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April 20, 2020 at 5:30 PM - Regular School Board Meeting

I. Roll Call:  _____ Josh Brink         _____Jacey Carner               _____Scott Gizzi         _____John Imo
                _____Teresa Marino     _____Kathrynn Thompson   _____Brad Viers
II. Pledge of Allegiance
III. Recognitions
III.A. Staff Member of the Month
III.B. Backpack Brigade Donation
IV. Administrative Moments
IV.A. Chartwells - Food Service
IV.B. Auxilio 
IV.B.1. Transportation
IV.B.2. Custodial
IV.C. Business Office
IV.D. Technology
IV.E. Maintenance Department
IV.F. Curriculum/Grants/Technology/Homeless Liaison
IV.G. Riverside Academy
IV.H. Middle School
IV.I. High School
IV.J. Elementary School
IV.K. Early Childhood Education
IV.L. Athletics
V. Committee of the Whole
V.A. Varsity Football Coach Hire
V.B. Drive In WIFI Experience
V.C. Board Resolution COVID-19
V.D. Continuity of Learning - COVID-19 Response Plan - Discussion
V.E. Athletic Complex
V.E.1. General Discussion
VI. Informational Items
VI.A. Budget vs Expenditure Ledger
VI.B. Bond Update
VI.C. District Strategic Plan Update
VI.C.1. Facilities
VI.C.2. Communication
VI.C.3. Curriculum/Assessment/Instruction
VI.C.4. Finance
VII. Agenda
VII.A. Approval of April 20, 2020 Agenda
Motion by Member:                                          Seconded by Member:
Motion Passed/Failed:
VIII. Consent Agenda
Approval of  March 9, 2020 Regular Meeting Minutes 
Approval of March 9, 2020 Closed Session Minutes
Approval of General Fund Operational and Internal Accounts Invoices
Motion by Member:                                            Seconded by Member:
Motion Passed/Failed:
IX. Public Comments
Public comment is provided at both the beginning and at the end of the Board meeting. The purpose of public comment is to provide an opportunity for a member of the public to speak. The role of the board is to listen attentively, and we thank you in advance for sharing your thoughts and ideas. 
    » All members of the public that speak during "Public Comment" will need to state their name.
       Note cards will be available for contact information. 
    » We have designated up to 5 minutes per person, for each topic presented. 
    » The Board’s role is to listen to the care and concerns of the community. 
    » The Superintendent, or designee, will follow up concerning the comments as soon as possible.
Please contact the Superintendent’s office if you have any additional questions.
X. New Business
X.A. Varsity Football Coach
Suggested Motion:  To authorize the hiring of Ross Crow as the Varsity Head Football Coach at the salary and benefits of year 1 of the EA master contract.
Motion by Member:                             Seconded by Member:
Motion Passed:
X.B. Drive in WIFI Experience
Suggested Motion:  To authorize the purchase of external WIFI for the High School and Middle School, through LaScala IT, at a cost of $12,556.93 to assist with the Continuity of Learning as part of the COVID-19 Response Plan.
Motion by Member:                             Seconded by Member:
Motion Passed:
X.C. Board Resolution - COVID-19
Suggested Motion:  To approve the resolution suspending policies that are allowable by law as presented.
Motion by Member:                             Seconded by Member:
Motion Passed:
XI. Public Comment
XII. Superintendent
XIII. Board Comments
XIV. Closed Session for Employment status of an employee and Attorney/Client written communication regarding the Athletic Complex.  .
Motion by Member:                            Seconded by Member:
Motion Passed:                                   Time:
XV. Action Items
XV.A. Athletic Complex
Suggested Motion:  To postpone/suspend/cancel the athletic complex work_______
Motion by Member:                            Seconded by Member:
Motion Passed:
XV.B. Separation Agreement with an Employee
Suggested Motion:  To accept the resignation agreement with Employee A as presented.
Motion by Member:                             Seconded by Member:
Motion Passed:
XVI. Adjournment
Motion by Member:                          Seconded by Member:
Motion Passed:                                Time:
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