael Mormet - 

  • 60 McLaren physicians have signed a letter supporting the District's Preparedness Plan.  There is still an ongoing risk to children and the community.

Amanda Conklin - 

  • Low number of deaths in children attributed to COVID

  • Kids are scared

  • This is a burden on our kids

Meredith Kennedy - 

  • Mino Bibadziwin - compassionate acts lead to compassionate people and a compassionate community

  • Look at the next 7 generations and protect them

Rachel Graham - 

  • Nurse who wears a mask for 13 hours daily, not a burden

  • Over 2,000 children are hospitalized

  • Please follow the guidelines of medical professionals. 

  • Hospitals are overwhelmed

Angela Thayer -Healthcare administrator

  • Our kids need us to focus on more than just health

Katie Fulcher - 

  • Internist at McLaren

  • Appreciation and support of Petoskey's District Preparedness Plan

  • Don't have capacity for pediatric ICU

  • We all want what's best for our kids

Jason Scott - 

  • Has worked through pandemic and has yet to see a significant case

  • More children die in auto accidents 

  • The focus should be on child's overall well being

Loreli Scott - 

  • Three children in high school had difficulty with masks in gym class

  • Kids can't understand what teachers are saying

  • Kids are here to get an education

  • Family thinks masks more harm than good

Sophia Henry - 

  • Current student.  Seems like a lot of adults are talking about how students feel

  • Wants to protect younger siblings

  • The proposed plan is well laid out.  Please approve.

Debbie Czerkie - 

  • Registered Nurse and has a Master's Degree in Public Health

  • Graduated from PHS 

  • The climate has changed since we first started dealing with COVID

  • This variant is much more transmissible. You have to decrease opportunity for transmission and mutation of virus

  • You can live life protected

Tammy Broz - 

  • Last year was hard on everyone, including children

  • Current plan overrides parental control 

  • Survival rate for children is very high

  • Representative DaMoose is sponsoring a bill to prohibit schools from mandatory masking

Mike Patrick - 

  • Police Officer who has only attended one COVID death

  • Family wore masks and caught COVID

Krystal Patrick  - 

  • COVID survivor

  • Husband and kids missed more work with quarantines

  • Kids had to be quarantined multiple times

  • Kids should be able to choose

Jody Dutcher - 

  • Proud of Sophia Henry for standing up and speaking

  • Isolation has had an impact on children

  • Children's mental health depends on no masking

Will Birdwell, Bren Del, 

  • Former student teacher at PHS

  • Students are better off in school and masking enables that 

Kenwell Kennedy - 

  • would not hire a electrician to do a mason's job

  • We should trust a trained professional to give us advice

  • Need to keep elders in our community safe

Justin Stubbs - Indiana Point, Alanson

  • Path of mandates is a slippery slope

  • Parents who disagree cannot afford to have the skills, or time to homeschool or private school

Jason Mooring - 

  • Has a first grader.  It is a critical time socially, and they need to see the faces of their peers and teachers

April Kutcher - 2783 Howard, Petoskey

  • We all want what is best for our kids 

  • We want a choice concerning our kids

  • What are the long term effects of masking?

Jennifer Flynn - 1035 Quinlin Ave, Petoskey

  • Thanked the Board for the Preparedness Plan

  • Parents are nervous without the online option

Carrie Stemple - 9226 Park Rd., Alanson

  • Soccer coach with two kids at Petoskey Schools

  • We have more information than we did last year

  • Inconsistent messaging and enforcement

  • Mask mandates are ineffective 

  • Children are here to learn and parents are responsible for the rest

John Panos

  • Physician at McLaren

  • 60 physicians may have signed the previously mentioned letter, but 3 times as many did not sign

4. Resolution:  Approval of Minutes
5. Resolution: Approval of Warrants
6. Resolution: Set Graduation Date
7. Resolution: Johnson's Bus Contract
8. Discussion:  Curriculum Adoption Process
9. Resolution:  District Preparedness Plan 
10. Resolution:  PEA Collective Bargaining Agreement
11. Resolution:  PESPA Collective Bargaining Agreement
12. Resolution:  Hourly staff Wage Adjustment
13. Resolution:  Administrative / Salaried Wage Adjustment
14. Resolution: GCS Construction Change Order #5
15. Resolution: Employment Recommendations
16. Resolution: Purchase of cafeteria tables.
17. Resolution: Purchase of tents
18. Educational Reports
19. Board of Education Reports
20. Superintendent’s Report
21. Audience Participation
22. Adjournment
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