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October 17, 2018 at 2:00 PM - Regular Board Meeting

1. Opening Ceremony
2. Call to Order
Description:  Time: ___________
Members Present:
2.A. Role Call by the Clerk: Michael Barrett, Chair; Chris Jourdain, Vice-Chair; Barb Thomas, Clerk; Roy Nelson, Treasurer; Douglas (Jack) Desjarlait, Director; Tina Stately, Director; Melinda Crowley, Superintendent
2.B. Guests: 
3. Summary/Overview of Agenda - Superintendent Crowley
4. Approval of agenda for October 17, 2018
Description:  M/M/S______________&_____________ to approve agenda for October 17, 2018.
5. Public Comments and Delegations  This is a time for members of the public to address the Red Lake School Board.
6. Reports
6.A. Gichi-ogimaakwe dibaajimowin(Superintendent Report)
6.A.1. 2018 School Board Meeting Schedule
Attachments: (1)
6.A.2. Information requested at September Board meeting
6.A.3. Superintendent written report submitted
6.A.4. Enrollment Reports
6.B. Zhooniyaa-gichi-ogimaa dibaajimowin (Business Manager Report)
6.C. Ojibwe-gikendaasowin-wedaakad (Ojibwe Education Steward)
6.D. Genawenimaad  Gaa-wiidookawindwaa Ogimaa dibaajimowin (the ones
being helped boss)  (
Special Services Department Report)
6.E. Genawenimaad Enokiinijin (Human Resources Coordinator)
6.F. Wiigiwaam-gichi-ogimaa  dibaajimowin (Building and Grounds Manager Report)
6.G. Gaa-naadamaagewaad Ogimaa dibaajimowin (Security Coordinator Report)
6.H. Ashange-gichi-ogimaakwe Gaa-diba'amaaged dibaajimowin (Food Service Coordinator Report)
6.I. Abinoojiyag Gikinoo’amaadiwigamig dibaajimowin (Red Lake K-5 School Principal Report)
6.J. Obaashing Gikinoo’amaadiwigamig dibaajimowin (Ponemah K-8 School Principal Report)
6.K. Abinoojiyag Gikinoo’amaadiwigamig dibaajimowin (Secondary Complex Report)
6.L. Bimiwizhiwe-odaabaniwigamig dibaajimowin (Transportation Department Report)
6.M. Odenaawinigikinoo’amaagewin dibaajimowin (Community Education Report)
7. Consent Agenda for October 17, 2018
Description:  M/M/S ________________ &__________________ to approve consent agenda for October 17, 2018
Yes____  No____ Abstain____
7.A. Approve minutes from September 19, 2018,  Board meeting.
7.B. Approve hiring Alden Beaulieu, Jr., as a bus driver for the District.
7.C. Accept a resignation from Angela Perkins as a Paraprofessional, effective October 5, 2018.
7.D. Approve amended Parent Advisory Committee By-Laws.
7.E. Approve additions to the non-licensed sublist.
7.F. Approve addition to the licensed sublist. 
7.G. Approve addition to the elder program.
7.H. Approve a maternity leave for Shyanne McDaniel from October 12, 2018, until January 2, 2019.
7.I. Approve a maternity leave from Shaleesa Johns from October 1, 2018, until November 16, 2018.
7.J. Approve 2018-19 Middle and High School Clubs
Description:  The Elementary and Ponemah School offer their after school enrichment activities through targeted services.
7.K. Approve hiring Kim Evenwoll as a School Social Worker Teacher, pending licensure by the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing Board.
7.L. Approve employment of Wesley Halverson as Area Learning Center (ALC) teacher, pending licensure  by the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing Board.
7.M. Approve a transfer request from Ryan Jones into a part-time custodian position at the Secondary Complex.
7.N. Accept resignation from David Barrett as security guard effective October 12, 2018.
7.O. Approve out of state travel for Julie Aas and Michael Hanson to attend Little Kids Rock Summit if New York November 10, 2018.  Travel costs covered by the Bama Works Foundation.
8. Closed Session (If needed)
Description:  M/M/S __________________ & __________________ to close board meeting per Minnesota Statute _______________________ for the purpose of _________________________________________.

Yes______; No _______; Abstain ___________

Time Closed:
Time Reopened:
Attachments: (1)
9. Action Items
9.A. Approve September 2018 bills
Description:  M/M/S ____________________________ & ________________________________ to approve the list of bills check # 197243  through #197576 and wire payments in the amount of $2,058,215.80

Yes _____; No _____; Abstain _____
9.B. Approve Corporate Certificate of Authority
M/M/S _______________________ & ______________________ to grant corporate certificate of authority to Melinda Crowley, Superintendent, William Larson, Business Manager and Roy Nelson, School Board Treasurer for transactions with Minnesota School District Liquid Asset Fund, First National Bank of Bemidji and First State Bank of Clearbrook.  The authority granted includes making transfers between school board approved accounts, account inquiries, stop payment orders and initiating Affidavits of Forgery.  This corporate certificate of authority shall end on June 30, 2019, or by board action or when the individuals named are no longer employed by Red Lake Schools #38, which ever comes first.

Yes ___; No ___; Abstain ___
9.C. Approve housing contract with Group Work Camp for Summer 2019.
M/M/S ________________________ & ___________________________ to approve housing contract with Group Work Camp for Summer 2019.

Yes ___; No ___; Abstain ___
10. Miscellaneous
11. Adjournment
Description:  M/M/S _________________ &__________________ to adjourn.  
     Yes____  No____ Abstain____

Adjourned at _____________ 
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