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May 3, 2013 at 10:00 AM - Regular Meeting, Public Hearing & Possible Executive Session

1.A. Moment of Silent Meditation
1.B. Approval of the Agenda – Action Item
1.C. Special Presentations: 1. Dr. Carolyn Warner and Mr. Mark Dobbins
                                      2. Ms. Jeanne Gillespie, CTE Administrator Williams High School
Description:  The guest speakers' bios:
Dr. Carolyn Warner
Mark Dobbins
2. CALL TO THE PUBLIC - Any person wishing to address the Board on a non-agenda item will be granted time to make a presentation at the discretion of the presiding chairperson. Action taken as a result of public input will be limited to directing staff to study the matter for consideration or decision at a later time. Individual remarks may be limited to three minutes.
3.A. Review of second revision of the 2012-2013  Maintenance and Operation and Capital Budgets – Christina Russell – Non Action Item
3.B. Call for Questions and Discussion
3.C. Adjournment of Public Hearing/ Call to Order of regular meeting
3.D. Adoption of first revision to the FY2012-2013 budget – Action Item
Note:  All or individual items may be pulled from the consent agenda and discussed individually.
4.A. Approval of Minutes: April 12, 2013 Regular Meeting
4.B. Approval of expense and payroll vouchers
5.A. Governing Board
5.A.1) Report on attendance at NSBA (National School Board Association) Conference– Chairman Echols
5.B. Superintendent
5.B.1) Legislative Update
5.B.2) Classroom Site Fund/Prop 301 Revenues
5.B.3) New ADE Carnegie Unit Interpretation
5.B.4) CTE Program Coordinator Reports - None for this meeting.
     None for this meeting.
7. EXECUTIVE SESSION:  The board may vote to enter into executive session on the following matters:
7.A. Pursuant to A.R.S. 38-431.03 A (3) Discussion or consultation with legal advice with the attorney of the public body.
7.B. The Board will convene in open session.
Description:  There are no changes in salary amounts for any of the employees to include myself for this upcoming year. Essentially, these are contract renewals without modifications of any kind.
8.A. Review of changes to the ASBA (Arizona School Board Association)  Delegate Assembly/Political Agenda Process and approval of proposed legislative issues for 2014- Action Item
Description:  Attached you will find the new changes in the ASBA Political Agenda process.  Lois Lamer and I are working on language for consideration of all JTED Boards which will deal strictly with funding.  Once that is fully vetted among the superintendents, I will make it available for your perusal prior to the meeting.  We can propose more than one item but most of our group agreed that we need to focus heavily on funding for next year as we have resolution to the owned and operated issue which was one of our major concerns.
8.B. FY2013-2014 Board Meeting Schedule- Discussion and Possible Action Item
The next Regular Board Meeting is scheduled for Friday, June 28, 2013 at 9 a.m. in Page.
10. ADJOURNMENT - Action Item

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