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December 21, 2020 at 7:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order at 7:30 P.M.
2. Roll Call
3. Listening Session
Description:  All speakers are asked to complete the Listening Session Sign-in Form including as much detail as possible and including a printed / written copy of your presentation if one is available. This is an opportunity for the Board to listen, the Board will not engage in dialogue. As a general rule, the Board will not comment on or respond to any comments made by speakers. Please do not include names of Greenbush Middle River employees or representatives, their title, or location in your remarks for your own legal protection and the legal rights of staff.

Each speaker will have five (5) minutes to speak: speakers may not roll their time to another speaker. Speakers will be timed and are asked to complete their comments in this time frame. Board members may ask questions if needed.  Please begin your presentation by stating your name and topic only.
In the spirit of fairness to all participants, we request that you respect the format above. Thank you for taking the time today to attend this meeting and share your concerns and suggestions.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, members of the public may wish to email Board communication(s) to <>
4. Recommendation to add items to the agenda from Board members or School Administrators
5. Approval of Agenda
Roll Call Vote
5.1. A motion was made by  ____________________, seconded by ____________________ to approve the agenda of the December 21, 2020 Regular Board Meeting as presented/amended.
Roll Call Vote
6. Minutes
Roll Call Vote
6.1. A motion was made by  ____________________, seconded by ____________________ to approve the minutes of the preceding regular meeting of November 13, 2020.
Roll Call Vote
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7. Business Services
7.1. A motion was made by  ____________________, seconded by ____________________ to approve the payment of bills check #37709 through #37798 for a total of 155,443.16 and Purchasing Card electronic payments dated November 5, 2020 and Electronic Funds Transfers as submitted.
Roll Call Vote
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7.2. Treasurer's Report
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7.3. Greenbush Middle River School District Budget to Actual Expenditure Report  (as previously requested by board member to provide on monthly basis).
Description:  As requested by board member, document will be provided on monthly basis.

Budget consists of 6 fund balances:

o  01 General Fund
o  02 Food Service
o  04 Community Services
o  07 Debt Redemption
o  08 Scholarships
o  09 Student Activities
• *see attached
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8. Significant School Events and Communication:
8.1. Board acceptance of donations to the School
Roll Call Vote
Donation by Jeff & Roberta Jenson towards up-dating Teacher computers ... $300

Donation by Shane & Kara Nelson to Technology Fund (replacing wireless computer network system)......... $1,000

Donation by Mary Kuznia & Family in memory of Dale Kuznia to Technology Fund (replacing wireless computer network system)......... $500

Donation by Mighty Cause Charitable Foundation (as a part of recent MN GIVES) to Technology Fund (replacing wireless computer network system).......$120.00

Donation by Stacy & Brad Dahl in memory of Phyllis Blazek to Technology Fund (replacing wireless computer network system).......$50.00

Donation from Bethel Lutheran Church of protective face masks. 

Donation from Arlys Graff Trust towards various GMR Educational Programs .....$19,266.00

A motion was made by __________________ and seconded by _______________ to accepted the afore-mentioned donations to the School District.
9. Old Business
9.1. Recommendation for continued implementation of early dismissal of students at the end of the student school week for Teacher support time (early student dismissal).
Roll Call Vote
Description:  excerpt from Supt. Communication to GMR Parents on Oct. 20, 2020...

..."In consideration of teachers having to prepare and provide instruction for in-person learning and a growing number of distance learners all at the same time, the School Board approved a modification of the weekly student and staff calendar. Students and staff will continue with in-person learning Monday through Friday, however the school will have an early out for students on Fridays from Oct. 23rd through Nov. 6 on a trial basis. On Fridays, students will be released from school shortly after lunch with buses leaving at 12:30 pm. The early dismissal of students will give the teachers the opportunity to conference with distance learners, visit with parents, and plan and prepare for both in-person and distance learning. The GMR school board will review this change in student and staff schedules during a scheduled November 9 regular board meeting."

Note:  The Nov. 9 meeting was changed to Nov. 13, 2020 where, early dismissal was unanimously approved by the School Board.

The school administration recommends the continuation of early dismissal of K-8 students (Buses leave at 12:30 p.m.) at the end of each student school week through the expiration of Governor Walz's  Executive Order 20-94. 

Note:  Early dismissal will be in compliance of Governor Walz's November 5, 2020 Executive Order 20-94. 

Historical Note:  On November 5, 2020 MN Governor Tim Walz signed Emergency Executive Order 20-94 providing new guidance for Schools during the coronavirus pandemic. 

Paragraph 9 of the Order states: soon as is practicable but no later than November 30, 2020, a school district or charter school must count 30 minutes per day for teacher preparation to provide instruction to students in distance learning or a distance learning or hybrid learning model, as instructional time toward meeting the minimum hours required by Minnesota Statutes 2019, section 120A.41. This teacher preparation time is for students receiving instruction in distance learning or a distance learning or hybrid model. This time is in addition to a school district’s or charter school’s teacher preparation time established under Minnesota Statutes 2019, section 122A.50.

NOTE:  The district's early dismissal of students on Fridays appears to satisfy this change.

A motion was made by __________________, seconded by ________________ to approve to extend early dismissal (Buses leave at 12:30 pm) of K-12 students for the purpose of providing Teacher support time at the end of each student school week through expiration of Governor Walz's  Executive Order 20-94. 
10. New Business:
10.1. Accept [retroactive] resignation of Mrs. Rice as a  para professional
Roll Call Vote
Description:  Approve resignation of Mrs. Aris Rice-Gross as a para professional retractive to her last work day on September 25,2020.

Motion by ______________________ and seconded by ________________ to approve the resignation of Mrs. Aris Rice-Gross as a para professional effective September 25,2020.
10.2. Accept [retroactive] resignation of Ms. Kostrzewski as a  para professional
Roll Call Vote
Description:  Approve resignation of Ms. Chelanne Kostrzewski as a para professional retractive to her last work day on October 9, 2020.

Motion by ______________________ and seconded by ________________ to approve the resignation of Ms. Chelanne Kostrzewski as a para professional effective October 9, 2020.
10.3. School Board meeting restriction dates (January & February 2021)
Description:  Greenbush Middle River School District conducts regular school board meetings on the 3rd monday of each month.   Board meetings can not be conducted on January 18th and February 15th (Martin Luther King Day and President's Day).  The School Board must determine alternate dates for board meetings in January and February 2021. See attached calendar regarding restricted meeting dates as provided by MSBA.

Board member consensus to change the regular School Board meeting dates from January 20th and February 17th to January 20 and February 17, 2021.
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10.4. Student Achievement & World’s Best Workforce Annual Report   
Roll Call Vote
Description:  Principal Schultz will provide the required student achievement report to the Board.  In accordance with MN Statute, the 2019-2020 Combined WBWF Summary and Achievement and Integration Progress Report is posted on the school’s website. 


Suggested Board Action:  Moved by _______________ and seconded by ____________ to approve the Greenbush Middle River School District’s 2019-2020 World’s Best Workforce Report.    
10.5.  2020 Payable 2021 Truth In Taxation School Tax Levy (including Opportunity for Comments from the Public on the 2020 Payable 2021 School Tax Levy)
Roll Call Vote
Description:  Truth in Taxation presentation at meeting

Suggested Motion: Moved by  ________________ seconded by __________________to adopt the  2020 Payable 2021 School Tax Levy in the amount of $436,010.77.  The amount represents an overall school tax levy for Payable 2021 increasing by $104,092.49 or 31.36% over the previous year.  
NOTE:  This amount is an overall school tax increase and NOT reflective of an increase in each property owners' school taxes for payable 2021.,
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11. Reports:
11.1. Superintendent
11.1.a. Student Enrollment (Past, Present, Projected)
Description:  Student enrollment drives school funding.  
see attached
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11.1.b. Maximize and Enhance School Revenue(s) through the Application for Educational Benefits (Free & Reduced Price Meals)
Within the Seventh (7th) Special MN Legislative Session on December 8, 2020:  It is Important to note for school districts a provision that was included to extend the free or reduced priced lunch application deadline from Dec. 15, 2020 to Jan. 4, 2021.

Districts have until this time to report to the Education Department the number of children eligible to receive free or reduced-price school lunch. This is the count that is used to determine the level of compensatory revenue school districts will receive for the 2021-22 school year. Many families have not completed the required forms for various reasons, leaving school districts concerned about the funding associated with the applications. The extension allows time for districts to reach out to families and encourage them to complete the forms.
11.1.b.a. Board Guidance towards Lunch Accounts in Arrears
Description:  School Meals are FREE to K-12 students in 2020-2021
School Meals were FREE to k-12 students from March 2020 through May 2020
Prior to the above mentioned dates, school meals had a cost associated with them.  The cost of school meals (eg:  Breakfast, Lunch) was determined by the MN Dept. of Education through the National School Meals program.

During the 2019-2020 (FY 20) Financial Audit, Auditors brought attention towards unpaid meal balances.  As of June 30, 2020, unpaid meal balances in the categories listed below totaled $18,029.70.

Free School Meals (cost of 2nd meal)
Reduced School Meals
Regular (Paid) School Meals
Students who have withdrawn / graduated with meal balances
Staff / Adults

What guidance does the Board desire to provide towards collecting the Lunch Accounts in arrears?
11.1.c. January 2021 School Board Organizational Meeting 
Description:  Minnesota Statute requires the School Board to elect its officers for the new calendar year at its first  regular meeting in January.  The first regular meeting in January is sometimes referred to as an Organizational Meeting.

M.S. 123B.14 states, "On the first Monday of January of each year, or as soon thereafter as practicable, (ie:  next Board meeting in January 2021) the board must meet and organize ..." 

Board members will nominate and elect Officers including:  Chair, Vice-Chair, Clerk and Treasurer.
Board Approval during the January organizational meeting will also include:  
Designation of official depository for school funds;
Designation of the Law Firm (legal counsel);
Designation of dates for the Regular monthly meetings;
Committee and / or representative appointment(s)
11.1.d. COVID-19 Up-date:  Implications of Governor Walz's up-dated (Dec. 16, 2020) Safe Schools Plan

The GMR School has been in-person learning since the start of the school year.  Many schools throughout the state have NOT had in-person learning to the extent of the GMR School.  To get students "back to school" after the Holiday Break, Governor Walz annouced modifications to the Safe Schools Plan.

Highlights of Governor Tim Walz press conference announcement(s) on December 16, 2020 as they relate to a revised Safe Schools Plan.

  • All Elementary schools in Minnesota will be in-person learning, continuing to follow the established mitigation measures.
  • All staff will wear masks AND shields

  • School staff will be offered COVID testing every two weeks, but cannot be compelled to participate.

  • Continue screening as people enter the building.

  • Maintain Physical distancing may not be 6 feet.

  • MSHSL has specified no weight room use unless it is within the school day as part of Phy. Ed.

11.2. Principal
11.2.a. Virtual Teacher Staff Development Day on January 18, 2021.

Staff Development Day MLK Day - January 18, 2021, 8:30 a.m. - Noon 

  • Teacher Relicensure Requirements and
  • Mental Health Support
  • Virtual Sessions via Zoom


11.2.b. Student Activities (Winter Sports Season)
Description:  Governor Walz held a Press Conference on December 16, 2020 where he provided up-dates and changes to the State of Minnesota's Safe School's Plan.

Included in the changes was to permit athletic season practice(s) to begin January 4, 2021 with athletic competition to begin as early as January 18, 2020.
11.2.c. Fall 2020 Meeting of Joint Sports Committee 
Description:  The Badger/Greenbush Middle River Joint Sports Board met on November 16, 2020.
11.2.d. Student Activities (Fine Arts)
Description:  One Act Play

The Elementary Christmas concert will be Dec. 21 and the High School Christmas concert will be Dec. 22 with a limited student and staff audience. Both will be livestreamed at the school Facebook page at 1:00 p.m. (barring
technical difficulty) and later recordings will be posted at the district's YouTube channel.
12. Recognition of School Board Service
Description:  Mrs. Laurie Stromsodt began her service on the GMR School Board in January 2009.  Thank You for your dedicated service to the students and staff in the Greenbush Middle River School Community.

13. Adjournment
Roll Call Vote
Motion by__________________        Second by ____________________ to ADJOURN
14. Communications
  • Board Members are encouraged to participate in the "2021 MSBA Leadership Conference - At Home Edition" which will be held virtually over three Thursday morning sessions approximately 8:00 am to Noon - January 14, January 21 and January 28.

    Registration closes January 6, 2021 - no fee; however, registration is required.  See attached
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