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April 19, 2021 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call to Order
Presenter:  Kevin Naumann, President
2. Roll Call
Presenter:  Kevin Naumann, President
3. Invocation
Presenter:  Kevin Virdell
4. Pledge to the Flags
Presenter:  Dr. Chris Allen
5. Vision Statement
Presenter:  Gary Boshears
6. Special Recognition
6.A. Superintendent's Award- Falls Career High School
Presenter:  Allie Hampton
6.B. Going the Extra Mile Award
Presenter:  Betsy Russell
6.C. PCAT Driver of the Year
Presenter:  Gina Solorzano
7. Citizen Comments
8. Information Items
8.A. General Fund Summary
8.B. Expenditure Report
8.C. Quarterly Investment Report
8.D. Board President to Announce Board Continuing Education Credit Hours
Presenter:  Kevin Naumann
8.E. COVID Update
9. Presentation/Discussion Items and Possible Action
9.A. Possible Approval for Out of State Travel- Marble Falls High School Choir
Presenter:  Bryce Gage
9.B. Gifted & Talented Presentation
Presenter:  Leslie Baty & Heather Metzgar
9.C. Proclamation 2021 Instructional Materials Selection 
Presenter:  Dr. Melissa Fields
9.D. Special Education Update
Presenter:  Dr. Shana Bunch-Fancher
9.E. Refresh of District Wireless Infrastructure
Presenter:  Dr. Jeff Gasaway & Nathan Fink
9.F. High School Black Box/Fine Art Furniture
Presenter:  Dr. Jeff Gasaway
9.G. Highland Lakes Elementary Fire Alarm System
Presenter:  Dr. Jeff Gasaway
9.H. Spicewood Elementary Paint Project
Presenter:  Dr. Jeff Gasaway
9.I. Spicewood Elementary Tile Project
Presenter:  Dr. Jeff Gasaway
9.J. Extension of Depository Contract
Presenter:  Melissa Lafferty
10. Consider and Possible Approval of Action   
10.A. Consent
10.A.1. Minutes from Special Called Meeting held on April 1, 2021
10.A.2. Budget Amendments
10.A.3. TEKS Certification
10.A.4. Penalties & Interest Waiver Request
11. Upcoming Meetings and Board Training Opportunities
11.A. Monday, May 17, 2021 - Regular Board Meeting
11.B. Monday, June 14, 2021 - Regular Board Meeting
11.C. Monday, June 28, 2021 - Special Called Board Meeting
12. Executive Session
12.A. Discussion of Professional Personnel (TX Govt. Code 551.074)
12.B. Discussion & Possible Approval of Renewal/Extension of Teachers' Contracts (TX Govt. Code 551.074)
12.C. Discussion of Real Property (TX Govt. Code 551.072)
13. Reconvene from Executive Session
13.A. Discussion and Possible Approval of Action Arising from Executive Session
13.A.1. Possible Approval of Professional Personnel
13.A.2. Renewal/Extension of Teachers' Contracts
14. Adjourn
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