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November 10, 2020 at 6:30 PM - City Council Meeting

1. Notice/Minutes:
1.a) Call to order/Verification of Attendance.
1.b) Motion to approve minutes of the October 13, 2020 Regular Council Meeting and the October 28, 2020 Special Council Meeting.
1.c) Recognitions/Presentations.
2. Administration/Finance:
2.a) Mayor's review.
2.b) West Monroe Indoor Sports Complex:
2.b)1) Ordinance to authorize a Professional Services Agreement with Timothy M. Brandon, Architect, A.P.C.
3. Building and Development:
4. Code Enforcement:
4.a) Report from Marie Knight, Code Enforcement official.
4.b) Order to condemn and demolish structures located at:
4.b)1) 407 South 1st Street (owner: Michael A. Hayes and Christine Wolff Ford).  Tabled from October.
4.b)2) 307 Herman Street (owner: Judith Washington, Sheldon Ralph Armstrong, Charley M. Lee, Jr., Robin P. Lee, Frederick G. Tillman, c/o Jill Goudeau, appointed attorney).  Tabled from October.
4.b)3) 402 Crosley Street (owner:  Kathleen Shanas Parker, deceased).  Tabled from October.
4.b)4) 715 Clayton Street (original owner: Dena Jo Cockerham; tax sale purchaser 2003: Barron Services, Inc - charter now revoked - Michael J. Fuller, apparent successor, Adjudicated 6/2018).  Tabled from October.
4.b)5) 103 Pear Street (owner: Thomas, Rayford & Toya).
4.b)6) 707 South 6th Street (owner: Trichel, Prudhomme & Laura D. -both deceased; c/o Betty Lou Trichel Carter).
5. Legal:
5.a) Ordinance to enact Sec. 11-2003.5 of the Code of Ordinances, to establish the crime of "Battery of emergency room personnel, emergency services personnel or a healthcare professional".
5.b) Ordinance to enact Sec. 11-2003.4 of the Code of Ordinances, to establish the crime of "Battery of a dating partner".
5.c) Ordinance to amend Sec. 11-5001 of the Code of Ordinances, to update the crime of "Indecent behavior with juveniles".
5.d) Ordinance to amend Sec. 11-5021 of the Code of Ordinances, to update the crime of "Carnal knowledge of a juvenile".
5.e) Ordinance to amend Sec. 11-5023 of the Code of Ordinances, to update the crime of "Contributing to the delinquency of juveniles".
5.f) Ordinance to amend Sec. 11-5027 of the Code of Ordinances, to update the crime of "Cruelty to juveniles".
6. Public Works:
7. Community Services:
8. Police/Fire:
8.a) West Monroe Fire Department:
8.b) West Monroe Police Department:
9. Engineering/Construction Projects:
9.a) Highland Park Wetlands Trails (formerly referred to as Trenton Nature Trail):
9.a)1) Authorize City Clerk to advertise for bids (estimated cost: $******.00).
9.b) Mane Street Rehabilitation Phase 1 (Diamond B Construction Co., LLC):
9.b)1) Authorize Change Order #3 (+ $20,115.18; + 0 days).
9.b)2) Authorize Certificate of Substantial Completion.
9.c) Parkwood Drive Rehabilitation (D & J Construction Company, LLC):
9.c)1) Authorize Change Order #3 (+ $55,436.72; + 4 days).
9.c)2) Authorize Certificate of Substantial Completion.
9.d) Project Update:
9.d)1) Robert L. George, IV, P.E.
10. Public Comments/Other Business
11. Adjourn
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