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July 11, 2016 at 7:00 PM - Organizational Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Roll Call
III. Pledge of Allegiance
IV. Approval of Agenda
V. Consent Agenda
V.A. Approval of Regular Board Meeting Minutes Dated June 27, 2016 and the payment of district bills.
VI. Superintendent's Report
VI.A. Cat Tracks Run/Walk - August 13, 2016
VI.B. Legislative Report
VII. District Appointments and Organization
VII.A. Action Item
VII.A.1. Designation of Financial Institutions for Investment of School Funds
VII.B. Action Item
VII.B.1. Establish Depository for 2016/2017
VII.C. Action Item
VII.C.1. Establish Board Meeting Dates and Times for 2016/2017
VII.D. Action Item
VII.D.1. Board Appointments
VII.D.1.a. MASB Liaison Person and Alternate
VII.D.1.b. Legislative Relations Network (LRN) Designee
VII.D.1.c. Berrien/Cass School Board Association Representative and Alternate
VII.E. Action Item
VII.E.1. Selection of School District Attorney
VII.F. Action Item
VII.F.1. Newspaper of Official Notification
VII.G. Action Item
VII.G.1. Appointment of Coordinators
VII.G.1.a. Section 504—Michelle Wruble
VII.G.1.b. School Meals—Kathy Holy
VII.G.1.c. Title VI (Federally Assisted Programs)—Michelle Wruble
VII.G.1.d. Civil Rights—John Jarpe
VII.G.1.e. Title IX—Karen Weimer
VII.G.1.f. Sexual Harassment—Karen Weimer
VII.G.1.g. Americans with Disabilities Act—Michelle Wruble
VII.G.1.h. Homeless Liaison—John Jarpe
VII.H. Action Item
VII.H.1. Appointment of Superintendent as Executive Secretary for the Purpose of Communicating Official Acts
VIII. Personnel
VIII.A. Action Item
VIII.A.1. Administrative Contracts
VIII.A.1.a. Kathy Holy                   
Director of Finance and Operations
VIII.A.1.b. Michelle Wruble         
Director of Special Education/Director of Alternative & Adult Education Program
VIII.A.1.c. Patrick Weckel           
Middle/Senior High School Principal
VIII.A.1.d. Josh Hood                 
Middle/Senior High School Assist. Principal
VIII.A.1.e. Vance Stratton            
Ath. Director/School-to-Work Coordinator
VIII.A.1.f. Karen Weimer           
Merritt Elementary School Principal
VIII.A.1.g. James Boger             
Brandywine Elementary School Principal
VIII.A.1.h. Doug Fox                   
Director of Information Systems
VIII.A.1.i. Dave Seidner             
Maintenance/Transportation Supervisor
VIII.B. Action Item
VIII.B.1. Superintendent Contract
VIII.B.1.a. John Jarpe
IX. Business and Operations
IX.A. Action Item
IX.A.1. Lift Station
X. Board Reports and Requests
XI. Hearing of Visitors
Anyone wishing to address the Board is invited to do so under this item, Hearing of Visitors. If you wish to speak to the Board, please fill out a form (on the small table near the door) and hand it to the Board President or Superintendent. A time limit of five minutes will be enforced per person wishing to speak during the hearing of visitors. It is requested that the name and address be stated at the beginning of such comments. Individuals may speak only once during this section of the agenda. Citizens with concerns about individual employees of the district are asked to bring those concerns to the attention of the Superintendent or his designee.
XII. Adjournment

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