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December 12, 2016 at 6:30 PM - Special School Board Meeting

I. Roll Call:
                _____Jacey Clevenger      _____Scott Gizzi          _____Linda Gram    
                _____Gregg Keith              _____Teresa Marino    _____Paul Scott       _____Karen Stull
II. Closed Session
II.A. Motion to go in to Closed Session
Suggested Motion: To adjourn to Closed Session to convene for two Student Hearings with student 1617001 and 1617002.
Motion by Member:                             Seconded by Member:
Roll Call:  _____Jacey Clevenger     _____ Scott Gizzi          _____Linda Gram
                _____Gregg Keith             _____ Teresa Marino    _____Paul Scott     _____Karen Stull
Motion Passed/Failed:
III. Introduction of Parties - The following people were present during the Closed Session:
IV. Purpose of Meeting:  To provide a hearing on information brought forth which, if affirmed, would justify an expulsion. 
V. Mr. Manuszak, Superintendent, will explain the reason for and the procedure of the hearing and remind the parents that they have a right to counsel.
VI. Student/Parent(s) present their position, documents
VII. Presentation of Information - Mr. Manuszak
VIII. The Board and Administration may review student/parent documents
IX. Board Questions
X. Superintendent Summary
XI. Reconvene to Open Session    Time:________
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