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July 28, 2020 at 4:45 PM - Regular Meeting

1) Call to Order/Adoption of Agenda: Action
2) Consent Agenda: Action
2)A) Approval of the Minutes from the Regular Board Meeting on 6/23/2020
2)B) Approval of Claims
2)C) Staff Updates
2)C)(1) New Hires:
Description:  Gillespie, Jameson - Secondary Teacher at ALEX - BA +15, Step 1 - Effective 8/24/20
Simon, Brooke - Elementary Teacher at ALEX - BA, Step 3 - Effective 8/24/20
Thurow, Sawyer - Teacher at STEP - BA, Step 1 - Effective 8/24/20
2)C)(2) Transfers:
Description:  Bushaw, Karleigh - EA at SUN to Teacher at SUN -  BA, Step 1, Effective 8/24/20
2)C)(3) Resignations, Retirements, and Terminations:
Description:  Chlan, Samantha - Teacher at STEP - effective 7/06/2020
Varien, Ashley - EA at SUN - Effective 7/29/20
Whiteford, Lauren - Coordinator at SUN - effective 7/31/2020
2)C)(4) Leaves of Absence:
2)C)(5) Other:
Description:  Tweet, Amanda - Addition of MA Billing responsibilities - contract to total 220 days.
2)C)(6) Personnel Addendum - New Hire
Description:  Qual, Sharilyn - Coordinator at STEP/SUN - effective 8/10/20
2)D) Approve Contracts for ESY Positions
Description:  Bubak, Ayleen - Teacher
Dehnert, Diane - Speech and Language Pathologist
Hubbard, Brittney - Teacher
Jirik, Jane - Teacher
Tryhus, Jessica - Occupational Therapist
Wolf, Kelsey - School Social Worker
2)E) Approval of the Fiscal Compliance and Procedures Manual 
3) Public Input:
4) Reports and Communication:
4)A) Enrollment Report
Presenter:  McGuire
4)B) Finance Coordinator Report
Presenter:  Washa
4)C) COVID-19 Planning
Presenter:  McGuire
5) Old Business:
6) New Business:
6)A) Approve Official Users of the District BMO Card:  Action 
Description:  Officially designate the following CVSEC employees as authorized users:
Shannon Flegel
Cori Kelly
Sarah McGuire
Kim Washa
6)B) Designate Sarah McGuire and Kim Washa as "Authorized Persons" for the Minnesota School District Liquid Assets Fund:  Action
Presenter:  McGuire
6)C) Approve ABDO, Eick & Meyers as official Auditors for the 2019-2020 Audit.
Presenter:  Washa
6)D) Approve Change of District Office Address from 2800 1st Ave NW Faribault, MN 55021 to 128 8th Ave NW  Faribault, MN  55021 - Action
Presenter:  McGuire
Description:  Due to COVID-19 and building consolidation, the District Offices have moved to the ALEX Building.
6)E) Permit Fees for the New Building
Presenter:  McGuire
Description:  The City of Faribault is assessing approximately $11,100 in permit, plan check, and surcharge fees for the new building at Faribo West Mall.  This does not include any fees such as SAC/WAC adjustments, park-related fees, etc. and is not guaranteed.
6)F) Approve Revised 2020-2021 Calendar - Action
Presenter:  McGuire
Description:  There were some minor revisions made to the calendar, requiring it to need re-approval.
6)G) Approve Executive Director to enter into a contract with technology vendor(s) up to the amount of $60,000 for the 2020-2021 school year.
Presenter:  McGuire and Washa
7) Other:
8) Comments: Board/Director
9) Next Meeting Date:  August 25, 2020 4:45 PM
10) Adjournment:

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