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September 10, 2007 at 7:00 PM - Regular

1. Call to order
2. Invocation/Pledge
3. Declaration of Quorum
4. Open Forum (Public comments/audience participation)
5. Consent Agenda
5.A. Minutes of the August 2007 meetings of the Board
5.B. Cash Position by Bank Account
5.C. Check Register
5.D. Enrollment
5.E. Bill's over $25,000
5.F. Investment report
6. Construction report
7. Adjunct Faculty Agreement & Resolution for Milam County Extension Office
8. Resolution Authorizing Participation in TexPool/TexPool Prime
9. Policy Update 81, affecting (LOCAL) policies
9.A. BDAE (LOCAL) Officers & Officials-Duties & Requirements of Depository
9.B. DC (LOCAL) Employment Practices
9.C. DGBA (LOCAL) Personnel-Management Relations - Employee Complaints/Grievances
9.D. FD (LOCAL) Admissions
9.E. FEA (LOCAL) Attendance-Compulsory Attendance
9.F. FEC (LOCAL) Attendance - Attendance for Credit
9.G. FFH (LOCAL) Student Welfare - Freedom from Harassment
9.H. GBAA (LOCAL) Information Access-Requests for Information
9.I. GKC (LOCAL) Community Relations-Vistors to the Schools
9.J. GKG (LOCAL) Community Relations-School Volunteer Program
10. Purchase of School Vehicle
11. Out of State Trip - FFA
12. Parking & Pickup at CES & CJH
13. Superintendent's reports
13.A. 2007 TASB/TASA Convention
13.B. Board Training-Legislative Update
13.C. Food Service Report
14. Performance of Personnel
14.A. Superintendent Performance Goals
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