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February 13, 2015 at 9:00 AM - Regular Meeting and Possible Executive Session

1.A. Moment of Silent Meditation
1.B. Approval of the Agenda – Action Item
2. CALL TO THE PUBLIC - Any person wishing to address the Board on a non-agenda item will be granted time to make a presentation at the discretion of the presiding chairperson. Action taken as a result of public input will be limited to directing staff to study the matter for consideration or decision at a later time. Individual remarks may be limited to three minutes.
Note:  All or individual items may be pulled from the consent agenda and discussed individually.
3.A. Approval of Minutes: January 9, 2015 Regular Meeting                                                    
3.B. Approval of expense and payroll vouchers
3.C. Acknowledgment of donation from PGM Pro for (3) donated dress forms for Fashion Design Program (approx. value of $1393.00)
4.A. Governing Board
4.A.1) Attendance at Arizona School Boards Association BOLTS Training on January 30, 2015- Chairman Justice, Mr. Williams and Dr. Savage.
4.B. Superintendent
4.B.1) Update on Central Campus Informational Nights 
Description:  We had successful Informational Nights at FHS (1/22) and CHS (1/29).  Upcoming, we have CCC (2/4) and Summit HS (2/26).  We are still working with NPA to secure a date for their Informational Night (per their request) and John/Ryan Echols are working to get CAVIAT on the Home-school Network's monthly meeting (date TBD).  

We also have our Page Central Campus Informational Night on Feb 17th at the CAVIAT District Office/Page Central Campus.  We are also working on the direct mailers marketing efforts in Page. 

We are still in process of determining the dates for Informational Nights in Fredonia, Grand Canyon and Williams.  We are also working on the direct mailers marketing efforts in all three communities. 
4.B.2) Update on Central Campus Program Expansion in Fredonia, Grand Canyon, Page, and Williams
Description:  CAVIAT/CCC Central Campus-We are meeting with CCC staff on Feb 4th to discuss how to take the Flagstaff model and emulate it in Fredonia, Grand Canyon, Page and Williams.   I will have more info re: CCCCC on Feb 13th.

Grand Canyon-The CAVIAT team meets with GC leadership on March 30th to discuss
classes for next school year.  We had requested an earlier date but they are fully consumed with their audit and accreditation.  We have suggested that we investigate three “new” options for CTE in SY 15/16:
·       Audio Visual (they are piloting  this course right now, have a qualified
instructor and we are meeting with him as well on the 30th of March.)
·  Friday class-two options…Medical Professions Foundations in Williams or a CAVIAT Central Campus Program at rented GCHS space on Fridays…possibly HRM.
·  CAVIAT/CCC courses.  As noted above, we are meeting with CCC on
the 4th and hope to have this delivery system so we can proceed with recruitment for these classes.  To boot, we hope to have a CAVIAT parent/student informational night in April after we decided on “next steps” with GCHS.

We will be meeting with Fredonia leadership on March 12th.  Also, we have a few requests with Fredonia
leadership to meet in Feb, after the CCC meeting, but have yet to hear back
confirmation from Fredonia.  CAVIAT has sent all parties an invitation and are awaiting response.  
Our goal in Fredonia is very similar to GCHS:
·  Friday class-two options…Marine Tech in Page or a CAVIAT Central Campus Program at rented Fredonia space on Fridays…possibly Public Service Foundations.
·  CAVIAT/CCC courses.  As noted above, we are meeting with CCC on
the 4th and hope to have this delivery system so we can proceed with
recruitment for these classes.
We hope to return in late March/April for a student/parent informational night

 Page-CAVIAT is holding a student/parent informational night Feb 17th, at our
district office/Page Central Campus.  We will be recruiting for Marine Power, and Extreme
Sports Technology class (Marine Tech), CAVIAT/CCC Central Campus offerings and
HOPEFULLY one more Central Class (possibly Public Service or Fashion Design and
Merchandising).  We will be running ads,
NewsBlasts and direct mailings to all PHS students. 

Williams-The CAVIAT student interest survey was taken, results were compiled and CAVIAT
awaits response from WUSD re: a meeting to discuss next steps.
in Williams, we plan to run:
·  Friday class-Medical Professions Foundations
·  CAVIAT/CCC courses.  As noted above, we are meeting with CCC on
the 4th and hope to have this delivery system so we can proceed with
recruitment for these classes.

4.B.2)a. Update from CCC meeting re: emulating the Central Campus model in Flagstaff
Description:  Attached is the breakdown for Central Campus programs delivered via CCC.  We have provided this cost breakdown to all of our member district leadership/partners, Grand Canyon GB, and charter school partners. 

After meeting with CCC on the 4th, we will have a better idea if this model, currently operating in Flagstaff, is viable in other communities. 
4.B.2)b. Update on facility rental rates for Fredonia, Grand Canyon and Williams
Description:  In the event CAVIAT is able to operate Central Campus programs in Fredonia, Grand Canyon and Williams, and classroom space is needed, these are their respective rental rates, and are reflected in the program budgets.  If we are able to run said classes/programs, we will be bringing, to the board, IGAs/Rental Agreements for each Central Campus.
4.B.2)c. Update on CAVIAT Central Campus Programs in Fredonia, Grand Canyon, Page and Williams
Description:  Attached are all the survey results that have been shared with member district leadership and it is a discussion point as we look to expand both SATELLITE and CENTRAL CAMPUS program throughout Coconino County. 
4.B.3) Update on meeting with Empire School of Cosmetology 
Description:  We recently had a meeting with Empire School of Cosmetology.  Last year, CAVIAT investigated running its own Cosmo program as a Central Campus offering at SMS.  

Other JTEDs and Trade Schools, nationwide, partner with established Cosmo schools, similar to partnering with the CC, to provide the training, via a tuition, like our current CCC model.  

We hope, that in the next few months, we will be able to bring to you, a proposal for a new Central Campus program, Cosmetology.
4.B.4) Review of Executive Session policy and procedures
       None for this meeting.
(All persons present at an Executive Session are hereby reminded that A.R.S. §38-431.03 imposes strict confidentiality requirements on discussions that occur in Executive Session. Generally, such discussions cannot be revealed to non-board members, unless necessary to carry out the purpose of the statutory provision that specifically permits an Executive Session. The Open Meeting Law provides for a fine of up to $500 for violating this confidentiality requirement, and requires that this admonition be given.)
6.A. Vote to convene in Executive Session
Pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.03 A (7) Discussions or consultations with designated representatives of the public body in order to consider its position and instruct its representatives regarding negotiations for the purchase, sale or lease of real property. 
6.B. The Board will convene in open session
7.A. Discussion and consideration to approve Central Campus location, Flagstaff, for SY 15/16 - Action Item
7.A.1) Review of previously approved CAVIAT Central Campus Programs and Program Pathways
Description:  These are the program "Flowcharts" that we shared with the board in October.  Also, in October, the Governing Board approved the following courses:

-Marine Tech (now called Marine Power and Extreme Sports Technology)-2 year course
-Fashion Design-two year course
-**Medical Professional Foundations-one year introduction course...pathways into GB approved courses Pre-Health and CNA
-**Public Service Foundations-one year introduction course...pathways into GB approved course Law and Public Safety

We are actively recruiting for these classes and have been since November.  Currently, we have ONLY have identified space to operate said classes for SY 15/16 in Page and Williams.

We are in need of classroom and oversight space in Flagstaff.

**In fall of SY 15, we will bring additional pathway courses for  Med Professions and Public Service.  We are currently investigating, EMS/EMT, Bio-science, Vet Assist, Dental Assisting, and Fire Services

7.A.2) Review budget estimates for Central Campus Course for SY 15/16
Description:  As we provided in the fall of SY 14, with Med Professions-Williams and Fashion Design/Merchandising-Flagstaff, attached is our current estimates for operating costs of the already GB approved Central Campus Programs.  
7.A.3) Review of Flagstaff USD Central Campus classroom options and costs-Sinagua Middle School
Description:  David Beckerleg, Bill Justice and Lee Treece toured this space with me the day after the board meeting.  This space needs TI and according to FUSD estimates, it would run 160,000 to make the space classroom ready.  CAVIAT would be responsible for 80,000.

The space would provide meeting space (to register/counsel students, meet with parents, work space for staffers).  There would also be space for CAVIAT staff to provide oversight.

7.A.4) Review of Coconino Community College Central Campus classroom options and costs
Description:  David Beckerleg, Bill Justice and Lee Treece toured this space with me the day after the board meeting. This space is virtually turn key ready.  The classroom spaces range in the mid to high 500 sq/ft.

The space would provide meeting space (to register/counsel students, meet with parents, work space for staffers).  There would also be space for CAVIAT staff to provide oversight.
7.A.4)a. Quote#1- Dedicated space, 4 classrooms, offices and meeting room
7.A.4)b. Quote#2- Dedicated space, 4 classrooms and two offices (one access door)
7.A.4)c. Quote#3- Dedicated space, 4 classrooms (no space for CAVIATstaff or student/program oversight)
7.A.5) Review CAVIAT's findings re: Central Campus locations constituent feedback 
7.B. Update on Job Postings and Interview process/timeline for new CAVIAT Central Campus Staff SY 15/16- Non Action Item
Description:  Please note, that each job description has a *pending GB approval next to the salary.  Upon the GB approving the hourly and full time pay, we will post this descriptions and begin the process to secure teachers for SY 15/16.

Our ideal timeline is:
-First screening of applicants, March 6th-March 12th (provide update to board on the 13th of March)
-Interviews Late March -April (provide update to board on 4-10)
-Hire Staffers (pending board approval May 8th)
7.C. Consideration to adopt the proposed Central Campus instructor hourly pay rate- Action Item
7.D. Consideration to approved the proposed new-hire placement for full time instructional staff- Action Item
7.E. Discussion to amend the start times of all CAVIAT Governing Board meetings to 9am - Possible Action Item
7.F. Suggested Future Agenda Items- Non Action Item
The next Regular Board Meeting and Executive Session is scheduled for Friday, March 13, 2015 at 10 a.m. in Fredonia, Arizona at Fredonia High School, 221 E. Hortt Street, 86023 (In the Media Center-the building between the elementary school and high school).

Future CAVIAT Board Meetings:

Friday, April 10, 2015 in Williams, AZ
Friday, May 8, 2015 in Grand Canyon, AZ
Friday, June 12, 2015 in Page, AZ
9. ADJOURNMENT - Action Item

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