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December 14, 2015 at 7:00 PM - Regular Meeting

Description:  Board of Education:
____ President Wasserman
____ Vice President Brandstadt
____ Secretary Baker
____ Treasurer Singer
____ Member Frazee
____ Member Gorton
____ Member McFarland

Central Staff:
Mr. Sharrow, Superintendent
Mr. Cooper, Associate Superintendent: Finance/Facilities/Operations
Mr. Brutyn, Associate Superintendent: Curriculum/Instruction/Assessment
2.1. Approval of the Meeting Minutes from the November 16, 2015 Regular Meeting.
2.2. The following staff members have announced their resignation effective as of the dates indicated:
Description:  <> Jennifer Lyon, Kindergarten Teacher,  Plymouth Elementary, December 22, 2015
<> Angela Stellmacher, Paraprofessional, Plymouth Elementary, November 30, 2015
2.3. The following person is recommended for employment for the 2015-16 school year effective as of the date indicated:
Description:  <> Candice M. Paiva, 1.0 Middle School Art Teacher, December 14, 2015
2.4. Re-Issue of PO for Bus Garage Hoist Repair
Description:  At the October 19, 2015 Board of Education meeting, Administration requested approval by the Board to issue a purchase order to the low bidder, Allied Inc. of Ann Arbor for $21,333.34.  Administration later learned that the amount quoted, even though the quote said it included labor, did not, in fact, include labor.  As such, we are requesting your approval to issue a PO to the next low bidder, American Hoist Air and Lube Equipment, Inc. out of Kentwood, Michigan, in the amount of $24,346.  The bid tab is provided.
2.5. 2015-2016 Advisory Board on Instruction in Sex Education and Birth Control
Description:  The following people have been appointed to the Advisory Board on Instruction in Sex Education and Birth Control for the 2015-2016 school year by the Midland Public Schools’ Board of Education.  Asterisks indicate members who have served on the board in previous years.
<> Ms. Lynn Baker is the Board’s liaison to this committee. 
<> Scott Cochran and Gerald Ferguson will serve as co-chairs of this committee.  
<> Parents:  Gerald Ferguson*, also Clergy Representative from Trinity Lutheran Church; Michelle   Monticello*, M.D., also Health Professional; Amy Jaster*. 
<> Health Professional:  Craig Sonke*, M.D. 
<> Clergy:  Wally Mayton*, Memorial Presbyterian Church. 
<> Educator:  Scott Cochran*, MPS, also parent.
<> Students:  Jack Yarosh*, H. H. Dow High School; Tiffany Williams, H. H. Dow High School; Melissa Henning, Midland High School; Emily Kreusch, Midland High School.
2.6. Legal Invoice for Payment
Description:  Approval is requested to authorize the following legal payments: 
<>Dearborn Public Schools, Equity for Excellence Fees, dated December 7, 2015, $2,704.28.
<> Poznak Dyer Kanar Garchow PLC, professional legal fees, dated November 30, 2015, $145.00.
3.1. Chestnut Hill National Blue Ribbon School
Description:  Principal Tracy Renfro; Teachers Margaret Doan and Amanda VanHoey will share information about their trip to Washington DC when they accepted the National Blue Ribbon award on behalf of Chestnut Hill Elementary School.
3.2. December Shining Stars (Sharrow)
4.1. Superintendent Evaluation (President Wasserman)
5. REQUESTS TO ADDRESS THE BOARD: No hearings have been requested.
Description:  Study Committee Chair: Lynn Baker; Staff Resource Person: Mr. Brutyn
6.1. Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment (CIA) November 23, 2015 Study Committee Minutes (Mrs. Baker, Chair)
6.2. For Information: Major Change Proposals
Description:  The Major Change Proposals are being presented for consideration.  The cost of each proposal includes all anticipated expenses such as curriculum development, staff development, and staff or student materials.  Expenses for the total implementation are described in the Major Change Proposal which is available in the office of the associate superintendent or from the proposer.  Four proposals were submitted.  Board action is anticipated at the January Board meeting.  If these proposals are accepted, the changes will be incorporated into the student enrollment procedures for the 2016-17 school year.  Upon approval, the implementation of these changes will be dependent upon the budget.  
<> Math Lab 8 – Addition.  The proposal formalizes a course titled Math Lab 8.  This course (currently running as a pilot) is taken in addition to the student’s regular math class. Math Lab 8 provides additional support to students experiencing difficulties with math concepts and skills. It may be taken one or two semesters. Students will be placed in the course based on teacher recommendation and assessment scores. The course design follows the model for Math Lab 6 & 7.  $6,500.  
<> Survey of Biology – Name Change.  The proposal removes the ‘Survey’ title from the .2 Survey of Biology course.  
<> Survey of Physics – Deletion.  The proposal eliminates the .2 Survey of Physics course.  .2 Physics will remain as a course offering. 
<> French 1 / German 1 – Alteration.  The proposal creates the addition of a .3 option to French 1 and German 1. Currently these courses are only designated as .2. Students, in consultation with their teachers, counselors, and parents, would choose whether they want to take French 1 or German 1 as a .2 course or as a .3 course. This proposal does not add an additional course; .2 and .3 would be taught in the same class.  $6,301.
Description:  Study Committee Chair: Pam Singer; Staff Resource Person:  Mr. Cooper
7.1. For Information: Gifts totaling $26,747.67
Description:  <>  $ 3,900.00 for hockey jerseys by H. H. Dow High Athletic Booster Club
<>  $ 1,189.04 for art supplies from Siebert Elementary administrative account
<>  $     500.00 for Midland High welding competition entry fees from the Laura Ludington Hollenbeck Foundation
<>  $ 2,655.00 for the Community School Model at Eastlawn and Carpenter from Contemporary Review Club
<>  $ 3,000.00 for Midland High Programming Club competition fees from Nickless Family Charitable Foundation
From Midland Area Community Foundation
<>  $     120.63 for Eastlawn Non-violence Week activities
<>  $  1,000.00  for Midland High wrestling program
<>  $     500.00 for Midland High food/nutrition class
<>  $  1,000.00 for Midland High girls track and field team
From Midland High School Athletic Booster Club
<>  $  2,000.00 for ice time for hockey program
<>  $  3,000.00 for athletic trainer supplies
<>  $  1,569.85 for pompon uniforms
<>  $  1,430.15 for cheer uniforms
<>  $  4,000.00 for the basketball program
From Jefferson Parent Advisory Committee
<>  $     750.00 for athletic expenses
<>  $       43.00 for a set of books
7.2. For Action:  Gifts totaling $15,697.18
Description:  <>  $ 6,697.18 for tournament entry fees for fall programs from Midland High Athletic Booster Club
<>  $ 9,000.00 for band buses for football playoff games from H. H. Dow High Music Booster Club
7.3. For Information: The following donation of items has occurred:
Description:  The following donations have been made to the MPS Music Program:
<> 1/4 size Etude Suzuki violin from Ms. Kathy Peretz
<> 1/2 size Stradivarius copy violin from Ms. Kathy Peretz
<> Two CB Kaman beginner bells kits from Linda Hohner-Foster
The following tools have been donated to the MPS Building Trades Program by the Great Lakes Safety Training Center:
<> Table saw, six hand drills, a 20-foot ladder, other tools
Description:  Study Committee Chair: Scott McFarland; Staff Resource Person: Mr. Sharrow
8.1. The Board and staff extend their deepest sympathy to the families of:
Description:  <> Ms. Marceline Ordiway who passed away on November 13, 2015.  She was a paraprofessional at Eastlawn, Parkdale and State Street for 25 years, retiring in 1995.
8.2. The following staff members have announced their retirement as of the dates indicated:
Description:  <> Gayla Inosencio, Carpenter Street School 5th grade teacher, June 17, 2016
<> Ines Jones, Eastlawn Elementary Building Manager, April 2, 2016
9.1. For Information: Letter from the Board of Education to:
Description:  <> Ludington Family Foundation
<> Woodcrest Elementary School Administrative Account
<> Noon Exchange Club
<> Midland Kiwanis Foundation
<> Siebert PTO
<> American Chemical Society
<> H. H. Dow High School Athletic Booster Club
<> American Chemical Society--Midland Chapter
<> H. H. Dow High School Music Boosters
<> Midland Area Community Foundation
9.2. For Information: Letter to the Board of Education from:
Description:  <> FOIA request from Johnson Controls, Inc. requesting information pertaining to HVAC Temperature Controls bids as part of the bond proposal for facility renewal and renovation.
Description:  The following is a listing of scheduled meetings or activities of the Board of Education. All meetings are Regular and Special Meetings of the Board of Education and begin at 7:00 p.m. at the MPS Administration Center (600 East Carpenter, Midland) unless otherwise noted:
<> December 14, 2015
Tentative Meetings for January-June 2016 (Dates for Action at Org. Meeting)
<> January 18, 2016 (Organizational and Regular Meeting)
<> February 22, 2016 
<> March 21, 2016
<> April 18, 2016 (Budget Workshop)
<> May 16, 2016
<> June 13, 2016
<> June 27, 2016
Description:  This portion of the agenda is utilized by the Board to introduce topics for future study, to discuss school district related matters, to complete professional association business and to relate items of interest. No action is taken during this time. Occasionally closed sessions are scheduled to discuss confidential personnel, negotiations or property matters.
11.1. Hearing from Board Members
11.2. Slate of Board of Education Officers for 2016 (Wasserman)
11.3. Announcements from Superintendent Sharrow
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