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June 15, 2021 at 4:30 PM - Regular School Board Meeting

I. Call to Order - Chair Dr. DeeDee Currier
II. Roll Call - Linda Berg
III. Conduct Pledge of Allegiance - Chair Dr. DeeDee Currier
IV. Motion to amend the agenda to include the Resolution combining Clerk and Treasurer - Dr. DeeDee Currier
V. Approve the agenda as amended - Dr. DeeDee Currier
VI. Visitors Opportunity to be Heard - Chair Dr. DeeDee Currier
VII. Updates from Student Services and DCALS - Dr. Melissa Schaller/Eric VanBrocklin
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VIII. Consent Items - Chair Dr. DeeDee Currier
  • Minutes:
    • May 4, 2021 - Regular School Board Meeting
  • Personnel:
  • Policies:
    •  Policy 6.76 Immunizations renumbered to MSBA Policy 530..
    •  Policy 6.77 DNR-DNI renumbered to MSBA Policy 518. 
    •  Policy 420 Students with Sexually Transmitted Diseases, etc. and Procedure 420.
IX. Donations: 
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X. Executive Director of Business Services Reports - Nicolle Roush
X.A. Review and Approve Bills, Wire Transfers, and Investment Report - Nicolle Roush
Attachments: (5)
XI. New Business - Dr. DeeDee Currier
XI.A. Review Annual Wellness Goals Policy and Update - Nicolle Roush
Attachments: (2)
XI.B. Review and Approve School Lunch Prices for 2021-2022 - Nicolle Roush
Attachments: (1)
XI.C. Resolution Terminating Support Staff Employees - Mark Zuzek
XI.D. Resolution to approve Superintendent Michael Favor (as of July 1, 2021) and Linda Berg as the proxy, as the Identified Officials with Authority to approve access to the External user Access Recertification System for MDE - Chair DeeDee Currier
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XI.E. Review and Approve 917 Budget for 2021-2022 - Nicolle Roush
Attachments: (1)
XII. Resolution to Combine Clerk and Treasurer on a temporary basis - Dr. DeeDee Currier
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XIII. Policies
XIII.A. Review and Approve Policy 808 - Face Mask Coverings due to Executive Order and waive the second reading - John Christiansen

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XIV. Retirement well wishes from Mark Zuzek, Vanda Pressnall and DeeDee Currier
XV. Adjournment - Dr. DeeDee Currier
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