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January 21, 2019 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. REGULAR MEETING CALL TO ORDER: ROLL CALL (Because the Organizational Meeting began at 7:00 p.m., this Regular Meeting of the Board of Education will begin immediately following the Organizational Meeting)
Description:  Board of Education:
___ President Singer                       ___ Member Blasy
___ Vice President McFarland       ___ Member Lauderbach
___ Secretary Baker                       ___ Member Rausch
___ Treasurer Fredell
Central Staff:
Superintendent Sharrow
Associate Superintendents Brutyn, Cooper, Miller-Nelson
2.1. Approval of the Minutes:
Description:  <> From the December 17, 2018 Regular Meeting
<> From the December 17, 2018 Closed Session
2.2. The following persons are recommended for employment for the 2018-19 school year:
Description:  <> Alyssa Bickel - 1.0 Speech Pathologist
<> Chelsea Camilleri - 1.0 Special Education Teacher
2.3. Administration recommends the renewal of the Adult Ed Cooperative Agreement between Bullock Creek School District, Coleman Community Schools, Meridian Public Schools and Midland Public Schools for the 2018-19, 2019-20, 2020-2021 school years.
2.4. Approval of the payment of the school system's bills for the month of November 2018, as listed in the check registers, prepared by Ms. Holderby, in the total amount of $6,937,361 is recommended. The distribution of obligations by fund is included in the documentation. 
2.5. Legal Invoices for Payment
Description:  Approval is requested to authorize the following legal payments: 
<> Thrun Law Firm, PC, $1,299.08, December 20, 2018, Professional Legal Fees
<> Thrun Law Firm, PC, $2,200.00, January 2, 2019, Annual Retainer Fee
<> Lusk Albertson, $220.50, January 7, 2019, Professional Legal Fees
3.1. For Information:  January Shining Stars (Sharrow)
3.2. For Information: Board of Education Recognition Month (Sharrow)
3.3. For Action: Asbestos Abatement at Adams Elementary (Cooper)
Description:  Bids were accepted for asbestos abatement work by NOVA Environmental as part of the construction/renovation activities at Adams Elementary School. The proposed projects involve the removal of pipe and pipe fitting insulation, windows and doors, flooring, caulks and other miscellaneous materials. There were three bids received. Administration recommends issuing a purchase order to the low bidder, Quality Environmental Services, Inc. out of Gladwin, Michigan, for $187,982.  
3.4. For Action: Media Center Furniture Purchases for H. H. Dow High, Midland High, Jefferson Middle, Northeast Middle Schools (Cooper)
Description:       With the projected opening of the renovated secondary media centers at H.H. Dow HS, Midland HS, Jefferson MS, Northeast MS scheduled for the beginning of the 2019-20 school year, media center furniture needs to be purchased for all four secondary buildings to allow for the proper lead time and to obtain current pricing.  Design work and purchasing procedures developed from prior projects including purchasing through national contracts, which ensures that the owner will get the specific products selected at the price negotiated through the national agencies' competitively leveraged solicited contracts were used.    
     Administration recommends issuing purchase orders in the following amounts to Dew-El Corporation of Holland, MI:
<> H. H. Dow HS                       $  155,360.00
<> Midland HS                           $  167,750.85
<> Jefferson MS                         $    85,438.50
<> Northeast MS                        $    86,102.00
                    Total                        $  494,651.35  
3.5. For Action: Diesel Fuel and No Lead Gasoline
Description:  Administration recommends awarding the Diesel and No Lead Gasoline contract to the low bidder, Petroleum Traders Corporation of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  The price per gallon paid is based on the unbranded average as published weekly, plus applicable taxes, plus a constant fixed price differential.  Their constant fixed price differential bid per gallon is $0.0355 for diesel and $0.0259 for no lead gasoline.  In our area they use third party carriers out of Bay City or the Detroit area to deliver fuel to their customers.  The contract is for 1 year with two 1-year options with mutual parties consent.
Description:  <> Mr. Mark Hackbarth, Midland City Education Association President, requests to address the Board with regard to Board of Education Appreciation Month. 
Description:  Study Committee Chair: Ms. Baker; Staff Resource Person: Ms. Miller-Nelson
5.1. For Action: Major Change Proposals
Description:  Five Major Change Proposals were presented for consideration on December 17:
<>Elementary World Language     <> Elementary Science
<>High School Math      <> IB Environmental Science SL      <>High School Yearbook
The cost of each proposal includes all anticipated expense such as curriculum development, staff development, and staff or student materials.  Expenses for the total implementation are described in the Major Change Proposal, which is available in the office of the associate superintendent or from the proposer. If these proposals are accepted, the changes will be incorporated into the student enrollment procedures for the 2019-20 school year. Upon approval, the implementation of these changes will be dependent upon the budget.
5.2. For Action: Textbook Adoption
Description:  The following book was presented for the 28-day period of examination on December 17, 2018.  The administration recommends approval of this book.  If approved, these purchases are contingent on the available funding as approved in the 2019-20 budget. 
This book will be used for Spanish 1 and 6th Grade Spanish:
<>Title: Ghosts (English Version) / Fantasma (Spanish Version), Author: Raina Telgemeier, Publisher: Scholastic, Copyright: 2016/2017
Description:  Study Committee Chair: Ms. Fredell; Staff Resource Person:  Mr. Cooper
6.1. Finance, Facilities & Operations Study Committee Minutes January 7, 2018
6.2. For Information:  Gifts totaling $18,492.64
Description:  <> $   500.00 for Central Park student clothing from Mr. and Mrs. Richard Caldwell
<> $   250.00 for support of Jefferson robotics from Sugar Construction Inc.
<> $   250.00 for support of Jefferson robotics from Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Lavasseur
<> $   250.00 for support of Jefferson robotics from Johnston Contracting Inc.
<> $1,000.00 for Midland High robotics from Fisher Contracting Company
<> $   500.00 for Midland High robotics from Johnson Contracting Inc.
<> $   500.00 for student food service scholarships from Susan Burns
<> $   666.00 for banners for Woodcrest Elementary from Sarah Murchison
<> $   600.00 for JCC holiday activities from Bergstein Fund at County of Midland
<> $   363.38 for metal etching supplies from JMS Parent Advisory Committee (JPAC)
<> $   934.00 for Jefferson robotics From FIRST in Michigan
From FIRST - Great Lakes Bay Region
<> $   600.00 for Woodcrest FLL robotics team 32774
<> $   425.00 for Woodcrest FLL Team JR rookie team
<> $   200.00 for Adams Woodcrest FFL team 
<> $1,000.00 for Midland High robotics 
Gerstacker Teacher Mini Grants from Midland County Educational Services Agency 
<> $4,850.00 for music program support at Adams Elementary
<> $1,104.26 for Spanish support at H. H. Dow High
<> $3,000.00 for Midland High mobile learning collaborative classroom
From Midland County Youth Action Council at Midland Area Community Foundation
<> $   500.00 for H. H. Dow High transportation and seminar fees
<> $1,000.00 for H. H. Dow High soccer team parkas
6.3. For Action: Gifts totaling: $105,000.00
Description:  <> $100,000.00 STEM grant installment 3 of 3 from Charles J. Strosacker Foundation
<> $    5,000.00 purchase of therapy dog for Central Park Elementary from Laura Ludington Hollenbeck Foundation
Description:  Study Committee Chair: Mr. McFarland; Staff Resource Person: Mr. Sharrow
7.1. The Board and Staff extend their deepest sympathy to the families of:
Description:  <> Ward Hodge, who passed away on December 17, 2018. Mr. Hodge was a History Teacher at Northeast Intermediate School for 13 years, retiring in 1979. 
<> Don Marquardt who passed away on November 23, 2018. Mr. Marquardt was a History Teacher at Northeast Intermediate School for 24 years, retiring in 1993.
7.2. The following staff members announced their retirement as of these dates:
Description:  <> Mr. Robert Cooper, Associate Superintendent, June 30, 2019.
<> Mrs. Wendy Cooper, Paraprofessional, Adams Elementary School, June 7, 2019.
7.3. Human Resources Study Committee Minutes December 13, 2018 
Description:  All meetings are Regular and Special Meetings of the Board of Education and begin at 7:00 p.m. at the MPS Administration Center (600 East Carpenter, Midland) unless otherwise noted.
     January 21, 2019                  June 10, 2019              September 16, 2019                      
     February 18, 2019                June 24, 2019              October 21, 2019                   
     March 18, 2019                    July 15, 2019               November 18, 2019
     April 15, 2019 *                   August 19, 2019          December 16, 2019
     May 20, 2019                      (*Budget Workshop 6:30; Regular Meeting follows immediately)
9.1. For Information: Letters from the Board of Education to:
Description:  <> Midland Area Community Foundation, Jefferson Parent Advisory Committee,
FIRST -- Great Lakes Bay Region, Midland High School Class Reunion of '68, Ieuter Insurance Group, County of Midland Bergstein Fund
9.2. For Information: Letters to the Board of Education from:
Description:  <> FOIA request from Mr. Robert Taylor regarding substitute teaching
<> FOIA request from Petroleum Traders Corporation regarding bid tabs and awarded vendor's bids
<> FOIA request from Mr. Joseph C. Stair regarding communication between Woodcrest Elementary, his family and/or his ex-wife
Description:  This portion of the agenda is utilized by the Board to introduce topics for future study, to discuss school district related matters, to complete professional association business and to relate items of interest. No action is taken during this time. Occasionally closed sessions are scheduled to discuss confidential personnel, negotiations or property matters.
10.1. Hearing from Board Members
10.2. Announcements from Superintendent Sharrow
Description:  Brief update regarding Tentative Agreement with the Midland City Education Association
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