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May 5, 2021 at 2:00 PM - MSAD Site Council Meeting

1. Welcome and Roll Call
2. Approval of Previous Meeting Minutes
3. Old Business
4. New Business
4.A. Update on Strategic Planning and discussion of Strategic Planning Committees - appoint people to committees
4.B. Review Membership for Fall
4.C. Election of a New Vice Chair
5. Reports
5.A. Policy and Procedure Review
5.A.1. Policy 751 - MSA Library Collections Management
5.A.2. Policy 904 - Distribution of Materials by Non-School Persons
5.A.3. Policy 906 - Community Notification of Predatory Offenders
5.B. Superintendent's Report
5.B.1. Update on Budget in Legislature
5.B.2. Plans for the summer
5.B.3. Lola Brand's Retirement
5.B.4. Discussion of future Student Center
5.C. MSAD Director
5.D. Dorm Director Report
5.E. Other Reports
6. Committee Work
6.A. Public Relations
6.B. E-Learning
6.C. Diversity
7. Announcements
8. Adjournment

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