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I. Call to Order
II. Pledge to the Flag
III. Appointment of Temporary Chairperson (requires formal board action)
IV. Appointment of Temporary Secretary by Temporary Chairperson
V. Roll Call of Attendance by Executive Secretary
VI. Election of Officers  (new officers take office immediately after open voting takes place)
VI.1. President
VI.2. Secretary
VI.3. Treasurer
VI.4. Vice-President
VII. Appointment of Executive Secretary of the Board
VIII. Appointment of Executive Treasurer of the Board
IX. Designation of Depositories Resolution  (roll call vote)
X. Resolution Authorizing Signature(s) of the Person(s) Required to Sign Checks   (roll call vote)
XI. Resolution Providing for Holding of Regular Meetings and Service of Notices of Special and Regular Meetings   (roll call vote)
XII. Resolution for Public and Closed Meetings of the Board of Education:  Public Act 261 of 1968 and Public Act 267 (Open Meetings Act)
XIII. Appointment of MASB Liaison Person
XIV. Appointment of Legal Representation and Other Firms
XV. Appointment of 2011-2012 Board Advisory Committees
XV.1. Budget & Financiel (Board Treasurer + 2 board members)
XV.2. Personnel / Living Agreement (3 board members)
XV.3. Building & Grounds (3 board members)
XV.4. MASB Voting Delegate & Alternate (2 board members)
XV.5. Policy (3 board members)
XV.6. Athletic (3 board members)
XV.7. Student Reinstatement (2 board members)
XVI. Resolution Providing Compensation for Board Members
XVII. Adjournment

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