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September 11, 2015 at 10:00 AM - Regular Meeting

1.A. Moment of Silent Meditation
1.B. Approval of the Agenda – Action Item
Note:  All or individual items may be pulled from the consent agenda and discussed individually.
2.A. Approval of Minutes: August 14, 2015 Regular Meeting
Attachments: (1)
2.B. Approval of expense and payroll vouchers
3.A. Governing Board
3.B. Superintendent
3.B.1) Update from JTED Superintendent's Meeting 
Attachments: (1)
3.B.2) Update on Joint Committee on Capital Review-Fredonia and Williams Central Campus Program
3.B.3) Update on Central Campus Programs
3.B.4) Update of Legislative Tour and Ribbon Cuttings/Open Houses
3.B.5) Update on Administrative Assistant vacancy 
4.A. Second Reading-ASBA Policy Advisories 504-518- Action Item
Policy Advisory No. 519 -BEC-EB — Executive Sessions / Open Meeting
BEC-EC — Executive Sessions / Open Meeting
BEC-ED — Executive Sessions / Open Meeting
Policy Advisory No. 520 BEDA-EA — Notification of Board Meetings
BEDA-EB — Notification of Board Meetings
  BEDA-EC — Notification of Board Meetings
  BEDA-ED — Notification of Board Meetings
  BEDA-EE — Notification of Board Meetings
  BEDA-EF — Notification of Board Meetings
BEDA-EG — Notification of Board Meetings
Policy Advisory No. 521 - BEDB-E — Agenda
Policy Advisory No. 522- BEDG-EA — Minutes
BEDG-EB — Minutes
Policy Advisory No. 523 - FCB— Retirement of Facilities
Policy Advisory No. 524 - GBI— Staff Participation in Political Activities 
Policy Advisory No. 525-GDQA— Support Staff Reduction in Force 
Policy Advisory No. 526- IKE-RB — Promotion and Retention of Students
Policy Advisory No. 527 - IKF— Graduation Requirements
Policy Advisory No. 528-JFAB — Tuition/Admission of Nonresident Students
Policy Advisory No. 529 -JFABC — Admission of Transfer Students
Policy Advisory No. 530 - JK — Student Discipline
  JK-RB—Student Discipline 
Policy Advisory No. 531- JLF-EB — Reporting Child Abuse/Child Protection
Policy Advisory No. 532 -JLIA – Supervision of Students
Policy Advisory No. 533 -JQ-R – Student Fees, Fines, and Charges
JQ-EB—Student Fees, Fines, and Charges
Policy Advisory No. 534- JRCA-R — Request for Transfer of Records
Policy Advisory No. 535- KDB-R — Public’s Right to Know/Freedom of Information
Description:  Many of the advisories that follow recommend policy document revisions based on Arizona 
laws modified by the Fifty-second Legislature, First Regular Session, 2015. Where 
appropriate this series will present each applicable bill identification number related to a 
policy or regulation and a brief statement of content explanation in the attach PA document.
Attachments: (1)
5.A. Discussion and possible action regarding CAVIAT providing and charging for Professional Development Services, as requested by Jerry WIlliams - Possible Action Item
5.B. Discussion Item Regarding Countywide District Branding, Marketing Materials, Signage, and Recruitment Efforts - Non Action Item
Description:  To date we have:

1. Sent home direct mailers in Page and Flagstaff
2. Sent CAVIAT info via district mailers in Page, Williams and Fredonia
3. Hung CAVIAT banners-Page
4. Building Signage- Page, Williams, Flagstaff and Fredonia
5. District Website-Page District Office
6.  ALL district stationary/business cards-Page District Office 
7. Placed ads in Chamber-Page
8. Radio interviews-Page and Flagstaff
9. Board presentations- Fredonia, Williams, GCS
10. Chapter house-LeChee

We are working on:
A new district flyer
5.B.1) CAVIAT Central Campus Promotional Flyers and Mailings
Attachments: (6)
5.B.2) CAVIAT Central Campus Signage
Attachments: (9)
5.B.3) CAVIAT Central Campus Yearbook and Newspaper Ads
Attachments: (5)
5.C. Discussion Item Regarding the Development of Additional Central Campus Programs, within CAVIAT member districts area- Non Action Item
Description:  Here is what we have discussed with our member district partners.

1.  Fredonia-  We current have the Med Pro and are looking to offer Bio Science as the year two.  We are also investigating Vet Assist (this will come to the board in Oct for course approval).  Lastly, we have looked at the distance learning course delivered by CCC and have shared those with Fredonia.  Assuming that have the student interest and Fredonia will provide the "back fill" this will be another option for our kids in Fredonia.

2.  Flagstaff- We are looking to add Bio Science and Fire Service (coming to you in Oct as well).  

3.  Page- We are still going to do another push for MP&E.  We are also finalizing the Business Management and Law programs in partnership with CCC.  Lastly, we have surveyed, once again, the students in Page and will look to have an additional offering from our CAVIAT kids in Page.

4. Grand Canyon:  Like Fredonia, we have looked at the distance learning course delivered by CCC and have shared those with GCHS.  Assuming that have the student interest and GC will provide the "back fill" this will be another option for our kids in GC.

5.  Williams-  We are still looking to move our Med Pro kids to Bio Science or CNA.  Also, Bio Science students will be encouraged to take a year 2 of Bio or Med Pro.  Like Fredonia and the Grand Canyon, we have looked at the distance learning course delivered by CCC and have shared those with Williams.  Assuming that have the student interest and Williams will provide the "back fill" this will be another option for our kids in Williams.
5.C.1) CAVIAT Central Campus Program Guide
Attachments: (1)
5.C.2) CAVIAT Central Campus Program Flow Charts
Attachments: (3)
5.D. ASBA Policy Service Alerts, Volume 2015, Number 1-First Reading-Non Action Item
Description:  There may or may not be need for Board/administrative action based on the Policy Alert.  Each District will determine the need for such Board/administrative Action.  These are in addition to the Policy Advisories under "unfurnished business" 
Attachments: (1)
5.E. Suggested Future Agenda Items- Non Action Item

The Central Campus Ribbon Cutting/Open House will be September 11th, 215 at 4:30pm  

The Central Campus-Page Ribbon Cutting/Open House will be Thursday, October 8th, 2015 at 6pm
The Central Campus-Williams Ribbon Cutting/Open House will be Wednesday, October 28th, 2015 at 5pm

The next Regular Board Meeting is scheduled for Friday, October 9th, 2015 at 9 a.m. in Page, Arizona.
7. ADJOURNMENT of Regular Meeting - Action Item

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