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February 10, 2014 at 12:00 PM - Board Workshop - Retreat

1. District Updates and Discussion
2. Financial
2.A. Past Budget Reductions and Add-backs
2.B. Budget Forecast
2.C. Location Equity Revenue
2.D. District Needs
2.D.1. Technology
2.D.2. Facilities
2.D.3. Staffing Ratios
2.D.4. Instructional
2.D.5. Special Education
2.D.6. Communications
2.D.7. Activities
2.E. Results of Prioritization Activity
3. District Survey Results
3.A. Add or Add-back, Remove/Cut
3.A.1. Class Size Relief
3.A.2. Facilities/Capital
3.A.3. Fund Balance
3.A.4. T&L - Programs/Instruction
3.A.5. Technology
3.A.6. Marketing
3.A.7. Activities
4. Wrap-Up
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