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May 19, 2010 at 6:00 PM - Regular

1. Establishment of Quorum, Call to Order
2. Oath of Office to Elected Board Members
3. Board Organization: Election of Officers
4. Closed Session
4.A. Personnel: Pursuant to Texas Gov't Code Section 551.074
4.A.1. Employment
5. Regular Session
5.A. Public Comment
5.B. Consider Matters from Closed Session, if any
5.C. Approve Consent Agenda
5.C.1. Minutes of  April 21, 2010 Meeting of the Board
5.C.2. Minutes of May 12, 2010 Meeting of the Board
5.C.3. Financial Report
5.C.4. Tax Report
5.D. Student Drug Testing Program for 2010-2011 School Year
Presenter:  Beverly Drake, Compliance Consortium Corporation
5.E. Review the Plan of Finance for the remaining $500,000 of bonds and authorize SWS and the administration to proceed.
Presenter:  Douglas A. Whitt, Senior Vice President Southwest Securities, Inc.
5.F. Accept gift of $1000 to establish The Tori Cantu Spirit Scholarship, to be awarded to a senior cheerleader each year according to established by-laws. 
6. Superintendent's Report
6.A. Enrollment
6.B. Construction Update
Presenter:  Eddie Gaston, Superintendent of Building Project
Description:  Walkthrough of new building at 5:15 pm.
6.C. Update on 2010 Summer Leadership Institute
6.D. Principal's Report
6.D.1. Rice Elementary School
6.D.1.a. Upcoming Events
6.D.1.b. Testing
6.D.1.c. Curriculum
6.D.2. Rice Jr. High School
6.D.2.a. Instructional Programs
6.D.2.b. Athletics
6.D.3. Rice High School
6.D.3.a. Instructional Programs
6.D.3.b. Academic Extra-Curricular
6.D.3.c. Athletics Extra Curricular
6.D.4. Announcements
6.D.4.a. May 20, 2010
6.D.4.a.1. Senior Luncheon at Texas Roadhouse, Mesquite, 11:00 am
6.D.4.a.2. Rice High School Band Concert at 7:30 pm
6.D.4.b. May 21, 2010
6.D.4.b.1. Rice High School Band Trip to San Antonio
6.D.4.c. May 23, 2010
6.D.4.c.1. Baccalaurate Service at First Baptist Church at 4:00 pm.
6.D.4.d. May 24, 2010
6.D.4.d.1. Farewell Performance of the One Act Play, "The Three Musketeers" at 7:30 pm
6.D.4.d.2. 9th, 10th and 11th Grade Awards at 10:00 am
6.D.4.e. May 25, 2010
6.D.4.e.1. Kindergarten Graduation at 6:00 pm in the High School Gym
6.D.4.f. May 26, 2010
6.D.4.f.1. Rice Elementary Talent Show at 9:00 am in the Elementary Gym
6.D.4.f.2. 6th Grade Awards at 2:15 pm
6.D.4.g. May 27, 2010
6.D.4.g.1. Rice Elementary Field Day at 9:00 am
6.D.4.g.2. 7th Grade Awards at 10:00 am
6.D.4.g.3. Senior Informal at 7:00 pm
6.D.4.h. May 28, 2010
6.D.4.h.1. Rice Elementary Pride Rally
6.D.4.h.2. 8th Grade Awards & Dance at 7:00 pm
6.D.4.i. May 29, 2010
6.D.4.i.1. Rice High School Graduation at 10:00 am
7. Adjourn

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