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November 11, 2019 at 7:00 PM - Regular

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Approval of Agenda
IV. Board President's Report
V. Superintendent's Report
VI. Committee Reports
VI.A. Finance
VI.B. Communications
VI.C. Facilities
VII. Administrative Reports
VIII. General Announcements
IX. Public Input
X. Consent Agenda Items
X.A. Approval of Invoices
X.A.1. General Fund - $573,361.66
X.A.2. Community Schools Fund - S10,514.95
X.A.3. Food Service Fund - $17,034.65
X.A.4. Building & Site Fund - $26,484.83
X.A.5. Fiber Build Fund - $1,120.84
X.A.6. Athletic Improvement Project Fund - $24,023.30
X.B. Approval of Minutes
X.B.1. Regular Meeting - October 14, 2019
XI. Recommended for Action - New Business
XI.A. Approval of Transportation Audit
XI.B. Approval of Online Course Catalogue
XII. Information and Proposals
XII.A. NEOLA Policies Update - First Reading
XII.A.1. Policy 1420 - School Administrator Evaluation
XII.A.2. Policy 1615 - Use of Tobacco by Administrators
XII.A.3. AG 2240B - Alternate Learning Activities for Op-out Students
XII.A.4. Policy 2265 - Child Care Center Staff and Volunteers
XII.A.5. Policy 2410 - Prohibition of Referral or Assistance
XII.A.6. Policy 2414 - Reproductive Health and Family Planning
XII.A.7. Policy 2418 - Sex Education
XII.A.7.a. AG 2418 - Sex Education
XII.A.8. Policy 2628 - State Aid Incentives
XII.A.9. Policy 3210 - Staff Ethics
XII.A.10. Policy 3215 - Use of Tobacco by Professional Staff
XII.A.11. Policy 3220 - Professional Staff Evaluation
XII.A.12. Policy 4215 - Use of Tobacco by Support Staff
XII.A.13. Policy 5230 - Late Arrival and Early Dismissal
XII.A.13.a. AG 5230 - Late Arrival and Early Dismissal
XII.A.13.b. Form 5230F1 - Early Release Form
XII.A.14. Policy 5330.02 - Opioid Antagonists
XII.A.15. Policy 5512 - Use of Tobacco by Students
XII.A.16. Policy 6800 - System of Accounting
XII.A.17. Policy 7300 - Disposition of Real Property
XII.A.18. Policy 7434 - Use of Tobacco on School Premises
XII.A.19. Policy 7440.03 - Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems 
XII.A.19.a. AG 7440.03 - Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems
XII.A.20. Policy 8390 - Animals on District Property
XII.A.21. Policy 8400 - School Safety Information
XII.A.21.a. AG 8400A - Threat Assessment and Intervention
XII.A.22. Policy 8462 - Student Abuse and Neglect
XIII. Public Input
XIV. Adjournment

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