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August 10, 2020 at 6:00 PM - Regular Meeting

1. Call Regular Meeting to Order
2. Roll Call
3. Comstock Celebrations
4. Changes to the Agenda
5. Approval of Agenda (Action - Roll Call)
6. Call to the Audience
7. Consent Agenda (Action - Roll Call)
7.A. Approval of Minutes
7.A.a. Minutes of the July 27, 2020 Regular (Virtual) Meeting
Attachments: (1)
7.A.b. Minutes of August 3, 2020 Special (Virtual) Meeting
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8. Communications
8.A. Superintendent's Update
8.B. Financial Update
Presenter:  Ms. Michelle Darnell, Director or Finance
Description:  Due to the new revenue information signed into law this week,  Ms. Darnell will  update the Board on its impact to the district.
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8.C. Committee Reports
8.D. Board Member Comments
9. Regular Agenda ~ Discussion and/or Action Items
9.A. Comstock High School Flooring Bid - (Action - Roll Call)
Description:  Bids for new flooring for the high school cafeteria, and wood and auto tech classrooms were reviewed by the Facilities Committee and it is the recommendation of the Superintendent to approve the bid submitted by Sobie in the amount of $48,878.
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9.B. Naming of District Athletic Stadium Located at Comstock High School (Action - Roll Call)
Presenter:  Superintendent Thoenes
Description:  Per School Board Policy 7250, it is the superintendent's recommendation to officially name the football stadium in honor and memory of Robert P. Hamet, superintendent of CPS from 1976-2001. 
9.C. Virtual Instruction for All Courses (Action - Roll Call)
Presenter:  Superintendent Thoenes
Description:  The Michigan Department of Education is requiring all school districts, Boards of Education, who will be offering current face-to-face courses as virtual courses  approve them as being offered as virtual. 
9.D. Set Equipment Lease Rate (Discussion)
Description:   Board policy 7530 Lending of Board-Owned Equipment requires the Superintendent to provide written approval for a private company to lease district equipment and the Board to set the lease rate. The Superintendent recommends that the Board approve a daily lease rate of $100 for the district's Fully Automated Timing (FAT) system so that Stampede Timing may lease the equipment. It is recommended the Board approve the lease rate at the August 24, 2020 regular meeting.
9.E. Lawn Care and Snow Plowing Contract (Discussion)
Description:   The Superintendent, in collaboration with Thrun Legal Counsel and Facilities Director Sean Gillette, has successfully renegotiated a written contract for the district's lawn care and snow plowing services with CD Lawn Maintenance and Supply of Kalamazoo.  It is recommended the Board approve the renegotiated contract at the August 24,2020, regular meeting.
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9.F. Comstock Public Schools Return--to-Learn Plan Approval  (Action - Roll Call)
Presenter:  Superintendent Thoenes
Description:  The Superintendent recommends that the Board review and approve the district's Return-to-Learn Plan under the auspices of the MI Safe Start Plan and the Michigan Return to School Roadmap.  This plan was collaboratively drafted, created, and reviewed by the Colt Leadership Team, teachers, staff, parents, and students.  Individual school plans are in hyper-links located on page 10 of the Return-to-Learn Plan.
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10. Call to the Audience
11. Closed Session - for the Purpose of Discussing Negotiations With the CEA (Action -Roll Call)
12. Adjournment
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