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April 20, 2020 at 7:30 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order at 7:30 P.M.
Opening Statement by Board Chair Regarding General Process for Remote School Board Meeting During COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic School Closure
Please open and read attachment
2.           Roll Call
Description:  School Board:    Shane Kilen, Carrie Jo Howard, Joseph Melby, Kurt Stenberg,
                           Brandon Kuznia, Laurie Stromsodt and Allison Harder

Administration:   Superintendent Larry Guggisberg, Principal Sharon Schultz
3. Listening Session

Persons monitoring this meeting from a remote location may submit a comment from the listening session by emailing <>

All speakers are asked to complete the Listening Session Sign-in Form (attached) including as much detail as possible and including a printed / written copy of your presentation if one is available. This is an opportunity for the Board to listen, the Board will not engage in dialogue. As a general rule, the Board will not comment on or respond to any comments made by speakers. Please do not include names of Greenbush Middle River employees or representatives, their title, or location in your remarks for your own legal protection and the legal rights of staff.

Each speaker will have five (5) minutes to speak: speakers may not roll their time to another speaker. Speakers will be timed and are asked to complete their comments in this time frame. Board members may ask questions if needed.  Please begin your presentation by stating your name and topic only.
In the spirit of fairness to all participants, we request that you respect the format above. Thank you for taking the time today to attend this meeting and share your concerns and suggestions.
Description:  Mrs. Laura Dahl will provide an announcement and information about qualifiers to the FCCLA National event in Washington D.C. in July.

Advancing are:
Berlyn Burkel - #1 in State in Food Innovations
Chance Christian - #1 in State in Teach and Train
Morgan Reed - #1 in State in Say Yes to FCS Education 
Bella Burkel - #2 in State in Interior Design
Katelyn Waage - #1 in State in Event 17 Taking Care

McKenna Bennett - 1st Alternate (3rd in State) in Re-purpose and Redesign
Honna Westlund - 2nd Alternate (4th in State) in Event 18 You, Me, Us
Attachments: (1)
4. Recommendation to add items to the agenda from Board members or School Administrators
5. Approval of Agenda
5.1. A motion was made by  ____________________, seconded by ____________________ to approve the agenda of the ______ Regular Board Meeting as presented/amended.
6. Minutes
Attachments: (1)
6.1. A motion was made by  ____________________, seconded by ____________________ to approve the minutes of the preceding regular meeting of March 16, 2020.  
7. Business Services
7.1. A motion was made by  ____________________, seconded by ____________________ to approve the payment of bills check #37172 through #37253 for a total of $162,299.66 and Purchasing Card electronic payments dated March 5, 2020 and Electronic Funds Transfers as submitted.
Attachments: (3)
7.2. Treasurer's Report
Attachments: (1)
8. Significant School Events and Communication:

8.1. Recognition of First Robotics for making face shields for health care workers
Description:  The COVID-19 pandemic short-circuited the robotics season for high school teams across Minnesota.

GMR students and First Robotics advisors are taking advantage of their school’s technology in a creative way to make face shields.
Using 3-D printers, First Robotics donated their time to make plastic shields that have been distributed to Greenbush & Roseau EMT's, area Morticians, Central Boiler Shipping and Receiving, Life Care Nursing Home, Middle River Ambulance Service, Life Care Hospital & Homes in Roseau and Polaris Shipping and Receiving.  

Our community supports the GMR schools in a number of ways and have been key to success throughout the years.

The First Robotics community service effort hasn't gone un-noticed.  WDAY-TV did a news segment on this effort.  In addition, the Commissioner of Education sent Supt. Guggisberg commending their efforts.
8.2. Board acceptance of donations to the School
Roll Call Vote
A motion was made by ______________, seconded by _________________ to accept the following donation(s):

NW MN Manufacturing Association to First Robotics ................. $500.00

Larry & Michelle Kern to CLOSE-UP........................................... $100.00

Allison & John Harder to GMR Library in memory
of Avis Wiskow ............................................................................$50.00

Central Boiler to First Robotics .................................................. $1,000.00

9. Old Business
9.1. Renewal of Superintendent of School Agreement for 2020-2021
Description:  The current (2019-2020 school year) Superintendent of the Greenbush Middle River School District is labeled as a part-time interim position.

During the April 2020 regular meeting, the Board approved renewal of the Agreement.  Board Chair and Vice Chair were involved in the renewal Agreement.

A motion was made by ______________, seconded by _________________ to renew the Superintendent Agreement with Larry S. Guggisberg, Ed. D. for the 2020-2021 School year.
9.2. Budget Reduction effort for 2020-2021
Description:  During the regular March Board meeting, the Board was given a presentation on the financial condition of the GMR School District for the current year and projections in the future.
The presentation provided the status of the Financial Condition of the GMR School District in the following manner.

I.    Facts about the past financial status of the GMR School District;
II.   Facts about the current financial status of the GMR School District;

III.   Facts about the projected financial status of the GMR School District; 

Which lead to a resolution by the Board to reduce expenditures in 2020-2021.

A process for seeking input to address budget reductions was developed by the Supt. of Schools and shared with the teaching staff in a video conference on March 23 and during another video conference in early April and in an email to GMR Staff on April 9.
The same type of information sent to staff is attached and will be included in THE CHOMPER student newspaper being mailed to all district residents the week of April 20.
It is recommended the Board have a Special Work Session in May to review suggestions submitted to the school administration for budget reductions in 2020-2021.
Attachments: (1)
10. New Business:
10.1. A motion was made by  ____________________, seconded by ____________________ to approve the resignation of licensed Industrial Tech teacher Mr. Jim Mack as submitted.
Attachments: (1)
10.2. Greenbush Middle River School District Staffing

Greenbush Middle River is currently seeking candidates for the following positions:
  • Special Education Teacher
  • K-12 Music Teacher
  • Industrial Technology
11. Reports:
11.1. Superintendent
Description:  To address the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Governor of the State of MN signed a series of executive orders in early and mid-March.

The Executive order(s) resulted in Minnesota Public Schools being closed for student instruction between March 18 and March 27, however, teaching staff were in the school building. During the 8 day school closure period, teachers were charged with developing a quality and equitable distance learning program as a means of providing instruction to students in the event the school closure extends beyond March 27, 2020.  A subsequent Executive order resulted in Minnesota Public Schools being closed for student instruction within the school building between March 27 to April 30.   Instruction will in the form of Distance Learning.  The current Executive Order indicates there is no school from May 1 through May 4.  During this time, teachers and school staff will prepare to "re-open" schools.  Students would return to classes in their school on Tuesday, May 5, 2020.

These resources have been provided to all students & families to posture them up for success:
  • District-issued Chromebooks and iPads
  • Polaris-donated Chromebooks
  • Wiktel-donated internet service
  • Weekly district transportation to pick up and deliver school materials at students’ homes
  • Daily delivery of two meals
  • Child Care for Tier I essential workers
  • Teacher communication to determine what type of assistance students need
  • Special Education services provided
  • Mental Health services provided
Schools await the Governor's next Executive Order as to when or if school will resume "as normal" on May 5, 2020.  Note attachment indicating a Map of Coronavirus and School Closures nation-wide.
Attachments: (2)
11.1.a. Principal
Description:  To address the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, the Governor of the State of MN signed a series of Executive Orders in early and mid-March.  The Executive Order(s) have had an impact (cancelation or postponement) of normal, typical or the usual Spring events and activities within schools including the following in GMR:

6th Grade Class Trip
Dinner Theater
Spring Sports 
First Robotics
FCCLA State Competition
Senior Awards & Recognition Event
Senior Class Trip

Schools await the Governor's order(s) as they pertain to when or if schools will resume "as normal" on May 5, 2020.  Note attachment indicating a Map of Coronavirus and School Closures nation-wide.
12. Adjournment
Motion by__________________        Second by ____________________ to ADJOURN

Roll Call Vote
13. Communications
  • Regular April School Board Meeting - May 18, 2020 @ 7:30 p.m. in GMR School Library

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