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January 9, 2015 at 10:00 AM - Regular Meeting

1.A. Moment of Silent Meditation
1.B. Approval of the Agenda – Action Item
1.C. Special Presentations
1.C.1) Welcome new CAVIAT(Flagstaff) Board Member Julie Pastrick
Description:  Julie Pastrick is the President/CEO of the Flagstaff Chamber of Commerce. Prior to joining the Chamber in 2005, she was the development and marketing director at KNAU, Arizona Public Radio, for 10 years. Mrs. Pastrick serves on numerous boards statewide, including the Arizona Business Education Coalition, Arizona Town Hall, and the statewide Bioscience Steering Committee. She is a member of American Chamber of Commerce Executives "Emerging Cities" group. Locally she is on the boards of Flagstaff 40, Flagstaff Cultural Partners and the Coconino County Workforce Investment Board. She is the current chair of the Small Business Advisory Council for the School of Business at Northern Arizona University.  Pastrick is the past president of Soroptimist International of the Arizona Peaks, the First Ladies Civitan Club of Flagstaff and former secretary of the NAU Foundation. In 1999 she was named an Athena Award recipient. Mrs. Pastrick graduated from Indiana University. She is a 1997 graduate of Flagstaff leadership and recently graduated from the United States Chamber of Commerce Institute for Organizational Management.
1.C.2) Mr. Doug Allan, Flagstaff USD CTE Administrator- CAVIAT updates 
1.C.3) Mrs. Christine Mayer-CAVIAT CTE Program Coordinator - Central Campus student presentation
1.C.4) Face-to Face-Demonstration of distance learning equipment/delivery system
2. CALL TO THE PUBLIC - Any person wishing to address the Board on a non-agenda item will be granted time to make a presentation at the discretion of the presiding chairperson. Action taken as a result of public input will be limited to directing staff to study the matter for consideration or decision at a later time. Individual remarks may be limited to three minutes.
Note:  All or individual items may be pulled from the consent agenda and discussed individually.
3.A. Approval of Minutes:  December 5, 2014 Regular Meeting
3.B. Approval of expense and payroll vouchers
3.C. Approval of line of credit from Wells Fargo Bank for calendar year 2015 for $500,000 (not to exceed $10 million)
Description:  Christina's notes: This is the renewal of our line of credit for this calendar year (no changes from last year). Since I am now a notary public, I will have the Board members add their signatures to one form only and notarize it at the meeting.
3.D. Acknowledgement of donations from:
Flagstaff Medical Center (misc. medical supplies); approximate value of $300.
Flagstaff Walmart $25 gift card (for Fashion Design program).
Phoenix Unified School District (misc. equipment, sewing machines, etc.) for Fashion Design program; approximate value of $500.
4.A. Governing Board
4.A.1) National ACTE (Association for Career and Technical Education) Conference-Elouise Goatson
4.A.2) ASBA/ASA (Arizona School Boards Association/Arizona School Administrators) Annual Conference-Bill Justice, Eric Savage, Jerry Williams
4.B. Superintendent
4.B.1) Report from Student Advisory Committee (Presented by Central Campus program student Ryan Echols-Goal #2-Advisory Committees)
4.B.2) Marketing update-review of current marketing materials/efforts(CAVIAT Goal #1-Marketing)
4.B.3) Report on LeChee Chapter House meeting
4.B.4) Update from JTED Superintendent's meeting 
4.B.5) Update from Staff Retreat
4.B.6) Reminder about upcoming ASBA training in Flagstaff, Jan. 30th
       None for this meeting.
6.A. Selection of 2015 Governing Board Chairman pursuant to A.R.S. §15-393(J) - Action Item
Description:  As you may recall, annually, by the 15th of January, the Board elects a chairperson to serve for a one year term.  Nominations for a new chair will be solicited by our current Board President and the process will be initiated at that time.
6.B. Board recognition and endorsement of CAVIAT County Teacher of the Year nomination of Delphina Yazzie (Page High School CTE Welding teacher and CTE Administrator) - Action Item
6.C. Discussion regarding CAVIAT Central Campus courses in Fredonia, Grand Canyon, Flagstaff, Page, Williams for SY 15/16- Non Action Item
Description:  We have developed a student course interest survey specific for each member district.  

Grand Canyon and Fredonia already provided the electronic survey.

FUSD surveying is still open and the two new board approved courses are reflected in that survey.

Page completed the survey Dec 18th but since it was a paper/pencil delivery system, we are awaiting the results.

Williams will be given the survey in Jan. CAVIAT still plans to run Medical Professions on Fridays, but we are investigating what additional courses the students might want to participate in. 

We are planning are holding parent/student informational nights in all our communities once we finalize the course offerings for SY 15/16.

Lastly, we are awaiting rental options/costs estimates from Fredonia and Page.  We already have an established rate from Williams and will be utilizing our our space in Page.  For Flagstaff, I point your attention to item F.
6.C.1) Review of student course interest data from Grand Canyon HS
Description:  We conducted a student interest survey with GCHS, Tuesday Nov 25th.  Attached are the results of said survey.  All the courses addressed in said survey are already CAVIAT board approved courses. We will be working with GCHS staff to determine what course should be offered to students in SY 15/16.
6.C.2) Review of student coure interest data from Fredonia HS
Description:  Fredonia HS conducted the CAVIAT student course interest survey on December 11th.  The complieddata was shared with Fredonia's Superintendent, CTE director/Business Manager and HS Principal. We will be reviewing the data as a team to identify course offerings for SY 15/16 in Feb or March.  
6.C.3) Update on CAVIAT student interest survey for Page and Williams
Description:  Here are the CAVIAT student interest surveys for Page and a similar survey will be given in Williams (we are awaiting their final feedback/edits prior to publishing the survey).  

Page was unable to deliver the survey electronically, so we were unable to compile the results prior to Board Book being released.  

Williams plans to survey students in Jan.

We will provide the results at a future board meeting.
6.D. Discussion and findings regarding distance learning, equipment purchases, connectivity, platforms and delivery methods for SY 15/16- Possible Action Item
6.E. Consideration of Central Campus student fees for SY 15/16 - Action item
Description:  As we did early in this fall, the Board adopted fees for the 14/15 school year.  This fee schedule now includes fees for all of our Central Campus programs.  Also attached is the financial hardship form that CAVIAT staff will review and establish reduced fees or waive fees based on a case by case basis.  
6.F. Review and discussion regarding classroom, office and meeting space for Central Campus programs in Flagstaff for SY 15/16. -Possible Action Item
Description:  Attached are the quotes we received for classroom, office and meeting space for SY 15/16.  As you know, the board approved CAVIAT to run a Medical Foundations course and a Public Service Foundation course, in addition to our Fashion Design Central Campus offering.  This request also addresses an office space for Christine, our coordinator and a work space for me and our business manager.  Also, in this proposal is a space to meet, greet and register students.  Lastly, we this proposal also addresses a space for a computer lab to assist with state assessments, E-CAPs/AZCIS and distance learning opportunities. 
6.G. Discussion regarding Executive Session Protocol when participating via teleconference - Possible Action Item
Description:  As per the Board's direction staff worked to develop protocols for participating in Executive Session via teleconference.  We have also secured a separate conference line that is solely for the purpose of Executive Session and will not be released to the public to ensure only appropriate parties can access the executive session.   The line also records the conference call, if it needs to be referenced in the future.  
The next Regular Board Meeting is scheduled for Friday, February 13, 2015 at 9 a.m. via teleconference.
8. ADJOURNMENT - Action Item

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