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January 18, 2017 at 5:30 PM - School Board Retreat

1. Call to Order/Review Agenda
2. Team Activity
3. Key Roles and Operating Procedures of the Board & Superintendent
3.1. School Board Operational Philosophy (policies #201 & #209)
3.2. Decision Making
3.2.1. Who does what -decision making
3.2.2. Process, when to decide, mistakes
3.2.3. Irreversible options
3.2.4. Feedback loop- staff and residents
3.2.5. Process steps Administrative recommendation Report or work session initially followed by action
3.3. No surprise approach
3.4. Visiting schools and programs, staff interaction
4. Efficient and Productive Board Meetings
4.1. What makes a successful meeting (policy #203 & #203.1)
4.2. Developing the agenda (policy #203.5)
4.3. Format and sequence of meeting agendas (policy #203.2, samples)
4.4. Agenda items-Organization, background info, presentations
4.5. Meeting preparation
4.6. Managing public input- complaints, questions and pressure at meetings (policy #206, meeting brochure)
4.7. Reports or action items missing from meeting agendas
4.8. Annual meeting agenda calendar
4.9. Meeting location- work sessions to include community conversation session
5. Communication (strategies are to be kept, dropped, modified, or added)
5.1. Communication between meetings, emails, memos, telephone, voice mail, in person
5.2. Public
5.2.1. Engaging the public beyond the meeting- meaningful engagement strategies
5.2.2. Handling of personal correspondence and contacts
5.2.3. Among board members
5.2.4. Responding to pressure
5.3. Responding to media
5.4. Superintendent- Soup News, telephone, in person, email
5.5. School incidents to be communicated
6. District Direction
6.1. Next 6 months
6.2. Future priorities
7. Communications and Other
8. Adjourn
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