December 13, 2017 at 7:00 PM - Informational/Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Citizens
III.A. Viking Spirit Awards
III.B. Great Things Happen in Marysville Schools
III.B.1. Cross Country 
III.B.2. MHS Divers
III.B.3. Equestrian
III.C. 2nd Grade Carolers
III.D. Citizen Comments
IV. Communications
V. Informational Meeting
V.A. Superintendent's Update
V.A.1. Overnight Field Trip Requests
V.A.2. Web Accessibility Agreement (First Reading)
V.A.3. 2017 Fall Athletic Round-Up
V.B. Human Resources Update
V.B.1. Retirement
V.C. Building & Grounds Update
V.C.1. Stadium Poles/Lighting Memo
V.D. Business & Finance Update
V.D.1. 2008 Refunding Bonds (UTGO)
V.D.2. Resolution authorizing 2018 Refunding Bonds (Unlimited Tax General Obligation)
V.D.3. Internet Bid
V.D.4. Annual Summer Tax Collection Resolution
V.E. Curriculum & Instruction Update
V.E.1. Acceptable Assessment Tools for Early Literacy Educators grant
VI. Regular Meeting
VII. Consent Grouping
VII.A. Approval of Minutes
VII.B. Business & Finance
VII.B.1. Financial Reports
VII.B.2. Statement of Monthly General Fund Bills
VII.B.3. 2016 QECB Bills
VII.B.4. 2018 Refunding Bonds (UTGO) Resolution
VII.C. Human Resources
VII.C.1. Retirement
VII.D. Curriculum & Instruction
VII.E. Miscellaneous
VII.E.1. Annual Summer Tax Collection Resolution
VII.E.2. Overnight Field Trip Requests
VIII. Approval of Consent Grouping
IX. Action Items
X. Discussion
XI. Adjournment
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