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May 26, 2020 at 4:45 PM - Regular Meeting

1) Call to Order/Adoption of Agenda: Action
2) Consent Agenda: Action
2)A) Approval of the Minutes from the Regular Board Meeting on 4/28/2020
2)B) Approval of Claims
2)C) Staff Updates
2)C)(1) New Hires:
2)C)(2) Transfers:
Description:  Correll, Jean - Work Experience Coordinator 1.0 STEP to .8 STEP, .1 ALEX, and .1 SUN, effective 7/1/2020
Klawiter, Anne - Work Experience Coordinator 1.0 STEP to .8 STEP, .1 ALEX, and .1 SUN, effective 7/1/2020
Larscheid, Joseph - Teacher at ALEX to Teacher at SUN, Effective 7/1/2020
Siemers, Aimee - EA at STEP to EA at ALEX, effective 7/1/2020
2)C)(3) Resignations and Terminations:
Description:  Brett, Hailey - EA - Effective 5/1/2020
Riebe, Natalie - EA - Effective 4/15/2020
Rehrer, Amber - Teacher - Effective 6/5/2020
Roth, Melissa - Teacher - Effective 6/5/2020
2)C)(4) Leaves of Absence:
2)C)(5) Other:
3) Public Input:
4) Reports and Communication:
4)A) Distance Learning Update
Presenter:  Krominga
Description:  Krominga will give an update on current Distance Learning and plans for ESY.
4)B) Enrollment Report
Presenter:  Krominga
4)C) Worker's Compensation
Presenter:  Krominga
Description:  Our current Worker's Compensation policy is not being renewed by our provider.  Krominga will provide an update on possible providers and cost.
4)D) Lease Levy
Presenter:  Krominga
Description:  It has been determined that Lease Levy funds can be used if the SUN location is closed.
4)E) Destiny Inventory Management System
Presenter:  Krominga
Description:  Krominga will describe the new system for inventory tracking and management.
4)F) Meeting with Faribault Police Department
Presenter:  Krominga
Description:  A recap of the meeting held with Faribault Police Department, attended by Krominga,  Marthaler, and Sesker.
5) Old Business:
6) New Business:
6)A) New Building Approval - Action
Presenter:  Krominga
6)B) Closing SUN Location - Action
Presenter:  Krominga
Description:  Krominga will discuss the pros and cons of closing the SUN location permanently and moving students and staff to the STEP location.
6)C) New CVSEC Executive Director Contract Approval
Presenter:  Mohs
6)D) Approve Coordinator Contract for Megan Manty
7) Other:
8) Comments: Board/Director
9) Next Meeting Date:  June 23, 2020 at 4:45 PM
10) Adjournment:

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