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January 3, 2022 at 6:00 PM - Organizational Meeting

1. Call to Order by Chairman.
2. Pledge
3.  Roll Call by Clerk
4.  Approve Agenda 
5. Oath of Office for Rich Kingsley
6. Oath of Office for Ron Saxton
7. Review of Board Meeting Standards, Processes and Procedures. (No Action) 
8. Nominate a Chairman (Formerly: Jay Zapzalka)
9.  Elect a Chairman.
10. Nominate a Vice-Chairman
11. Elect a Vice-Chairman.
12. Set annual Chairman salary (Currently: $450.00 annually.)
13. Nominate a Clerk (Presently: Joell Miranda.)
14. Elect a Clerk and set salary (Currently:  $450.00 annually.)
15. Nominate a Treasurer (Presently: Bambi Lange)
16. Elect a Treasurer and set salary (Currently:  $450.00 annually.)
17. Set salaries for all board members. (Currently:  $60.00/meeting.)
18. Set salary for filling in for the Chairman and/or Clerk (Currently:  $30.00 per meeting.)
19. Discuss Fixed Asset threshold of $5,000.00 as requested by the auditors. (Auditors still recommending $5000.00.)
20. Adopt Depository Services Resolution for Governmental Entities. 
21. Appoint board member and school representatives to represent the district in the Minnesota State High School League.  
22. Appoint board members to serve on the negotiations committee:  (Formerly: Jay Zapzalka and Mark Meyer.  Presently:Jay Zapzalka, Mark Meyer with Rich Kingsley as Acting alternate and alternate is to be paid for all negotiation meetings attended.)
23. Set time and day of the regular board meetings: (Currently: The 4th Monday of the month, beginning at 6:00 p.m. with adjournment by 09:00 p.m. at all meetings.) Tentative Meeting Dates Posting and MSBA Date Restrictions attached. 
24. Set the mileage rate.  (Currently set at the Federal Rate for personal vehicles for school business; the Federal Rate is currently .585 cents as of January 1, 2022.) 
25. Appoint the school board attorney.  (Presently: John Colosimo and/or the firm of Ratwik, Roszak, Maloney & Bartel.)
26. Confirm posting places for regular and special board meetings.  (Presently:  Hill City Post Office, Bulletin Boards at front and north doors of Hill City School and Fire Hall in Jacobson.)
27. Designate radio and television stations for emergency school closings: 

                RADIO:                                               TELEVISION:
            KOZY 1320 AM;                                     WCCO TV
            KMFY 96.9 FM;                                       KBJR TV
            WTBX 93.9 FM;                                       KDLH TV
            KAXE 91.7 FM                                         WDIO/WIRT TV
            USA 99.9 FM
            KJAB 105.5 FM
28.  Appoint board members to serve on the Curriculum Committee:  (Presently:Joell Miranda with Bambi Lange as alternate.)
29. Appoint board member to represent board on Community Education Advisory Council.  (Presently: Mark Meyer with Bambi Lange as alternate.)
30. Set rates for reimbursement for meals and lodging. (Currently:  $175.00 per night for lodging; Breakfast - $10.00; Lunch - $12.00; Dinner - $20.00.  All meals include any tipping.  Lodging over $175.00 per night will be subject to board review.)
31. Appoint board members to serve on Meet and Confer Committee.  (Presently: Joell Miranda and Bambi Lange with no one as alternate.)
32. Appoint board member to serve on Staff Development Committee.  (Presently: Joell Miranda with no one as alternate.)
33. Appoint board members to serve on School and Community Health Team.  (Presently: Joell Miranda
34. Appoint board member to serve on Re-certification Committee.  (Presently: Bambi Lange)
35. Appoint board member to serve on Comparable Worth Committee.  (Formerly: Jay Zapzalka)
36. Appoint board member to serve on Safety/Transportation Committee. (Presently: Mark Meyer)
37. Appoint board members to serve on Athletic Advisory Committee (Presently: Jay Zapzalka and Mark Meyer with Rich Kingsley as alternate.)
38. Appoint board member to serve on the Itasca Area Schools Collaborative (Presently: Bambi Lange with Mark Meyer as alternate.)
39. Appoint 2 Board Members for the Policy Committee. Meetings would be during the school day and would last for at least one hour. (Presently: Bambi Lange and an open seat)
40. Approve the resignation of Sarah Kingsley, Paraprofessional, as of January 14, 2022 and post for the position for the 2021-2022 school year per the AFSCME contract. 
41. Resolution dissolving the Education Innovation Partners cooperative center
42. Negotiations 
42.a. Nurse's intent to negotiate. 
42.b. Building director's intent to negotiate. 
43. Adjourn.

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