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June 23, 2020 at 4:45 PM - Regular Meeting

1) Call to Order/Adoption of Agenda: Action
2) Consent Agenda: Action
2)A) Approval of the Minutes from the Organizational and Regular Board Meetings on 5/26/2020
2)B) Approval of Claims
2)C) Staff Updates
2)C)(1) New Hires:
2)C)(2) Transfers:
2)C)(3) Resignations and Terminations:
Description:  Thomas, John - Technology Director - Effective 6/30/2020
Bowers, Zach - PE Teacher Alex - Effective 6/30/2020
2)C)(4) Leaves of Absence:
2)C)(5) Other:
2)D) (a) Designation of Sarah McGuire as Cannon Valley Special Education
Cooperative Executive Director and Director of Special Services, starting 7/1/2020.

(b) Designation of Sarah McGuire and Kim Washa as Deputy Clerk Treasurer, starting 7/1/2020.

(c) Designation of Sarah McGuire as the Identified Official with Authority for Education Identity Access Management, starting 7/1/2020. The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), Professional Educator Licensing Standards Board (PELSB), and Office of Higher Education (OHE) require annual designation of an Identified Official with Authority (IOwA) for each local education agency that uses the Education Identity Access Management (EDIAM) system. The IOwA is responsible for authorizing, reviewing, and re-certifying user access for their local education agency in accordance with the State of Minnesota Enterprise Identity and Access Management Standard, which states that all user access rights to Minnesota state system must be reviewed and re-certified at least
annually. The Identified Official with Authority will authorize user access to State of Minnesota Education secure systems in accordance with the user’s assigned job duties, and will revoke that user’s access when it is no longer needed to perform their job duties. The Director recommends the Board authorize Sarah McGuire ( to act as the Identified Official with Authority (IOwA) for The Cannon Valley Special Education Cooperative (ISD 6094-52).
2)E) Approval of Tenured Licensed Staff
Description:  Bacon, Gwen - SSW at STEP and SUN
Carnevale, Corrine - Teacher at ALEX
Chlan, Samantha - Teacher at STEP
Davidson, Caleb - Teacher at STEP
Dehnert, Diane - SLP District Wide
Jirik, Jane - Teacher at ALEX
Kodet, Laurie - Nurse District Wide
Wolf, Kelsey - SSW at ALEX

3) Public Input:
4) Reports and Communication:
4)A) Transitioning Students
4)B) Enrollment Report
Presenter:  Krominga
4)C) Finance Coordinator Report
Presenter:  Washa
5) Old Business:
6) New Business:
6)A) 2020-2021 Staffing
Presenter:  Krominga
7) Other:
8) Comments: Board/Director
9) Next Meeting Date:  _____
10) Adjournment:

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