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June 3, 2019 at 5:30 PM - Regular Board Meeting

I. Call to Order
II. Open Forum
III. Consent Items
III.A. Consideration to approve the minutes of the Regular Board Meeting on April 9, 2019
III.B. Consideration to approve accounts payable
III.C. Consideration to approve SCISD payroll
IV. Action Items
IV.A. Personnel - Executive Session - Texas Open Meetings Act, Gov. Code §551.071, §551.074
IV.A.1. Discuss personnel
IV.B. Personnel - Open Session - Texas Open Meetings Act, Government Code, Section 551.001
IV.B.1. Consideration to approve professional, contracted personnel for 2019-20 as recommended by Superintendent
IV.B.1.a. Probationary Contract(s), One-Year, Initial
IV.B.1.b. Probationary Contract(s), One-Year, Renewal
IV.B.1.c. Term Contract(s), One-Year, Initial
IV.B.1.d. Term Contract(s), One-Year, Renewal
IV.C. Consideration to approve E-Rate Works: ESC 12 E-Rate Consulting Contract, 2019-20
IV.D. Consideration to approve the district's depository contract third two-year extension for 2019-2021
IV.E. Consideration to approve ESC 16 Contracts partially funded through E-Rate funds.
IV.E.1. Internet Services, 2019-20
IV.E.2. Video Conferencing Services, 2019-20
IV.F. Consideration to approve the Low Attendance Waiver, 2018-19
IV.G. Consideration to approve the Staff Development Waiver for 2019-20
IV.H. Consideration to approve the SCISD Calendar, 2019-20
IV.I. Consideration to approve Student Accident Insurance Coverage for 2019-20
V. Information/Discussion Items
V.A. Resignations/Retirements
V.B. Estimate of Appraised Values, 2019
V.C. Personnel needs for 2019-20
V.D. Needs/Updates for 2019 and beyond
V.D.1. Facilities
V.D.2. Personnel
V.E. Next board meeting 
VI. Adjournment
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