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November 21, 2016 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

Description:  Board of Education:
____ President Brandstadt
____ Vice President Singer
____ Secretary McFarland
____ Treasurer Wasserman
____ Member Baker
____ Member Frazee
____ Member Gorton

Central Staff:
Mr. Sharrow, Superintendent
Mr. Cooper, Associate Superintendent: Finance/Facilities/Operations
Mr. Brutyn, Associate Superintendent: Curriculum/Instruction/Assessment
2.1. Approval of the Meeting Minutes from the October 17, 2016 Regular Meeting.
2.2. The following staff members have announced their resignation effective as of these dates:
Description:  <> Teri Alcott, Paraprofessional, Siebert Elementary, November 4, 2016
<> Midge R. Bartow, Paraprofessional, Science Resources Center, November 8, 2016
<> Ulanda Fields, Administrative Assistant, Siebert Elementary, October 14, 2016
<> Ashley (Taylor) Salter, Preschool Assistant, Adams Elementary, November 11, 2016
2.3. The following persons are recommended for employment for the 2016-17 school year:
Description:  <> Erin Deal, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Barbara Kosick, 1.0, Middle School Art Teacher
<> Kerry Limron, 1.0, Middle School Special Education Teacher
<> Jacqueline Majestic, 1.0, High School, Business Education Teacher
<> Jodi Remacle, 1.0, Elementary Teacher
<> Connie Steger, 1.0, High School, Learning Coach
2.4. Renewal of the subscription for 18 months
Description:  Administration is seeking approval to deliver a purchase order to LinkedIn of Mountain View, CA for $28,500.00 to renew the District subscription for the online learning and professional development platform The renewal contract is for 18 months instead of the usual 12 months so that we can align the subscription with our fiscal year in the future. This site provides self-paced training for topics ranging from Technology and Photography to Classroom Management and Becoming a Good Mentor. It is available to all Midland Public Schools staff and students. Over the past year, 573 staff and students have actively used the service to complete 663 hours of instruction through the viewing of 9009 videos and exercises. Many times the learning involves a 5-15 minute segment on a particular problem or topic, whereas other times, it involves a whole course. The cost of the subscription for the last year for those that used the service was $34.90 per person. As we continue to see more people using the service, the cost per person will continue to decrease. LinkedIn is the sole source for this service and the expenditure is part of the Technology budget.
2.5. Approval of the payment of the school system's bills for the month of September 2016, as listed in the check registers prepared by Ms. Holderby, in the total amount of $12,001,414 is recommended. The distribution of obligations by fund is included in the documentation.
2.6. Legal Invoices for Payment
Description:  Approval is requested to authorize the following legal payments: 
<> Thrun Law Firm, $196.00, October 27, 2016, Professional Legal Fees
<> Lusk Albertson, $171.50, November 4, 2016, Professional Legal Fees
<> Poznak Dyer Kanar, $270.00, October 31, 2016, Professional Legal Fees
3.1. November Shining Stars (Sharrow)
3.2. H. H. Dow High presenting information about their Auto Technology Program (Dr. Steve Poole, Principal)
Description:  Presenters:
Lance Ransom, Auto Tech Teacher and several students in the HH Dow High Auto Tech Program
          FOR ACTION
4.1. Summer Tax Collection Request (Cooper)
Description:  The Michigan Court of Appeals on October 21, 1985 issued a major decision interpreting the 1982 summer tax collection statute.  In its ruling upholding the constitutionality of the law, the Appellate Court stated that, despite prior practices, school districts must adopt an annual resolution for summer tax collection. An ongoing request is not sufficient.  The Court of Appeals held that an annual formal action by the Board is required prior to January 1 of each year for which the Board intends to collect taxes in the summer.

The Midland Public Schools collects summer taxes only on property in the City of Midland.  All school taxes in the townships are levied in December.

If approved, a copy of the signed Resolution to collect summer taxes on property in the City of Midland will be provided to the City and a copy attached to the original of these minutes.
4.2. Property and Casualty Insurance (Cooper)
Description:  Bids were accepted and a tabulation is provided for the purchase of property and casualty insurance for the 2016-17 school year. The Midland Public Schools protects its real and personal property with an all-risk replacement cost policy. The value of the District properties and contents is now listed at $201,081,571.00.   Central Park Elementary is not included in this amount as it is currently covered by a builder’s risk policy which is in place and paid.  The low price quotation was received from our local insurance agent, Ieuter Insurance Group of Midland, Michigan, for coverage for the 2016-2017 school year.

This is a one-year renewal of the current policy which expires on November 17, 2016.   The principal coverage and deductibles are: 
                                                                        Coverage Limit               Deductible
Buildings and Contents:                                    $201,081,571                $ 25,000
Equipment Breakdown (including boilers)                Included
Video Equipment                                              $         20,000                $     250
Violent Event Response                                   $       300,000                     None
School Leaders Errors and Omissions             $    1,000,000                $  5,000
Liability                                                 $1,000,000/2,000,000                     None
Umbrella                                                           $     5,000,000               $ 25,000
Fleet Coverage:
Vehicles                                                      Actual Cash Value
Collison Deductible                                                                                $   1,000
Comprehensive Deductible                                                                    $   1,000                                         

The administration recommends that we purchase insurance coverage from the low bidder, Ieuter Insurance Group of Midland, Michigan, for a total cost of $188,996.25.
4.3. NEOLA Fall 2016 Policy Revisions (Sharrow)
Description:  Due to changes in Federal and State law, government regulations and school practices, revisions to the following Board policies are requested: 1619, 1619.01, 1619.02, 1619.03, 2628, 3142, 3419, 3419.01, 3419.02, 3419.03, 4419, 4419.01, 4419.02, 4419.03, 5830, 6424, 6605, 8321, 9700.
5. REQUESTS TO ADDRESS THE BOARD: No hearings have been requested.
Study Committee Chair:  Lynn Baker; Staff Resource Person: Mr. Brutyn
6.1. Curriculum Instruction and Assessment (CIA) Minutes October 17, 2016.
Description:  Study Committee Chair: Gerald Wasserman; Staff Resource Person:  Mr. Cooper
7.1. For Information: Gifts totaling $23,078.92.
Description:  <> $ 1,000.00 for sponsorship of Jefferson Robotics Team from FIRST--Great Lakes Bay Region
<> $    250.00 Instructional Materials to support STEM learning at Adams by Mr. and Mrs. Mark Baczewski
<> $    (TBD)   for Northeast transportation costs to Chippewa Nature Center from Michigan Dept. of Natural Resources (approximately $200)
<> $    225.00 for Plymouth Elementary in support of their Title 1 program from the Midland Optimist Club
<> $ 1,705.00 supplies/materials for classrooms from Siebert PTO

<> $    350.00 for microphones for Northeast Drama from Northeast Booster Club
<> $ 1,833.92 for mounted water coolers from Chestnut Hill PTO
<> $ 2,500.00 for art supplies from Woodcrest administrative account
<> $ 1,200.00 for the swim program from Jefferson Parent Advisory Committee
<> $    500.00 for Siebert classroom supplies from Scott and Carla McFarland
<> $ 2,000.00 for Woodcrest ELA materials from Mr. and Mrs. John Duff and Family
<> $    100.00 for Jefferson Reading Club from Garber Management Group
From the Midland Area Community Foundation--
<> $    250.00 for Eastlawn Week of non-violence activities
<> $    250.00 for Siebert Week of non-violence activities
<> $    250.00 for Jefferson Week of non-violence activities
<> $    250.00 for Chestnut Hill Week of non-violence activities
<> $    250.00 for Adams Week of non-violence activities
CommunityGives Youth Services Program: 
<> $ 1,000.00 for Midland High women's volleyball program
<> $ 1,000.00 for Midland High Varsity equestrian team
<> $ 1,000.00 for Midland High Junior Varsity soccer program
<> $ 1,000.00 for Midland High Varsity soccer program
<> $ 2,000.00 for Midland High men's and women's cross country teams
<> $ 1,000.00 for HH Dow High women's basketball program
From the H. H. Dow High All Sports Boosters:
<> $ 2,990.00 for wrestling uniforms
<> $    175.00 for wrestling program
7.2. The following donation of items has occurred:
Description:  <> Great Lakes Safety Training Center has donated some power tools and supplies to the Midland Public Schools' Building Trades Program.  Items donated were a power saw and table, four platform ladders, several extension cords, student work gloves and safety glasses.
Description:  Study Committee Chair: Scott McFarland; Staff Resource Person: Mr. Sharrow
8.1. Human Resources Study Committee Minutes October 5, 2016
8.2. For Information:  The Board and Staff extend their deepest sympathy to the families of:
Description:  <>  Ms. Virginia Sears, who passed away on October 19.  Ms. Sears was a teacher at Sugnet School for 20 years, retiring in 1980. Ms. Sears was a recipient of the Gerstacker Award for Excellence in Teaching in 1968.
<>  Ms. Mary Louise Trumbell, who passed away on October 19. Ms. Trumbell was an MPS paraprofessional for 10 years working with special education students at Adams and Longview. Ms. Trumbell retired in 2008.
<> Ms. Jill Short who passed away on October 22.  Ms. Short was a paraprofessional at Chippewassee and Midland High for 20 years, retiring in 2007.
<> Ms. Margaret Graves, who passed away on October 25. Ms. Graves was a teacher at Central for 23 years, retiring in 1989.
<> Ms. Gwendolyn Phillips, who passed away on November 11. Ms. Phillips was an elementary teacher for 33 years at Siebert and Woodcrest Elementary Schools. Ms. Phillips retired in 2002.
8.3. The following staff members announced their retirement effective as of the dates indicated:
Description:  <> Rosemary DuBay, Paraprofessional, HH Dow High, November 21, 2016
<> Susan Storey, Office Professional, Northeast, April 1, 2017
9.1. For Information: Letter from the Board of Education to:
Description:  <> Midland Federation of Paraprofessionals
<> Jefferson Parent Advisory Committee
<> Midland Area Community Foundation
<> Woodcrest Elementary PTO
<> H. H. Dow High All Sports Boosters
<> Mr. and Mrs. Alan Ott
<> Rollin M. Gerstacker Foundation
<> Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ungerleider
<> Mr. and Mrs. Dave Brandt and Family
<> Ms. Elizabeth DeWyse
Description:  The following is a listing of scheduled meetings or activities of the Board of Education. All meetings are Regular and Special Meetings of the Board of Education and begin at 7:00 p.m. at the MPS Administration Center (600 East Carpenter, Midland) unless otherwise noted:
<> November 21, 2016
<> December 19, 2016
(The following Meeting dates are tentative until they are adopted at the January Org. Meeting)
<> January 16, 2017    (Organizational Meeting)
<> February 20, 2017
<> March 20, 2017
<> April 17, 2017         (Budget Workshop 6:30; Regular Meeting 7:00*)
<> May 15, 2017
<> June 12, 2017
<> June 26, 2017
                                     (*or immediately following Budget Workshop)
Description:  This portion of the agenda is utilized by the Board to introduce topics for future study, to discuss school district related matters, to complete professional association business and to relate items of interest. No action is taken during this time. Occasionally closed sessions are scheduled to discuss confidential personnel, negotiations or property matters.
11.1. Board of Education Officer Nominating Committee (Brandstadt)
11.2. Hearing from Board Members
11.3. Announcements from Superintendent Sharrow
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