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August 24, 2020 at 7:00 PM - Regular

1. Call Budget Hearing to Order
Presenter:  Mr. Fendley
2. Call for public comments regarding the budget.
Presenter:  Mr. Fendley
3. Adjourn Budget Hearing
Presenter:  Mr. Fendley
4. Call public meeting to order.
Presenter:  Mr. Fendley
5. Approval of minutes.
Presenter:  Mr. Fendley
6. Financial Report
Presenter:  Dr. Anglin
7. Consideration and action on property deposit
Presenter:  Cr. Anglin
8. Consideration and action to propose a tax rate for 2021.
Presenter:  Dr. Anglin and Mr. Fendley
9. Consideration and action designating Lamar County Tax Assessor Collector as the officer to calculate tax rate information required under Texas Tax Code Section 26.04(C)
Presenter:  Dr. Anglin
10. Consideration and action on Certified Tax Rolls
Presenter:  Dr. Anglin
11. Consideration and action on the 2020-2021 Budget
Presenter:  Dr. Anglin
12. Consideration and action to approve Investment Officers.
Presenter:  Dr. Anglin
13. Consideration and action to approve TASB Update 38 and Update 39 Local Policy.
Presenter:  Dr. Anglin
13.A. CAIA (LOCAL)  Ad Valorem Taxes: Exemptions and Payments
13.B. CAIC (LOCAL)  Selection and Duties of Chief Tax Officials
13.C. DGC (LOCAL) Employee Rights and Privileges: Employee Expression and Use of College Facilities
13.D. DIAA (LOCAL)  Freedom From Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation:  Sex and Sexual Violence
13.E. FFDA (LOCAL)  Freedom From Discrimination:  Sex and Sexual Violence
13.F. FLA (LOCAL) Student Rights and Responsibilities:  Student Expression and Use of College Facilities
13.G. FLB (LOCAL) Student Rights and Responsibilities: Student Conduct
13.H. FLBE (LOCAL) Student Conduct: Alcohol and Drug Abuse
13.I. FMA (LOCAL) Discipline and Penalties: Discipline Procedure
14. Consideration and action to set date for tax rate hearing.
Presenter:  Mr. Fendley
15. Announce the date of the next regular meeting - September 28, 2020.
Presenter:  Mr. Fendley
16. President's Report
Presenter:  Dr. Anglin
16.A. Preliminary Fall Enrollment Report
16.B. Payroll Tax Deferral possibility
16.C. COVID-19 Update
17. The Regents will convene in closed session pursuant to one or more of the following sections of Chapter 551.07 of the Texas Government Code.
Presenter:  Mr. Fendley
17.A. Section 551.074 - Discussing or deliberating appointment, employment, reassignment, or duties of an employee. and board evaluation.
18. Action on resignations, new employees and reassignments
Presenter:  Mr. Fendley
19. Action on extension of president's contract

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