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November 27, 2013 at 7:00 PM - Legal, License and Ordinance Committee

1. Call to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Public Comments
4. Approval of Minutes for Legal, License and Ordinance Committee Meetings - November 19, 2013
4.A. LLOC Minutes - November 19, 2013
5. Village Board reports on recent attendance at National League of Cities Conference
Description:  Village Board members will make verbal reports on their attendance at the 2013 National League of Cities Conference in Seattle, Washington
6. Public Items:
6.A. Village Manager's Report
6.A.1) Proposed revised proposal for repairs to Maywood Park Gazebo
Description:  The Board will be asked to approve a revised proposal for repairs to the Maywood Park Gazebo, with the revised contract amount of $20,650.
6.A.2) Resumption of discussion on re-organization of Community Development Department.
Description:  Discussion is scheduled to resume on the matter of reorganizing the Community Development Department in light of the recent passing of Anthony Thomas.
6.A.3) Pace's Locally Based Service Vehicle Program.
Description:  The Village Board is scheduled to consider possible participation in the Pace's program to provide a new passenger bus program. 
6.A.4) Pace Bus Shelters
Description:  The Board will resume discussion on the possible installation of advertising bus shelters in the Community.  The shelters would be installed at no cost to the Village.
6.A.5) Decorative street light pole outlet proposals.
Description:  The Board will be discussing proposals for the installation of electrical outlets on the decorative street lighting in the commercial area.
6.A.6) Boiler Repair at 125 S. 5th Avenue.
Description:  Seeking authorization of the Village Board for work on the Police Department Boiler in the amount of $6,364, with West Town Mechanical.
6.A.7) Hardware and Software for Police Squad Car Cameras.
Description:  The Board will be considering approval of a proposal for new hardware and software to enable downloading of video products from the squad cars.
6.A.8) Maywood @ Works Job Training Proposal
Description:  Maywood Youth on the Move will be making a presentation to the Village Board on a proposal for a job training program for the St. Charles TIF.  The total value of the grant request is $250,000.
6.B. Village Attorney Reports:
6.B.1) Village Board Meeting Schedule for Calendar Year 2014.
Description:  The Village Board will be discussing the proposed meeting schedule for calendar 2014.
6.B.2) Policies on Travel, Credit Card and Expenses.
Description:  The Village Board will be discussing suggested policy statements regarding travel expenses, use of credit cards, and management of Trustee expense accounts.
7. Other Matters:
8. Executive Session
8.A. Price of Village owned Land
8.B. Collective Bargaining
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