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July 16, 2018 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

Description:  Board of Education:
___ President Singer                           ___ Member Baker
___ Vice President Brandstadt            ___ Member Blasy
___ Secretary McFarland                    ___ Member Fredell
___ Treasurer Frazee
Central Staff:
Superintendent Sharrow
Associate Superintendents Brutyn, Cooper, Greif, Miller-Nelson
2.1. Approval of the Minutes from the June 25, 2018 Regular Meeting.
2.2. The following persons are recommended for employment for the 2018-19 school year:
Description:  <> Hayley Elsen, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Melissa Ferchau, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Lindsey Goddard, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Kaeleen Homrich, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Alyssa Huntley, 1.0 Physical Education Teacher
<> Ashley Kling, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> April Olinger, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Jessica Rupersburg, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Jaclyn Shapiro, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Kelly Skutt, 1.0 Young 5's Kindergarten Teacher
<> Corey Spurling, 1.0 Industrial Arts Teacher
<> Meghan Zehnder, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
2.3. The following administrators are recommended for employment for the 2018-19 school year:
Description:  <> Alison M. Cicinelli, Secondary Curriculum Specialist, Administration Center
<> Matthew Murphy, Assistant Principal, Level II, H. H. Dow High School
2.4. The following staff members have announced their resignation effective as of these dates:
Description:  <> Jason Herkner, Groundskeeper, Maintenance, June 22, 2018
<> Amanda Lamont, Teacher, Central Park, June 15, 2018
2.5.  2018-19 District/School Improvement Plans
Description:        In compliance with Public Act 335, the District School Improvement Committee reviewed and gave  feedback on each of the Building School Improvement Plans and the District Improvement Plan. These plans describe the strategies that each building will implement to move toward 100% student proficiency. 
      The law requires the Board to approve the District Plan and each of the Building Plans.  The administration recommends approval of these plans for submission.
2.6. Adoption of Midland School Code Articles 105/105C (Schools of Choice)
Description:       The administration requests approval from the Board of Education to continue accepting Nonresident Schools of Choice students. This applies to nonresident students from other districts within the Midland County Educational Service Agency (Meridian, Bullock Creek and Coleman) and to nonresident students from contiguous intermediate districts (Bay-Arenac, Clare-Gladwin, Gratiot-Isabella and Saginaw).
     There will be two application periods each year: from February to September for students who wish to enroll for the new school year, and during January for second semester enrollment. Information will be made available to parents at the end of the first semester and the beginning of the second semester for the fall enrollment process.
     As specified by law, in situations in which a special education student from a contiguous intermediate district wishes to enroll, it is required that there be a written agreement between the district of residence and the Midland Public Schools to specify the responsibility for paying the special education costs for the students.
     Nonresident students who enroll in the Midland Public Schools through this process can maintain their attendance until they graduate and they pay no tuition. Nonresident students who enroll at different times of the school year will be required to pay tuition.
2.7. Approval of the payment of the school system's bills for the month of June 2018. The June financials will not be available for approval until the August Board of Education meeting. Attached is the current bond executive summary report for information.
2.8. Legal Invoices for Payment
Description:  Approval is requested to authorize the following legal payment: 
<> Thrun Law Firm, PC, $3,334.81, June 28, 2018, Professional Legal Fees
3.1. For Action: 2018-19 Tax Resolution for the 2018-19 Tax Collection (Cooper)
Description:       On June 11, 2018, the Board established an estimated 2018-19 local tax rate of 5.6523 mills on homestead and qualifying agricultural property and 18.0 mills on non-homestead property. Following a long-established procedure, 50% of both the 5.6523 and 18.0 mill rates were levied by the City of Midland in the summer tax bill. An additional 6.0 mills were levied by the state on city and township property for the State Education Tax (SET).  
     When the Board approved the 2018-19 budget on June 25, 2018, the estimated millage rates were 18.0 mills for non-homestead property and 1.6814 mills for homestead and qualified agricultural property. 
     Based on the most recent information with respect to taxable values for 2017 and 2018 and the estimated blended student count for 2018-19, the estimated 2018 millage rates to support 2018-19 general fund expenditures are:
<> 18.0 mills on non-homestead property
<> 7.6814 mills on commercial personal property
<> 1.6814 mills on principal residence, qualified agricultural, qualified forest, and industrial personal property. The 1.6814 mills were increased by 0.1239 mill as an adjustment for 2017-18 principal residence, qualified agricultural, qualified forest, and industrial personal property taxes. The adjustment has been determined following a format provided by the Department of Treasury. 
     On February 24, 2015, the electors of the Midland Public Schools authorized the Board of Education to issue bonds and to assess the taxable property within the district for the purpose of collecting monies to pay the debt service on these bonds and to deposit such monies into the related bond debt retirement fund.  Our financial advisor, PFM, has calculated 2.72 mills for the debt retirement millage requirement. 
     The 2018-19 principal residence, qualified agricultural, qualified forest, and industrial personal property millage rate is subject to adjustment as more accurate information regarding enrollment and taxable value become available. As specified in Public Act 312 of 1993, if revenues exceed or fall short, the difference shall be made up in the school district's next regular tax levy. The process of adjustments to correct overpayments and underpayments will continue to occur on an annual basis.
     It is requested that the Board take action on the recommended millage rate at tonight's meeting.    Enclosed is a tax resolution for the 2018-19 tax collection. When the Board determines the rates to be levied, a roll-call vote should be taken on the question of its adoption. The Board's president and secretary should be authorized to sign the tax certi- fication resolution and the 2018 Tax Rate Request to the County Board of Commissioners.
3.2. For Action:  Transportation Automated Bus Wash Purchase (Cooper)
Description:  Administration recommends awarding the automated bus wash system to the only bidder, Central Cleaning Systems of Saginaw, Michigan for a total price of $28,930.  This system is being retrofitted into our existing bus wash service bay and requires specific equipment to fit this area and fully automate the wash process.  There were two companies that walked the installation area, Central Cleaning Systems and Westmatic Bus Wash Systems of Buffalo, New York. The RFP was placed on statewide bid website, Bid4Michigan.  This item was budgeted for the 2018-19 fiscal year.
3.3. For Action:  Media Center Furniture Purchases for Chestnut Hill & Siebert (Cooper)
Description:       With the projected opening of the new media centers at Chestnut Hill and Siebert Elementary Schools scheduled for a September/October window, media center furniture needs to be purchased for both buildings to allow for the proper lead time.  Design work and purchasing procedures developed from prior projects including purchasing through national contracts, which ensures that the owner will get the specific products selected at the price negotiated through the national agencies' competitively leveraged solicited contracts were used.   
     Administration recommends issuing purchase orders in the following amounts to Dew-El Corporation of Holland, MI:
<> Chestnut Hill Elementary   $  68,942.20
<> Siebert Elementary            $   65,876.20
                               Total         $ 134,818.40 
3.4. For Action: High School Maintenance Vehicle Purchases (Cooper)
Description:       Administration is recommending the purchase of two vehicles to be used at the high schools for facilities and grounds work.  
     The first vehicle recommended for purchase is a John Deere 2018 1025R Sub-Compact Utility Tractor with attachments for a total price of $28,097.59.  This purchase will be from Bader & Sons Co of St. Louis, Michigan from the MiDEAL state bid.  This vehicle will be placed at Midland High School.  
     The second vehicle recommended for purchase is a 2018 Bobcat 3650 (4x4) Diesel utility vehicle with attachments for a total price of $31,465.42.  The purchase will be from Carleton Equipment of Saginaw, Michigan from the MiDEAL state bid.  This vehicle will be placed at Dow High School.
     The difference in vehicles is due to the specific nature of the facilities and grounds at each high school.  The total purchase is $59,563.01. Both pieces of equipment are part of the 2018-19 budget.
3.5. For Action: Neverware Cloudready Chrome OS Software (Cooper)
Description:  Administration is requesting approval to purchase 1200 Google Chrome Management Licenses from Presidio of Wixom, MI for $28,800.00 through the MHEC (Midwestern Higher Education Compact) bid. The State of Michigan, and subsequently all educational institutions in the State, are eligible for MHEC pricing. These licenses will allow us to manage the 1200 7th and 8th Grade laptops that will be using Neverware's Cloudready software to turn them into Chromebooks. Changing these devices to Chrome OS will complete our vision of using Google Chrome for all students, keeping their experience consistent throughout their tenure at MPS. With the management licenses, we will be able to secure these devices properly and allow the 7th and 8th Grade students take the devices home with parental permission.
3.6. For Action: District Digital Radio Communication System (Cooper)
Description:  To complete the upgrading of the district radio communication system to digital, the administration recommends the following digital radio purchases from Anderson Radio of Bay City, Michigan from the state bid:
<> Six XPR5550e 40 Watt Uhf digital radios at a cost of $734 per radio plus installation and shipping for a total cost of $5,556.00. This purchase will complete the upgrading all of our current bus fleet to a digital radio system.
<> Ten XPR5550e 40 watt Uhf digital radio setup and installed as base units at a cost of $2,019 plus shipping for a total cost of $20,035.00. This purchase will place base units in all school buildings in the district.
<> Seventy-six SL3500e UHF portable radios at a cost of $586.03 per radio (includes extended warranty, 5 years software upgrades, and discounts) for a total cost of $44,538.28. An after purchase customer claimed rebate of $25 per device (total $1,900 savings) is not reflected in this total cost.  This purchase will place approximately eight handhelds in each building district wide.
<>Complete TRBO Plus Core system which provides 70 GPS licenses, 3 dispatch locations, dedicated server, phone connectivity, thirty Iphone/Android licenses, multiple channels, integration with our routing software, battery backup, support and installation/programming for a total cost of $118,115.00
     The total cost to complete the upgrade to the district radio communication system is $188,244.28.
Description:  No hearings have been requested
Description:  Study Committee Chair: Mr. Frazee; Staff Resource Person:  Mr. Cooper
5.1. For Information: Gifts totaling $7,015.85
Description:  <> $1,000.00 for Midland High trap shoot team from Whitetails Unlimited Inc.
<> $1,000.00 for Midland High BPA conference from Turtle Cove Properties LLC
<> $   115.85 for Woodcrest 2nd grade year end party from Mr. and Mrs. John Tarrant
<> $   500.00 for Dow High robotics from Xalt Energy MI LLC
<> $   400.00 for 6th Grade wildlife recovery program from JPAC
From CommunityGives Youth Service Program at Midland Area Community Foundation
<> $1,000.00 for Dow High DECA team
<> $1,000.00 for Midland High girls' track and field
<> $1,000.00 for Midland High girls' varsity soccer
<> $1,000.00 for Midland High trap shooting team
Description:  Study Committee Chair: Mr. McFarland; Staff Resource Person: Mr. Sharrow
6.1. The Board and Staff extend their deepest sympathy to the family of Mrs. Connie Caldwell who taught special education at Jefferson Middle School for eight years, retiring in 2010.
7. The following staff member announced her retirement as of this date:
Description:  <>  Shannon Roller, Special Education Teacher, Adams Elementary, June 15, 2018
8.1. For Information: Letters from the Board of Education to:
Description:  <> Mr. Isiah Barnes <> H. H. Dow High All Sports Boosters <> Midland Kiwanis Foundation <> Jet's Pizza <> Jefferson Parent Advisory Committee <> David and Sarah Hocking <> Northeast Middle School Booster Club <> Midland Area Community Foundation
Description:  The following is a listing of scheduled meetings or activities of the Board of Education for 2018. All meetings are Regular and Special Meetings of the Board of Education and begin at 7:00 p.m. at the MPS Administration Center (600 East Carpenter, Midland) unless otherwise noted:
<> August 20, 2018 <> September 17, 2018 <> October 15, 2018 <> November 19, 2018 <> December 17, 2018
The following dates are tentative until approved at the January 21, 2019 Organizational Mtg.
<> January 21, 2019 <> February 18, 2019 <> March 18, 2019 <> April 15, 2019 <> May 20, 2019 <> June 10, 2019 <> June 24, 2019
Description:  This portion of the agenda is utilized by the Board to introduce topics for future study, to discuss school district related matters, to complete professional association business and to relate items of interest. No action is taken during this time. Occasionally closed sessions are scheduled to discuss confidential personnel, negotiations or property matters.
10.1. Hearing from Board Members
10.2. Announcements from Superintendent Sharrow
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