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September 28, 2020 at 5:30 PM - Regular Meeting

I. Call to Order
Description:  Nikki Gieseke   ____    Jolayne Mohs     ____        Mark Sebring      ____    
Eric Schuster   ____     Timothy Jensen ____        Christina Ingvaldson  ____
Lori Weisenburger  ____   Student Representative  ____
II. Pledge Of Allegiance
III. Approval of Agenda
IV. Mission Moment
Description:  Inspiring Excellence. Every Learner, Every Day.
V. Public Forum
VI. Reports
VI.A. Mental Health Update
Presenter:  Danielle Theis
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VII. Item(s):  General Information
VII.A. Enrollment Report
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VII.B. School Board Policy Revisions - 1st Reading
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VIII. Item(s): For Discussion - No Action Required by the Board
VIII.A. Board Forum
VIII.B. Administrative Report
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IX. Consent Agenda:  Board Action Requested
Description:  If desired, items may be removed from the consent agenda by request by an individual school board member for independent consideration.  A request is timely if made prior to the vote on the consent agenda.  The request does not require a second or a vote by the school board.  An item removed from the consent agenda will then be discussed and acted on separately immediately following the consideration of the consent agenda.

Roll call vote is required as the consent agenda contains the personnel report.
IX.A. Minutes from August 24, 2020 and September 14, 2020
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IX.B. Disbursement Report
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IX.C. Personnel Report
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X. Item(s):  Board Action Requested
X.A. Preliminary Tax Levy Certification

The board must take specific action to certify the preliminary levy for the 2021-2022 school year.  These taxes are collected during the calendar year 2021.  The summary printout from the Minnesota Department of Education is attached.  The largest portion (53 percent) of the school district tax comes as a result of our community’s support of our bond and operating levies.  The attached figures indicate the total school district levy will decrease by approximately 8.87% percent.  This compares to a 33.58 percent increase last year. This year, the state average for school district property tax levies is increasing by 5.4 percent.  As a further comparison, city and county are estimating rate increases of roughly 3 and 2.9 percent respectively.

Including this year, the Owatonna school district’s tax levy has decreased or increased less than 1 percent in nine of the last 16 cycles. Inflation during this same period has increased by 2.35 percent.  As is the case each year at this time, these numbers are preliminary and the school district will continue to work with MDE through the next few months to finalize this data for the December final approval.  

While each individual property is unique, the total market value for all properties within the school district shows an average increase per year of 2.9 percent since 2015. The school district portion of individual property taxes is determined by the market value of all properties and the proposed levy authority.  Because most market values are changing, not all property owners will experience a similar change to their individual taxes, as compared to the total school district levy change. According to the most current available data at the Minnesota Department of Education, a $150,000 residential property owner in Owatonna pays $782 annually in school district taxes.  The state average tax for the same property is $971, and the Big 9 average is $779. By acting on this motion, the board can expect to decrease the local levy authority by a forecasted amount of 8.87 percent.

Because the state typically recalculates the levy limit at least once prior to your final action at the December 14, 2020 board meeting, we ask that you take action here without specifying the final amount.

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X.B. Assurance of Compliance Report

Each year, school districts in Minnesota must submit to the Minnesota Department of Education an Assurance of Compliance with State and Federal laws prohibiting discrimination.  

By completing all sections of the Assurance of Compliance and Mandated Reporting, school districts provide written assurance that they do not discriminate in their use of funds provided through the Minnesota Department of Education and that they have informed all mandated reporters of their reporting duties.

This assurance is given by each district in consideration of and for the purpose of obtaining any and all federal grants, loans, contracts, property, discounts, or other federal and state financial assistance extended to the district by the U.S. Department of Education and the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE).

By submitting the Assurance of Compliance, the district recognizes and agrees that such federal and state financial assistance will be extended in reliance on the representations, supporting information required by Minnesota Statutes, section 127A.42, subdivision 3, and agreements made in this assurance. 

X.C. Removal of Policy 617 - School District Ensurance of Preparatory and High School Standards

With the repeal of the Profile of Learning, school districts no longer are required to comply with the procedures set forth in policy 617 - School District Ensurance of Preparatory and High School Standards.  It is the recommendation of the policy committee that this policy be removed.

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  • 9/23/2020 at 10:06 AM
X.D. Ratification of the 2020-2021 Tentative Agreement with Support Staff (Special Education Paraprofessionals)

School District and the Owatonna Educational Support Staff representatives reached a tentative agreement on a collective bargaining agreement for the 2020-2021 school year on August 18, 2020.  The Owatonna Educational Support Staff ratified the tentative agreement on Tuesday, September 8, 2020.  The Board has received in its previous correspondence a summary sheet of the proposed salary/benefits and language changes.  

Christina Picha will be available to answer questions.  

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X.E. Gifts to the District

Policy 706 establishes guidelines for the acceptance of gifts to the District.  As specified by Minnesota Statute 465.03, the School Board may accept a gift, grant, or property only by the adoption of a resolution approved by two-thirds of its members. Any gifts accepted of more than nominal value (more than $5), shall become property of the District (Policy 421).

The gifts are listed on the attached resolution.

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XI. Adjournment          
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