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January 10, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular/Reorganizational Board of Education Meeting

1. Call to Order
2. Pledge of Allegiance
3. Approval of Agenda
4. Open Forum 
5. Reorganizational Business
5.1. Elect Chairperson.
5.2. Elect Clerk.
5.3. Elect Treasurer.
5.4. Set Dates, Times, and Location for 2022 Regular Board Meetings. 
5.5. Set Board Members' Compensation for Chair, Clerk, and Treasurer. 
5.6. Set Board Member Pay for Board and Committee Meetings.
5.7. Appoint Recording Secretary.
5.8. Set Recording Secretary compensation.
5.9. Appoint School Official Depository.
5.10. Appoint School District Attorney.
5.11. Appoint School Official Newspaper.
5.12. Approve Resolution Authorizing Kim Goodwin to act as the IOwA for Education Identity Access Mgmt (EDIAM).
5.13. Approve Resolution Establishing Combined Polling Places.
5.14. Approve Resolution declaring Columbus Day is not a holiday for school district purposes.
5.15. Authorize Superintendent and Business Manager to Invest & Transfer Funds. 
5.16. Authorize Superintendent and Business Manager to Make Electronic Fund Transfers.
5.17. Authorize Facsimile Signatures.
5.18. Set Standard Mileage Rate.
6. General Consent Items
6.1. Approve Minutes of the 12/13/2021 Regular Board Meeting.
6.2. Approve Monthly Bills $280,502 & ACH $225,048 totaling $505,550, checks 49914 - 50008.
6.3. Approve Resolution Accepting Donations
7. New Business
7.1. Approve Resolution Directing the Administration to Make Recommendations for Reductions and/or Restructuring of Programs and Positions and Reasons Thereof and to Develop the 2022-23 schedule.
7.2. Minnesota OSHA Discussion
7.3. Finance Committee Meeting Review
7.4. Transportation Committee Meeting Review
7.4.1. Approve purchase of a second van from Bob Lowth Ford with trade in of 2017 Transit van.
7.4.2. Approve purchase of a new Bluebird Gasoline Activity Bus from North Central Bus & Equipment with trade in of 2003 Bluebird Diesel Activity Bus.
8. Board Discussion
8.1. Other.
9. Board Member Communications/Ideas Exchange
9.1. Chairperson's Report
9.2. Superintendent's Report 
9.3. Principal's Report
10. Adjourn
11. Next Meeting - Monday, February 14, 2022   Regular Meeting - 6:00 pm

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