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February 11, 2015 at 7:00 PM - Finance Committee Meeting

I. Finance Agenda on Board Book
I.A. Monthly procedures checklist
II. Background from Audit
II.A. October Audit
II.B. CC-C Supplemental Comments 
II.C. Letter to finance committee
II.D. Letter to Board of Education
III. Discussion Items: 
III.A. Payment for Director of Facilities, Maintenance and Grounds
Description:  5k previous year 13-14

Larry worked 6 weeks this fiscal year ($576.92)

request ($4423.08)
III.B. Merit Pay
III.C. Best Practice
III.D. Bid Food Service 
III.E. Bid Lawn Service
III.F. meheip
Description:  Bob I appreciate your diligent work on this matter but must admitted I am frustrated.  I had e-mailed you some time back regarding the use of the money when returned and your prompt reply indicated that you would get with the people in Lansing.  I have never heard back from you specifically so am now assuming that this e-mail today may be addressing that question.  To refresh your memory of the matter at hand.....we here at White Pigeon booked the capitalization payments paid to MiEHIP, per supposed approval from the pool's attorney, as a balance sheet item under the assumption that as the pool closed this money would either be used to pay premiums or returned to the district.  Obviously if the money had all been used to pay premiums that line item would have had to be charged off to the insurance costs here at the district and of which we have done some of that since we knew we were not going to be receiving as much back as we had paid on those payments.  My auditor is aware of the rough anticipated amount we will be receiving back and is expecting that money to offset that entry upon its return to the district.  I guess in some round about fashion I can use the returned funds to pay premiums and offset that line item with the dollars I didn't use to pay premiums but this is quite bothersome to me that we followed direction from the attorney and are now being told that it cannot be handled in that fashion.  Please update us as to your knowledge regarding this matter.  I do not think I am the only one who handled those capitalization payments in that manner as it would have been a severe hit to our bottom line had we been paying those and charging them to an expense account at that time.  One of my main concerns is I would like some feedback as to the possibility of any auditing that may occur here as a pool member by DIFS in the future to verify how the returned funds were applied.  Do you anticipate that this could be in our future.
Thank you
IV. Adjournment

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