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June 14, 2010 at 7:30 PM - Regular

I. Meeting Called to Order
II. Roll Call of Members
III. Public Sector
IV. Administrative Reports
IV.A. Administration Report
IV.B. Business Manager's Report - LuAnn Mitteer
IV.C. Superintendent's Report - Peter Moss
V. Board Committee Reports
V.A. Finance Committee Report - Alan Herrygers
VI. Action Items
VI.A. Resignation:  Dianna Carrier - Custodian / 14 Years of Service
VI.B. Resignations for the Purpose of Retirement
VI.B.1. Alan Peeraer - Custodian / 37 Years of Service
VI.B.2. Sue Coulier - Custodian / 21 Years of Service
VI.B.3. Judy Herin - Custodian / 12 Years of Service
VI.B.4. Tom Kirk - Teacher / 31 Years of Service
VI.B.5. Karen Major - Teacher / 32 Years of Service
VI.B.6. Olga Stembol - Teacher / 31 Years of Service
VI.B.7. Maria Luiza Lazo - Bilingual/Operations/Transportation Secretary / 36 Years of Service
VI.B.8. Kenneth Lipps - Bus Driver / 32 Years of Service
VI.B.9. Bart Estola - Assistant HS Principal-AD / 2 Years of Service
VI.C. Approval of Administration Compensation
VI.C.1. Randy Nesbit - HS Principal
VI.C.2. Steve Sanocki, MS Principal
VI.C.3. Amy Taranko, Elementary Principal
VI.C.4. Jason Gale, Technology Director
VI.C.5. Bob Erickson, Director of Operations
VI.C.6. LuAnn Mitteer, Business Manager
VI.C.7. Brenda Peeraer, Executive Assistant
VI.C.8. Kathy Wilson, Payroll/Human Resources
VI.C.9. Carol Tariske, Accounts Payable/Food Service Finance
VI.C.10. Rob O'Neil, Mechanic
VI.C.11. OPEN, Auditorium Manager
VI.D. Set First Day of School/Approve Calendar
VI.E. Policy Updates - Second Reading
VI.F. Approval of Student Handbooks
VII. Consent Agenda
VII.A. Approval of Minutes
VII.A.1. Regular Meeting & Executive Sessions (2) of May 10, 2010
VII.A.2. Special Meeting/Executive Session of May 24, 2010
VII.B. Payment of Bills
VII.B.1. Business Manager's Report
VII.B.2. Motion for Payment of Bills
VII.B.3. Bills
VIII. Public Sector
IX. Adjourn

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