August 16, 2018 at 6:00 PM - Informational/Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Citizens
IV.A. Citizen Comments
V. Informational Meeting
V.A. Buildings & Grounds Update
V.B. Human Resources
V.B.1. Updates
V.B.2. New Hires
V.B.3. Resignations
V.B.4. Retirements
V.B.5. Student Handbooks
V.B.5.a. 2018-19 Elementary Student Handbook 
V.B.5.b. 2018-19 Middle School Student Handbook
V.B.5.c. 2018-19 MHS Student Handbook
V.C. Finance Update
V.C.1. Requisitions
V.C.1.a. Van Purchase Proposal
V.D. Curriculum & Instruction Update
V.D.1. 2018-19 District/School Improvement Plans
V.E. Superintendent's Update
V.E.1. District Firearm Policy
V.E.2. Technology Update
VI. Regular Meeting
VII. Consent Grouping
VII.A. Approval of Minutes
VII.B. Business
VII.B.1. Financial Reports
VII.B.1.a. Monthly Budget Report
VII.B.1.b. Monthly Financial Statement
VII.B.2. General Fund Monthly Bills
VII.B.3. Van Purchase
VII.C. Human Resources
VII.C.1. New Hires
VII.C.2. Retirements
VII.D. Curriculum & Instruction
VII.D.1. 2018-19 District/School Improvement Plans
VII.E. Miscelaneous
VII.E.1. 2018-19 Student Handbooks
VII.E.1.a. 2018-19 MHS Student Handbook
VII.E.1.b. 2018-19 MMS Student Handbook
VII.E.1.c. 2018-19 Elementary Schools Student Handbook
VIII. Approval of Consent Grouping
IX. Discussion
X. Adjournment
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