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January 27, 2014 at 7:00 PM - Board of Trustees Meeting

I. Call Board of Finance Meeting to Order
I.1. Elect president and secretary
I.1.a. Generally, The Treasurer serves as President of this board and one other member serves as secretary; there are no other duties affiliated with this board.
I.2. Designate depositories
I.2.a. Since we most often have more than $100,000 in deposits, we are required to have accounts with two local state-approved depositories.  We currently have funds in Citizens Bank and the State Bank of Lizton.  The following motion is recommended:  I move that the Avon-Washington Township Public Library continue to maintain bank accounts at Citizens Bank and the State Bank of Lizton.
I.3. Review investment ledger
I.3.a. We currently have no money in an account that is considered an "investment" by the State Board of Accounts.
I.4. Designate newspapers in which library will publish notices
I.4.a. We are required by law to advertise in two newspapers that are within the legal area served.  If there are not two newspapers, the law requires that we use another newspaper.  The following motion is recommended:  I move that The Hendricks County Flyer and The Danville Republican be used for all legal advertising of the library.
II. Adjourn Board of Finance Meeting
III. Call Regular Business Meeting to Order
IV. Approval of Minutes from Regular Meeting, December 16, 2013
V. Financial Reports
VI. Old Business
VI.1. Report from Project Subcommittee
VI.2. Approve Architect's Contract
VI.2.a. The following motion is recommended:  I move that the Architect's contract as submitted by Odle McGuire Shook be approved.
VII. New Business
VII.1. Review/Adopt Preliminary Bond Resolution
VII.1.a. Approving this resolution is the first step required to generate the necessary financing to undertake the construction project.  The following motion is recommended:  I move that the Preliminary Bond Resolution be adopted.
VII.2. Review/Adopt Reimbursement Resolution
VII.2.a. This resolution states that the library will reimburse itself after the bonds are sold for any costs incurred related to the project prior to the selling of the bonds.  The following motion is recommended:  I move that the Reimbursement Resolution be adopted.
VII.3. Review/Adopt Resolution to Transfer Funds Within Minor Classifications in the Operating Fund
VII.3.a. This resolution is necessary to correct any negative appropriation balances for 2013 in the Operating Fund.  It is allowed by the State Board of Accounts.  Formal adoption wording is contained within the document.
VII.4. Review/Adopt Resolution to Pay Bills With Prior Approval
VII.4.a. The State Board of Accounts allows a resolution stating that we may pay bills prior to a board meeting to avoid late fees, disconnect notices, etc.  These claims are then included in the following month's claim resolution.  Formal adoption wording is contained within the document.
VII.5. Review/Adopt Resolution to Encumber Operating Funds from the 2013 Budget
VII.5.a. These are purchase orders that were assigned in 2013 but not invoiced by December 31, 2013.  We are required to send a list of these approved encumbrances to the Department of Local Government Finance.  Recommended wording for the motion is contained within the document.
VII.6. Review/Approve Interlocal Agreement for Park Storywalk
VII.6.a. We have received funding to install a "story walk" at the township park and the town park.  An agreement between us and the other two governmental entities has been written to clarify responsibilities for this project.  The following motions is recommended:  I move that the Interlocal Agreement be approved as written.  
VII.7. Review/Approve Proposal to Purchase SaaS
VII.7.a. As technology for the library's Integrated Library Service becomes more complex, purchasing this service from SIRSI/Dynix would be a benefit to the library in many ways as outlined in the attached proposal.  The following motion is recommended:  I move that the library signs a (five/seven) year agreement with SIRSI/Dynix to provide Software as a Service (SaaS).
VII.8. 2014 Mileage Rate
VII.8.a. The federal mileage reimbursement as of January 1, 2014 was 56 cents.  Our policy states that we will reimburse mileage at the federal rate effective January 1.  No action is required.  This is informational only.
VIII. Approval of Claims
IX. Director's Comments
X. Board Comments
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