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September 19, 2016 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

Description:  Board of Education:
____ President Brandstadt
____ Vice President Singer
____ Secretary McFarland
____ Treasurer Wasserman
____ Member Baker
____ Member Frazee
____ Member Gorton

Central Staff:
Mr. Sharrow, Superintendent
Mr. Cooper, Associate Superintendent: Finance/Facilities/Operations
Mr. Brutyn, Associate Superintendent: Curriculum/Instruction/Assessment
2.1. Approval of the Meeting Minutes from the August 15, 2016 Regular Meeting.
2.2. Projector Purchase
Description:  Bids were accepted and a tabulation is provided for the purchase of Twenty (20) EPSON PowerLite 955WH 3200 Lumen Projectors WXGA. Administration recommends issuing a purchase order to the low bidder, Tierney Brothers, Inc. of Minneapolis, Minnesota for $12,040. These projectors will be used to replace those that have failed in the buildings. This expenditure is included in the Technology Bond budget for series one and has been reviewed by Barton Malow. 
2.3. The following staff members have announced their resignation effective as of these dates:
Description:  <> Vicky Arguello, Office Professional, Maintenance/Grounds, November 4, 2016
<> Penny Church, Teacher, Siebert Elementary, August 31, 2016
<> Janeen Maday, Paraprofessional, Siebert Elementary, September 4, 2016
<> AnnMarie Nagel, Paraprofessional, HH Dow High, August 30, 2016
<> Jenica Nordstrom, Paraprofessional, Northeast Middle, September 7, 2016
<> Candice Paiva, Art Teacher, Northeast Middle, September 2, 2016
<> Julie Viele, Paraprofessional, Siebert Elementary, August 30, 2016
2.4. The following persons are recommended for employment for the 2016-17 school year:
Description:  <> Kristen Areddy, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Laura Birge, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Candace Burns, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Michael Cantrell, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Emily Duso, 1.0 District Art Teacher
<> Richard Ebaugh, 1.0 Special Education Teacher
<> Andrew Filipek, 1.0 Special Education Teacher
<> Kali Lopez, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Marina Moretti, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Matthew Peterson, .9 Social Studies/PE Teacher
<> Kathleen Plouffe, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Jacob Scherzer, 1.0 District Art Teacher
<> Matthew Schurman, 1.0 Physical Education Teacher
<> Geri Stajdl, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Amanda Swenberg, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Kelly Toepfer, .7 Special Education Teacher
<> Christopher Waha, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
<> Kaitlyn Wysopal, 1.0 Elementary Teacher
2.5. Legal Invoices for Payment
Description:  Approval is requested to authorize the following legal payments: 
<> Thrun Law Firm, $49.00, August 25, 2016, Professional Legal Fees
<> Lusk Albertson, $980.00, September 2, 2016, Professional Legal Fees
        FOR ACTION
3.1. 2015-16 Audit Report (Cooper)
Description:  Mr. Dave Youngstrom, Principal, Yeo & Yeo, will present the Midland Public Schools' 2015-16 Audit Report.
3.2. Tax Resolution for Winter of 2016 (Cooper)
Description:  On June 13, 2016, the Board established an estimated 2016-17 local tax rate of 5.6523 mills on homestead and qualifying agricultural property and 18.0 mills on non-homestead property. Following a long-established procedure, 50% of both the 5.6523 and 18.0 mill rates were levied by the City of Midland in the summer tax bill. An additional 6.0 mills were levied by the state on city and township property for the State Education Tax (SET). 

When the Board approved the 2016-17 budget on June 27, 2016, the estimated millage rates were 18.0 mills for non-homestead property and 1.6814 mills for homestead and qualified agricultural property. 

Based on the most recent information with respect to taxable values for 2015 and 2016 and the estimated blended student count for 2016-17, the estimated 2016 millage rates to support 2016-17 general fund expenditures are: 

18.0 mills on non-homestead property 
7.6814 mills on commercial personal property 
1.6814 mills on principal residence, qualified agricultural, qualified forest, and industrial personal property. The 1.6814 mills were increased by 0.0174 mill as an adjustment for 2015-16 principal residence, qualified agricultural, qualified forest, and industrial personal property taxes. The adjustment has been determined following a format provided by the Department of Treasury. The total represents an increase of 0.0952 mill from the 2015-16 rate of 1.7766 mills.

On February 24, 2015, the electors of the Midland Public Schools authorized the Board of Education to issue bonds and to assess the taxable property within the district for the purpose of collecting monies to pay the debt service on these bonds and to deposit such monies into the related bond debt retirement fund.  Our financial advisor, PFM, has calculated 2.88 mills for the debt retirement millage requirement. 

The 2016-17 principal residence, qualified agricultural, qualified forest, and industrial personal property millage rate is subject to adjustment as more accurate information regarding enrollment and taxable value become available. As specified in Public Act 312 of 1993, if revenues exceed or fall short, the difference shall be made up in the school district's next regular tax levy. The process of adjustments to correct overpayments and underpayments will continue to occur on an annual basis.

It is requested that the Board take action on the recommended millage rate at tonight's meeting.

The tax resolution for the 2016-17 tax collection is provided. When the Board determines the rates to be levied, a roll-call vote should be taken on the question of its adoption. The Board's president and secretary should be authorized to sign the tax certification resolution and the 2016 Tax Rate Request to the County Board of Commissioners.
4.1. Eastlawn Summer Extension: PYP Meets STEM (Blasy)
4.2. September Shining Stars (Sharrow)
4.3. 2016 Distinguished Service Awards (Sharrow)
5. REQUESTS TO ADDRESS THE BOARD: No hearings have been requested.
Description:  Study Committee Chair:  Yvonne Gorton; Staff Resource Person:  Mr. Sharrow
6.1. NEOLA Food Service Policy Revision
Description:  Administration recommends the revision of Board Policy 8500. MPS was recently informed by a Michigan Department of Education resource reviewer that language needed to be added to our current Food Service Policy (8500).
Description:  Study Committee Chair: Gerald Wasserman; Staff Resource Person:  Mr. Cooper
7.1. Finance, Facilities and Operations (FFO) Study Committee Minutes from August 12, 2016.  (Mr. Wasserman)
7.2. The following donation of an item has occurred:
Description:  <> Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Scroggin donated a marching band xylophone bell kit to the District Music Department.
7.3. For Information: Gifts totaling $6,000.
Description:  <> $3,000 for classroom magazine subscriptions from Chestnut Hill PTO
<> $1,000 for classroom supplies, magazines and field trips from Plymouth PTO
From the Jefferson Parent Advisory Committee:
<> $1,000 for football and basketball equipment
<> $1,000 for athletic equipment
Description:  Study Committee Chair: Scott McFarland; Staff Resource Person: Mr. Sharrow
8.1. The following staff members announced their retirement effective as of the dates indicated:
Description:  <> Linda Kartz, Paraprofessional, Jefferson Middle, August 25, 2016
<> Tracy Toskey, Info. Systems Analyst Manager, Admin. Center, October 14, 2016
9.1. For Information: Letter from the Board of Education to the Plymouth PTO.
Description:  The following is a listing of scheduled meetings or activities of the Board of Education. All meetings are Regular and Special Meetings of the Board of Education and begin at 7:00 p.m. at the MPS Administration Center (600 East Carpenter, Midland) unless otherwise noted:
<> October 17, 2016
<> November 21, 2016
<> December 19, 2016
(The following Meeting dates are tentative until they are adopted at the January Org. Meeting)
<> January 16, 2017    (Organizational Meeting)
<> February 20, 2017
<> March 20, 2017
<> April 17, 2017         (Budget Workshop 6:30; Regular Meeting 7:00*)
<> May 15, 2017
<> June 12, 2017
<> June 26, 2017
                                     (*or immediately following Budget Workshop)
Description:  This portion of the agenda is utilized by the Board to introduce topics for future study, to discuss school district related matters, to complete professional association business and to relate items of interest. No action is taken during this time. Occasionally closed sessions are scheduled to discuss confidential personnel, negotiations or property matters.
11.1. Hearing from Board Members
11.2. Announcements from Superintendent Sharrow
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