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October 8, 2012 at 7:00 PM - Regular

I. Call to Order
II. Approval of Agenda
III. Superintendent's Report
III.A. Retirement of Carol Clark
IV. Recognition of National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist - Kirsten Reynolds
V. Board President's Report
VI. Admin Report - The "Promise", Early College and Dual Enrollment 
Presenter:  Jim Cooper, Jim Rummer, Char-Em ISD; Susan Jacobs and Shelby Richardson
VII. Committee Reports
VII.A. Facilities
Presenter:  Julie Cupps and Rob Fuhrman
VII.B. Communications
Presenter:  Tim Davis and Paul Fairbairn
VII.C. Finance
Presenter:  Bryan Lauer and Shauna Bezilla
VIII. Public Input
IX. Consent Agenda Items
IX.A. Approval of Invoices
IX.A.1. General Fund - $558,555.31
IX.A.2. Community Schools Fund - $10,786.20
IX.A.3. Lunch Fund - $746.05
IX.A.4. Building and Site Fund - $142,804.50
IX.A.5. Technology Fund  - $109,047.06
IX.B. Approval of Minutes
IX.B.1. Regular Meeting - September 10, 2012
IX.B.2. Special Meeting - October 3, 2012 Retreat
IX.B.3. Special Meeting - October 3, 2012 Retreat Executive Session
X. General Announcements
XI. Recommended for Action - Old Business
XI.A. Approval of Snow Removal Bid for 2012-13
Presenter:  Dave Iafolla
XII. Recommended for Action - New Business
XII.A. Approval to Purchase Curriculum Materials for High School Spanish
Presenter:  Susan Jacobs, Karen Naile and Anne Payne
XII.B. Approval of Overnight Trip for Middle School Michigan Youth In Government Conference
XIII. Information and Proposals
XIII.A. Pool Rec Millage Campaign Update and pool opening
Presenter:  Dave Iafolla
XIII.B. Strategic Planning Process for 2012-13
Presenter:  Mark Tompkins
XIII.C. NEOLA Policies Update - First Reading
Presenter:  Mark Tompkins
XIII.C.1. Policy 7530.01 Staff Use of Wireless Communication Devices
XIII.D. NEOLA Policies Update - Second Reading
Presenter:  Mark Tompkins
XIII.D.1. Policy 3142 - Probationary Teachers
XIII.D.2. Policy 3139 - Staff Discipline
XIII.D.3. Policy 0142.1 - BOE Electoral Process
XIII.D.4. Policy 1220 - Employment of Superintendent
XIII.D.5. Policy 7540.03 - Student Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety
XIII.D.6. Policy 7540.04 - Staff Network and Internet Acceptable Use and Safety
XIII.D.7. Policy 9700 - Relations with Special Interest Groups
XIII.D.8. Policy 9700.01 - Advertising and Commercial Activities
XIII.E. I-Pads - Board of Education
Presenter:  Mark Tompkins
XIV. Public Input
XV. Adjournment

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