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October 12, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call Regular Meeting to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Pledge of Allegiance
4. Recognitions and Celebrations
4.A. Recognition of Transportation Department
Presenter:  Superintendent Thoenes
Description:  The transportation department received a "perfect" inspection and mechanical score from the Michigan State Police for the 2nd year in a row.  The transportation department will be recognized at the meeting.
4.B. Comstock Celebrations
5. Changes to the Agenda
6. Approval of Agenda
7. Call to the Audience
8. Consent Agenda (Action)
8.A. Approve Minutes of September 28, 2020 Regular (Virtual) Meeting
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8.B. Approve Ashley LaVanWay as the Executive Assistant to the Superintendent
9. Communications
9.A. Superintendent's Update
9.B. Board Member Comments
10. Regular Agenda ~ Discussion and/or Action Items
10.A. Strategic Planning Process (Information/Discussion)
Presenter:  Superintendent Thoenes
Description:  The Board President, Pamela Dickinson, and Superintendent Thoenes recommend that the Board continue the process for renewing the Strategic Plan. They have drafted a revised process and will review it with the Board.  
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10.B. Set Special Meeting for October 19, 2020, to Work on Strategic Plan (Action)
Description:  The Board will continue its revision, and completion, of the 5-year strategic plan.
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10.C. Reconfirmation of the COVID-19 Learning Plan (Discussion)
Presenter:  Superintendent Thoenes
Description:  On August 20, 2020, Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed into law Public Act 147, 148 and 149 a/k/a The Return-to-Learn Legislation.  Within this package of legislation is the requirement that Comstock Public Schools Board of Education reconfirm the district's instructional program.  This confirmation vote must occur once a month after the Extended Continuity of Learning Plan is initially approved by the Kalamazoo RESA on October 9, 2020. 
Affirm the following:
    • All grade levels continue to have a virtual option.

    • Comstock Early Learning Academy (CELA) (in-person instructional option, four days a week, Monday-Thursday)

    • Comstock Elementary School (CES) (in-person instructional option, five days a week, Monday-Friday)

    • Comstock STEM Academy Grades K-5 (STEM) ("hybrid" in-person, instructional model option with Monday/Thursday "Blue Group" and Tuesday/Friday "White Group" with Wednesday reserved for virtual instruction for all students.

    • Education For Employment (EFE) Auto Tech classroom hybrid in-person, instructional model

    • Comstock High School (CHS) Functional Program (in person, instructional model, five days a week, Monday-Friday)

  • Discuss and move to action the following modification to the instructional model:

    • Immediately add the option of allowing staff to schedule one-on-one tutoring and/or small group instructional sessions for students who need academic or social-emotional support.

    • Add the option of in-person instructional model, (either a hybrid model or full time depending on our ability to comply with social distancing guidelines) for all district secondary programs (Grades 6-12 at the STEM Academy and CMS, Compass High School, and Comstock High School) commencing Monday, November 2, 2020. This would create equity of instructional access across all grade levels in the district.  

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11. Adjournment
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