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May 10, 2022 at 6:30 PM - Regular Meeting of the Governing Board

This meeting will be both live-streamed and in-person. 

If anyone joins the meeting through the live YouTube stream and wants to address the board under Public Comments, a link to a Google Form will be available under the live YouTube link between 6:00 - 6:30 p.m.

Live YouTube Stream:
1.1. Call to Order and Welcome - Carole Siegler, President
1.2. Pledge of Allegiance - Siegler
1.3. Rules of Order for Governing Board Meetings - Siegler
1.4. Outstanding Achievements - Mary Kamerzell, Superintendent
1.5. Catalina Foothills STAR Awards - State Seal of Arts Proficiency and Seal of Biliteracy - Eileen Jackson, Board Member
1.5.1. Seniors Awarded Seal of Arts Proficiency and Mentor Teachers
Micaela Cox Emily Gruber
Zachary Cramton Matthew Hashim
Camille DeWilde Morgan Jones
Simone Gelety Alexandra Zega

Arts Teachers:  Amy Byroad, Jason Reinhardt, Renee Shane-Boyd, Charles Shay, and Ramon Sepulveda
1.5.2. Seniors Awarded Seal of Biliteracy and Mentor Teachers
Marina Alvarenga Fagundes Couto Carolina Ferreira Silva Isabella Mendoza
Nayeli Arias Jaxon Goddard-Westland Samuel Moreno Campos
Madison Ballis Emily Gruber Ryan Mulay
Lillian Bhola Nicholas Guerra Roman Nasif
Nicodemo Boccelli Payton Hall Theodore Quilter
Madison Bonomolo Joshua Juganaru Justin Roettger
Nailea Castro Marin Elise Krueger Gabriel Ruiz de Chávez Pereira
Maria Cazzato Gianna Lampert Grant Thompson
Nathaniel Cross Marianne Lehmann Diya Tuli
Douglas De Cima Jorge León Daniela Villarreal Martinez
Camila Enriquez Velazquez Ashley Mannenbach Michael Weiss
Victor Hugo Enriquez Velazquez Lucy McLaughlin Noah Wellman
Adele Fereres Anna Mendoza Alexandra Zega

World Language Teachers:  Maricarmen Lopez Garcia, and Scott Olmstead
A link to a Google Form will be available under the live YouTube link between 6:00-6:30 pm.

Anyone attending in person can complete the Request To Address The Board form and submit it to the secretary to the Governing Board. 
Description:  There were no public comments.
3.1. Approval of April 26, 2022, Regular Governing Board Meeting Minutes Memorandum
3.2. Approval of Expense Voucher Memorandum
3.3. Approval of Personnel Memorandum
3.4. Approval of Gifts and Donations Memorandum
3.5. Approval of Fiscal Year 2021 Audit Report Memorandum
3.6. Approval of Administrative Contracts for 2022-2023 Memorandum
3.7. IFB 22-08-27 Backflow Testing/Maintenance & Reclaimed Water Inspection, Repair & Replacement
3.8. Approval of an Intergovernmental Agreement Between Catalina Foothills School District and the Jefferson County Educational Services Center.
4.1. Public Hearing on Revisions to Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Revision #2 - Siegler
4.2. Approval of Revisions to Fiscal Year 2022 Budget Revision #2 - Action - Lisa Taetle, Director of Finance
5.1. Recommendations for November 2022 Election - Kamerzell
5.2. Report from Bond/Override Underwriter and Counsel Regarding the Projected Tax Impact and Legal Requirements for 2022 Bond, District Additional Assistance Override, and Maintenance and Operations Override Elections - Michael LaVallee, Managing Director, Stifel Public Finance; James Giel, Esq., Gust Rosenfeld P.L.C.
5.3. Bond Project Proposal - Kamerzell; Doug Huie, Director of Facilities and Transportation
5.4. District Additional Assistance (Capital) Override Proposal - Mary Jo Conery, Associate Superintendent
5.5. Maintenance and Operations (M&O) Override Proposal - Kamerzell
5.6. Fiscal Year 2023 Maintenance & Operations (M&O) Budget - Kamerzell
5.7. 2022 Arizona Legislative / Governmental Activity
Description:  There were no requests for future agenda considerations.

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