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March 28, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order by Chairman.
2. Pledge
3. Roll Call by Clerk.
4. Approve Agenda 
Aye:                                                           Moved:
Nay:                                                           Seconded:
5. Consider consent agenda, revise and remove as needed.
5.a. Correction and approval of Minutes of Special Meeting of February 22, 2022.
5.b. Consideration of Claims and Accounts:
5.b.1. Approve the February 2022 bills in the amount of $391,378.51
a.         General Fund:                                              $331,873.01
b.         Food Service Fund:                                       $17,316.84

c.         Transportation Fund:                                     $20,316.00

d.         Community Service Fund:                            $18,066.40

e.         Capital Expenditure Fund:                               $4106.26

f.          Construction Fund:                                                 $0.00

g.         Debt Service Fund:                                                 $0.00

h.         Scholarship Fund:                                                   $0.00
5.b.2. Approve current bills through March 10, 2022, presented for payment in
the amount of $226,951.73.
5.b.3. Review investments and wire transfers:  

            Investments: No changes 

            Financial                       Purchase                            Maturity       Interest   
            Institution                         Date            Amount          Date             Rate                                                             

5.b.4. Approve the February 2022 receipts in the amount of $450,591.37
            a.         General Fund:                                                $299,503.71

            b.         Food Service Fund:                                         $22,456.07

            c.         Transportation Fund:                                                $0.00

            d.         Community Service Fund:                                $8,143.88

            e.         Capital Expenditure Fund:                                   $331.15

            f.          Debt Service Fund:                                                  $0.00
Description:  Aye:                                                                                        Moved:                             
Nay:                                                                                       Seconded:
5.c. Recognitions
5.d. (open for consent items)
6. Comments and requests from visitors
7. Transportation Report
8. Committee Reports:
8.a. Curriculum Committee
8.b. Policy Committee: 
8.c. School and Community Health Committee 
8.d. Safety/Transportation Committee
8.e. Negotiations Committee
8.e.1. Intent to negotiate with Early Childhood Coordinator, Brandon Otway, for the 2022-2023 School Year.
8.f. Community Education Report
Description:  Community Education report

Open gym basketball and volleyball are going great.  Volleyball averages 12 to 24 people and basketball averages 40 to 50.

I will be sitting down with early childhood teachers to plan out activities for next year.

Still looking for summer baseball coaches.  We will coop with Remer again this year.

Archery is done.  They ended the season with 17 archers. We hosted the 3D Regional tournament along with a fun shoot.  Both went well.

Baton will be starting April 11th.
8.g. Early Childhood Report
8.h. Building & Grounds Director Report
8.i. Principal's Report
8.j. Business Manager Report
8.k. Superintendent's Report

10.a. Review/Approve POS Agreement for Shared Superintendent Services between Hill City and Northland Community Schools.
10.b. Approve the Superintendent Contract for 22-25 school years.
10.c. Approve the resignation of paraprofessional/concession advisor Lisa Blanchard.
10.d. Approve hiring Laurie Holm as .5 concessions advisor.
10.e. Notice to the board of the extension of the probationary period of Katie Vanderport by one year. 
10.f. Approve reduction of Spanish  Instructor from .83 FTE to .5 for the 2022-2023 school year due to Northland no longer buying into Spanish program.
10.g. Approve reduction of 1.0 FTETech Integrationist for the 2022-2023 school year.
10.h. Approve the reduction of  Instrumental and Classroom Music Instructor from 1.0  FTE to .67.
10.i. Approve posting for .33 FTE Medical Careers Teacher for the 2022-2023 School Year.
10.j. Approve posting a .41 FTE Science Teacher for the 2022-2023 School Year per the HCUE Agreement.
10.k. Approve posting a .67 FTE Physical Education Teacher position for the 2022-2023 school year per the HCUE contract.
10.l. Approve posting a .41 FTE Visual Arts Teacher for the 2022-2023 School Year per the HCUE Agreement.
10.m. Approve the IAQ Improvement Contract with the Jamar Company
10.n. Approve the Cisco Voice Upgrade Contract with Heartland Business Systems. 
10.o. Approve the following people for credit recovery teachers: Kay Koerber credit recovery advisor, Adam Johnson Math recovery teacher, Laurie Holm English recovery teacher, Langdon Spangler social studies recovery teacher, Matt Alleva science recovery teacher.
11. Select board members to present diploma's during the 2022 Class Graduation Ceremony. 
12. Meetings to be Attended and Meetings Attended.
12.a. Next Regular Board meeting: April 25th, 2022.
13. Adjourn
14. Respectfully Submitted,

Joell Miranda, Clerk

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